Dr. inz. Stanisław Flaga Małopolska, Poland

There are a number of methods that
can be used to protect crops. One ecological method is flowery
meadows or field margins… which provide food for
beneficial organisms. These organisms migrate to nearby
crops and help regulate pest levels. Another method, also for conventional
farmers, is using biological substances, organic derivatives, e.g.,
beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes. In addition, flying species,
such as sawflies… and other insects can be used
to protect crops. Using such approaches biological balance
in the environment can be maintained. There are numerous benefits of
ecological farming. First of all, there are economic benefits. Nowadays being competitive on the market
plays a major role. Ecological methods used both in organic
and conventional farming… not only guarantee high quality,
but also cheaper products. Secondly, there are enormous… advantages for the environment: biological methods can be used
long-term without harming the environment. And most important of all are
the benefits for health. Eating ecological or organic
food promotes health. Thus there is no other option than
using nature’s own solutions. For example, I observed that
when I used herbicides… I had high levels of aphids. So my attempt to solve one problem just
created a new one to cope with. Since then I have learned about
organisms that feed on aphids and… these beneficial organisms need
specific flowers growing around the crops. After I adopted specific flowers to
provide good conditions… for Tachinidae, Ichneumonidae and other
pollinators, I began breeding them. It turned out they can be used to
‘biologically fight’ pests and pollinate plants. Today it is necessary to make
such methods more widely known. I hope farmers will be eager
to apply this knowledge. It’s the key to modern farming. Ecological farming is fundamental to making
a variety of developments sustainable, in particular, economic and
ecological processes… as well as newly defining the
human relationship to the environment. I believe that ecological farming creates
opportunities for noble human development, which means development
that can completely fulfil our survival, environmental and
aesthetic needs. It is the key to solving local problems… supports the region… and is a crucial element in the economic
development of local communities.

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