Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler

hi I’m Mary tone one of the employee owners at Gardner supply company in Vermont for 30 years we’ve been designing products to help people grow more productive and healthy gardens adding compost to your garden is one of the best ways to improve your soil and ensure a healthy growing environment for your plants transforming kitchen scraps and yard waste into free nutrient-rich compost just makes sense a well-designed composter contains the mess and is the best way to produce high quality compost over the years we’ve tested dozens of compost bins and when it comes to making compost quickly and easily our exclusive dual batch compost tumbler is a winner the key to its success is to rotating bins that let one batch cook while you add fresh scraps to the other the tumbling action mixes ingredients and incorporates air so organic materials break down into compost faster than they would in stationary bins each bin on the dual batch compost tumbler holds three cubic feet and has a sliding door to use begin filling the bin labeled start with kitchen scraps green grass clippings and other fresh materials alternating with some brown materials such as dried leaves or straw a balance of fresh green materials and dried brown materials is essential for fast odor free composting continue to add materials until they’re within about 10 inches of the top of the bin add water if needed to moisten the materials move the lid that says finish to this bin that way you always know which bin to add materials to now it’s time to let this batch cook spin the bin 5 to 10 times every two to three days to mix the ingredients and keep the compost cooking while the first bin finishes start filling the second bin with organic materials in a matter of weeks you can have finished compost just spin the finish bin so the door is facing down and open it up the dual batch compost tumbler is like having two composters in one it’s made of heavy-duty recycled polypropylene on a sturdy steel frame it’s a convenient and efficient way to transform kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden

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