Do Composting Toilets Stink?

I’m not gonna give you the big tour
today. I am, however going to show you my toilet. You’re welcome. Hi, it’s Mary again. In my last video – which was my first video – I told you about Buster Lewis, the little school bus I’m converting. Well, here he is, right behind me. I’m not gonna give you the big
tour today though because I’m gonna wait until I have a few more subscribers to
do that. I know in the other video I was like, don’t subscribe, you know, but… I was just being self-effacing when I said don’t subscribe. What I really meant was
subscribe cuz why would I do this if not for people to subscribe to it, right? I guess I’m gonna keep going. The first one was just sort of a
experiment and a flail but I liked it enough that here I am doing a second one. Before we go too much further with this whole I make videos you watch them thing, let me just put it on the table: I’m not an expert on anything. If I have a challenge that comes up with the bus I’ll just go on YouTube, watch a bunch of
videos, and then just kind of tackle it you know? Sometimes I don’t do it exactly right but the result I think is a little more interesting than it would
have been if I’d done it the normal way Sometimes it’s a disaster. But either way
you’re gonna learn more from my mistakes than you are from my expertise cuz I
don’t have any expertise. But if you see something I’m doing and you feel like I could have done it bette,r there’s another way I could have done it that would have worked out better, please use the comments to tell me. But be nice about it cuz if you’re not, I’m gonna delete it. With that in mind, let’s go talk about toilets. if you’re anything like me you have
watched hours and hours and hours of videos on YouTube about conversions of one kind or another, and you may be under the impression that you have to have a
composting toilet in your RV, van, or bus conversion. You may even think that you
have to have the Nature’s Head composting toilet.It just seems like the
go-to goer if you don’t mind the expression. Now if what you want is a
Nature’s Head composting toilet then knock yourself out! Go get one! in fact
I’m gonna put a link down below to where you can get one in case that is what you want. But you don’t have to have a composting toilet. You don’t even have to have a toilet in your bus! Plenty of people don’t. I’m gonna tell you the reasons why I do not have a Nature’s Head composting toilet in my bus. Number One: I’m not composting. I think composting toilets are great if
you’re composting. I’m not visiting any compost piles, I’m not dropping my poop off anywhere except in a trash can and frankly I feel just a little bit weird
about that. If I were composting I would take – lovingly – take my composted – half
composted poop, it’s not really composted yet. Yeah, humanure, that’s what they call
it – take that to a composting pile and let it finish doing its thing but I
don’t have a composting pile. Number Two. they’re huge! They have that big handle
on the side, you need to vent them, there’s all kinds of space requirements. The number three reason is, there’s only one of me. If I had a family it might make sense to me to have a composting toilet because it is easier to restrict
the smells and all that kind of stuff I guess but with one person you just don’t
really come across that so much. Number Four, am I-? Is 4 what I’m on? Am I on 4? Okay, I’m so confused now Everybody talks about how easy it is to
use. And you know what? It is easy to use. but I’ll tell you,for most humans
pooping and peeing are pretty much always easy. When I watch people sitting
there filling up things with coconut coir and the fact that they even have to go
get coconut coir in order to use a toilet… It all just seems like too much
to me. It seems hard. Doesn’t seem easy. Number five. They are hella expensive. Crazy expensive. wicked expensive as we say here in
Boston. What’s the Nature’s Head go for ? think like 700 bucks or something like
that? I can think of a lot of things I’d like to spend money on before I’d spend it on a toilet. So I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of ways to poop.
What other options do you have? They sell these toilet seat covers that are made to go on a five-gallon bucket. You see guys pissing in mason jars. Sure. we’ve already talked about one, which is don’t have a toilet. Lots of people don’t. They just use public restrooms and so forth. But I also like to camp in places where there aren’t any facilities and for that reason I need to have a way to go to the
bathroom. I’m not comfortable pooping in a hole
outside in the dirt. It’s just not me. I need just a slight bit more comfort and I need to feel like I’m on an actual toilet. So now I’m gonna tell you what
kind of toilet I do have. This trunk is the home of my porta potty. That’s right, I use a porta potty. This is a Thetford porta potty but a lot of different
companies make them porta potties generally consists of two chambers the
top chamber which has the toilet seat actually on it contains water for
flushing and the bottom compartment is where things flush too that’s where the
waste goes. Your waste. To use a porta potty you just sit on it like a regular
