Diy Slow Release Fertilizer for Bonsai/ Succulents/ Orchids/ Potted plants, Be the Creator, Feb.19

Hello! You are Welcome to Be The Creator channel. Let’s make today Slowly soluble compost i.e. Slow Release Fertilizer Which will be useful for your bonsai, cactus, succulents, orchids, especially all potted plants Make it once a year and Use it for a year Reduce the cost of annual fertilizer up to 70% Slow release Fertilizer is very much suitable for pot This does not cause fretliser washout The cost for manure is reduced. Slowly get in the soil so … up to 100% of manure … can be absorbed by the tree Because of microbes and micro nutrients .. Plant is getting… all the Nutrients together which gives healthy and strong growth Lets go straight on today’s topic We need to make slow release fertilizer. 500 grams of mustard cake, 25 gm Molasses 100 gms of neem cake 25 gm DAP 25 g potassium …and 25 grams of superphosphate First we …. dissolve the molasses in a little water well. Molasses ads extra lives to the plants This is not only the source of rapid microbial growth, but … also full of essential elements, … which helps the plants to create the organic acids need …. to absorb Iron, Manganese, Copper and Zinc etc. through roots. You must know …how important is the microbes for trees Molasses nourishes microbes It also keeps microbes healthy … and reproduction is also going on. Microbes mainly bacteria likes molasses Now we will add Mustard cakes in the water Mix water by little Water should not be high. It contains many micro nutrients The most notable is that it contains 4.8% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, ….. and contain 1.3% potassium that In the form of organic nutrients, the tree is fertilized Will mix neem cake now You must know the use of Neem cake It is organic manure, … Along with that, removes the causes of root disease from the soil Promotes fertility of nitrogen as well. Will cover with plastic For 1 or 2 days Now it has become a soft pulp We’ll mix now … In Organic Fertilizer I will add superphosphate potash and DAP by approximate 25 grams And after mixing well leave it for 1 hour, After an hour We will spread this mix like this On a flat smooth surface And dry in the sun for a day On the second day we will cut it in a small piece like this After drying in 2 days and in the sun. We will reverse it And dry well in the sun. If you want, you can also give the size of small balls Shape and size you can do according to your own I’ll cut it down, to make small cubes After drying well. Store your slow release fertilizer in an airtight container. Put the slow release fertilizer on the top of the soil like this And water it regularly Use slow release fertilizer 4 to 5 times a year. Thats all for now friends See you on next video Till then good bye

28 thoughts on “Diy Slow Release Fertilizer for Bonsai/ Succulents/ Orchids/ Potted plants, Be the Creator, Feb.19

  1. please clarify instead of DAP & potash can I use NPK? or in addition DAP can i also add NPK in the slow release fertilizer.?

  2. Thnx, i was hoping for one vídeo like this since a lot time. Here in Colombia, near where i lve, we haven't mustard and neem cake neither. What else could we use to replace that ingredients. Wthat'i DAP? What should be range for the N-K-P ratio for bonsais?

  3. any ideas in the usa for an organic version? without neem since I don't think I can get that. I wonder if something like sunflower meal with some aloe mix in would do the job. altho still need something that works like neem

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