Dumbarton Oaks Gardens: Star Garden

Just to the side of the Green Terrace, nestled in this little nook, is the Star Garden. The Star Garden is the smallest of the garden
rooms. The Blisses used to entertain small
groups of guests here. Mildred Bliss chose to decorate this space
with furniture and ornaments that displayed the constellations of the zodiac. All the furniture was designed by Beatrix
Farrand. The stone paving also features a quotation,
adapted slightly from Chaucer’s translation of Boethius’s “Consolation of Philosophy”: “O thou maker of the whele that bereth the sterres and tornest the hevene with a ravisshing sweigh…” Bliss and Farrand chose this quotation together. It speaks to Bliss’s learning, love of the
arts, and vision of Dumbarton Oaks as a “home of the Humanities” long before it became a
research center in 1940.

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