DIY Kissing Ball Full Version // Garden Answer

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  1. Well done Laura, your work is always so amazing and inspiring. I also loved that you shared its history and other style capabilities. thank you!! 😘

  2. Mistletoe grows where I live and it's totally this fungus invasive thing that kills trees. Homeowners love to trim it off this time of year and give it away

  3. I have a question.
    Where can I find hanging baskets with coco. Something other than the ordinary round basket, Thanks

  4. I love the kissing ball. Love it with the red bow! You do know you should be happy not to have mistletoe where you live. It is a parasitic plant that will take water and nutrients from the host plant. Over time this will kill the host plant, a lot of times a tree.

  5. that's so pretty!! thanks for the history lesson too☺

    what editing program do you guys use btw? thanks

    Have a great Holiday Season you guys!!

  6. Hi Laura,
    Great job! and so gorgeous as well. I will be making one very soon.
    Being very creative myself, once the sphere beings to dry, how do you
    give it more water the plants won't dry out, and as I was watching you
    put it together I thought of another arrangement that does not have to
    do with the Christmas holidays, really for any occasion with live plants.
    Can this be done.

  7. I Love it with the bow Laura! So gorgeous. Thank you for showing us how to make this. And teaching us about the kissing ball. I've only ever known about a small bunch of mistle toe, not what you just taught us about. So I appreciate this.
    🌾Merry meet 🌿

  8. Wow, your videos have gotten so awesome! The quiet, jazzy Christmas music, on-screen notations of the greens used, closeup photos, and that GORGEOUS background! So nice, really! God bless you and your family!

  9. I have always wanted to make a kissing ball but didn't know how. Thanks for sharing how it is done. I love this. So pretty. love the pinecone's added to the bottom.

  10. On this super hot day this was what I needed to watch! 1st time I have watched this one. Making my way slowly through all of your videos. I have learned A LOT! Thank you! I adored the trivia at the end.

  11. Love the kissing ball with the red bow . Thanks for sharing the story of the kissing ball . I've never heard it before . So until next time God Bless you and Erin .

  12. I love all your videos…. I think the red bow makes it more festive. May I make one tiny suggestion ? I would use "Fishing Line" to hang the arrangement….it is virtually invisible and can hold a lot of weight. I use it to hang my Christmas Wreaths.

  13. Video is very nicely done. I like the background info and you did a wonderful job describing the process. Thank you! Very nice

  14. Love the bow! 🎀🎀🎀
    Here in NC we can get the mistletoe but it’s extremely toxic. With my grands crawling around we pass on it. Love your kidding ball!

  15. I watched your demo last year and thought it was great! I added peanut butter and bird seed to the pinecone and enjoyed watching the birds all winter.

  16. Very nicely done.
    Laura please tell me what eye makeup and lipstick are you wearing in this video
    You always look si well put together.

  17. We have tons of mistletoe in our area. It’s really a fungus? I think…anyway, it’s bad if it gets in your trees. Lol. And in a house I always was told it emits a toxic gas. Therefore, we opt for the fake mistletoe. I like your ball better. Lol

  18. Definitely WITH the ribbon. It looks beautiful! I love the pine cones on the bottom, and now i know why when I attempted a ball last year it was huge and too heavy. Where do you get a floral foam ball though, I only see them in styro, and its way too hard for the real greens to poke into.

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