Do softwash cleaning products stay in the soil?

Some of our softwashing customers asked if our softwashing biocides stay in the soil. Clearly this is an important concern, as we are all becoming more environmentally aware. And it’s important that softwashing contractors can speak clearly to their customers about this topic and give them the facts about the environmental impact of softwashing Hi, I’m Leo from Benz Softwash. Benz Bio Cleanze is fully biodegradable and complies with EU regulations for biodegradability. It biodegrades on contact with organic material, so will definitely not stay in the soil. We’ve run long-term tests on lawns and flowerbeds to determine the effects of our biocides on plant life. Test results show that Bio Cleanze has no detrimental effect on plant life when applied to surfaces at our recommended dilutions, and when the soil and plants are pre and post drenched with fresh water. Benz Lightning Cleanze does not bioaccumulate and breaks down into oxygen and a small amount of common salt on contact with organic material. Even the surfactant, or soap, in Lightning Cleanze is fully biodegradable. Although frequent applications, together with allowing run-off to enter the soil could theoretically increase the salt content of soil, in practice this is unlikely to be a problem. This is because Lightning Cleanze is mostly used as a one-off treatment followed by regular maintenance applications of Bio Cleanze Run-off and spray drift from Lightning Cleanze has not been observed to have detrimental effects on lawns and flowerbeds when used at our recommended dilution rates, and in conjunction with pre and post drenching of soil and plant life. Our research tests of applying pure salt to soil and plants over a period of several months has shown that a large quantity of salt is required to adversely affect the majority of plant life. The practice of pre and post drenching dilutes the already small amounts of salt produced by the biological breaking down of Lightning Cleanze and renders it harmless. And of course, rain will further dilute any remaining salt residue. I hope the information in this video, which is based on several years softwashing experience and controlled tests, helps clarify the situation. By the way, the information in this video applies to Benz Softwash products only. Although Benz Lightning Cleanze is a sodium hypochlorite based softwash biocide, we have not tested raw industrial sodium hypochlorite on plant life, nor the effects of various “home-chemistry” softwash solutions. Visit for FREE softwashing how-to information – and download a FREE Professional Softwash Contractors Pricing Guide.

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