home toilet. You pull this handle in the front to open the drain. Do your business. You hit this bellows like thingy over here and that’s the flusher. It sends water into the bowl which causes the poop to go down the drain. I’m not going to show you with stuff in there so you’re gonna have to use your imagination. You can do number one and number two together, but I also keep
peepee jar so that if I only have to pee I use that instead. It just minimizes the
amount of mixing the poop and the pee do so there’s less, you know, possibility of
odor. I do put a little bit of chemical in there.I use these things. They say
they’re 100% biodegradable, I don’t know. I don’t believe anything anymore. Composting toilets don’t even compost. What can you believe in this world? When
it’s time to empty, you just separate the two compartments slide this handle over
lift it up the top piece with the water and it comes off then you take the
bottom piece by the handle and you put it in this Ikea bag. Then I take it into the ladies room and dump it in the toilet. That’s what I do, anyway. Then of
course you rinse it and you put it back. You put more water in the top and you’re
good to go again. Yes, it does use some water but not a lot. That’s how it works.
It’s not as fancy as grinding up coconut coir and throwing humanure in a trash
can but hey, works for me. Most people get a porta
potty that has a 5-gallon bottom tank but I got a smaller one that’s only two
and a half gallons because it’s easier for me to carry in my sweet little Ikea
bag. Size matters when it comes to porta-potties. If you’re a bigger person
you’re gonna want a bigger toilet obviously. I’m kind of a smaller person
so a smaller one’s fine for me. Also I started out with a bigger one and it
just didn’t really fit anywhere. I had to cut a hole to make it fit. It was a mess.
this one fits perfectly inside that trunk. Now, how did I end up with a trunk?
Well that’s one of those happy accidents I was talking about that really is the
result of just having no skills at all. I started looking for cabinets but I
couldn’t really find one that was the right size. Then it occurred to me that a trunk standing on end would probably be just about perfect and it fits me much
more because I try to keep everything as antiquey as possible. So I found a trunk
and then I had to look at the specs of all the different porta-potties on
Amazon till I found one that was the right size to fit in there. I had this
idea that I would mount the toilet on a small dolly but my dolly was too big and I found this really heavy-duty plant dolly which was awesome. Then I needed to
raise it about three inches because one thing about porta-potties is they’re
super low to the ground. I found these bed risers on Amazon that had like a lip around them which was perfect because the toilet could fit
right in there. I screwed the bed risers to the dolly.
Then I put heavy duty velcro on both the bed risers and the bottom of the toilet, so that’s what holds it together when you’re rolling it. It’s not easy to separate them but I’d rather have it not easy to separate then have it come apart while I’m rolling it. So basically you just roll the toilet out the door roll
it over in front of the closet and then you pull this curtain over which is
tucked up on a shelf you pull this other curtain over and you have yourself a little privacy booth. You don’t even have to worry about whether the bus curtains
are up or not. typically I don’t have my bus curtains
up during the day and sometimes I do have to poop during the day. So that’s my
toilet. Tada! but the truth is I’m really happy with
it. I like how it looks it fits the bus it fits my personality and it works.
That’s the most important thing. It works for me. I did it this way this jacked,
unsophisticated way because I can’t do plumbing and the idea of building a
cabinet for it I couldn’t even wrap my head around. I’ll show you some cabinets
I made they worked out okay but cabinetry is not my thing. The trunk is attached to the floor like everything else in here and to the wall.
I try to bolt everything in at least twice. The toilet itself was under a
hundred bucks and then I bought the trunk on Craigslist for 40 bucks. I
wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not even for a $700 composting toilet.
Sorry Nature’s Head lovers! That doesn’t sound right. If you love your composting
toilet I’m sure you’re not gonna be shy about telling me about it in the
comments because people seem to love to talk about these things. If you are in
love with your toilet bring your love to my comments cuz who knows? Or maybe you’ll convince me. Or maybe you’ll convince somebody else that reads it so bring it
on. Bring it on over. If you want to tell me again things I could have done better,
be nice! I ain’t gonna post no not-nice comments
cuz why would I? This is my space, this is my video. You can’t say crap to me. Hey,
use my links to go to Amazon if you can cuz if you do I get a little money bump. like my links the best. I have the best links on YouTube. So thank you again for watching video number two from me and I’m gonna try to do this more regularly but right now it takes me a long time to shoot and edit it because I’m slow. Next time!

15 thoughts on “Do Composting Toilets Stink?

  1. Look, we love antiques and love that you are filling your bus with antiques, but do we need to call the vintage police? Can you please show some love to that beautiful armoire! Wipe it down with some linseed oil or something!

  2. Thank you Mary Feuer for sharing! You are so smart! Neat n tidy. Good choice for this presentable potty in the trunk. Cheap n good. 14th like. 35th subscriber.

  3. Very entertaining. Thank you for sharing. Love your honesty. I had the same feeling about a nature's head. Couldn't see spending 1K on a toilet. I'm stilll going with a "composting" toilet, but making it myself. Family of 5, so it needs to be done. 😁

  4. Nice video. Great personality and genuine opinion. I think we are going composting in our schoolie whenever that happens, but totally want to have a beer with you and rag on the hipsters at some point. Keep'em coming…

  5. We purchased a Natures Head toilet for our bus. It is a fair amount of work to take care of. We took out the paddle and line it now with a trash compactor bag which is 2mil thick so it doesn't tear when we remove it. Every day or two I add some peat moss to it. I upgraded the fan to 2x the original speed to remove the smell. There is only my wife and I using it. However we have lived full time in the bus for 3 1/2 years. We are living on a relatives property and have permission to dump the waste in certain locations on the property. Having gone through all of this and learned more about different ways to do this, we would not do it again. I would build a wood cabinet and add a seat with a 5 gallon pail and the same bag with some peat moss and a vent pipe for about $50.

  6. Great video—engaging and fun. One suggestion: Look into the camera lens so that it looks like you're looking at us instead of someone off camera. ☮️

  7. Lots of fun to listen to and it's informative as well. I sometimes wonder of simplifying isn't a better way to life. Sure, there are less conveniences, but most of our conveniences come with a lot of expense, headaches, bills, and the constant urge to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

    As vital as a toilet is, maybe it doesn't make must sense to spend almost $1,000 for something you're going to treat… the way you treat a toilet. 😉

  8. I think eventually I want a Natures Head but at $960..I can wait. I can wait quite awhile actually at that price lol. That is actually the same brand toilet I have been looking at and wondering IF I could make it work for me.

  9. I want to house a porta potty in the wingback armchair my Mom likes 🙂 Dual purpose! It'll truly be a throne! This video inspired me to move it to the front seating area though, instead of in the back – Curtains seem like a great way to go – I like how you separated that space. And since it's so close to the door, it makes for easier emptying, I'm sure! Thank you for these videos! 😀

  10. I've never understood why people would think they'd need a $960 butt throne. We're totally in agreement on that!

  11. love it!!!! wow i am wicked impressed.. here are two people you dont watch yet i dont think anyways you might like caseyroman and vancity vanlife check them out i think you might like them not like you have tons of time to watch very many other youtubers now doing your own channel but i think you will like there editing styles too and vancitys audio and some othere stuff food for thought safe travels love what i see so far and you will get the hang of it and it will become second nature and get faster anyways i could go on forever safe travels nancy

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