Welcome to the region of Durham’s new weekly green bin kitchen food waste composting program and newly improved weekly blue box recycling program on behalf of Durham Regional Council I’m pleased to announce the launch of the new weekly kitchen food waste composting program and the improved weekly blue box recycling program residents across Durham Region will now Significantly be able to reduce the garbage they sent to landfill in a cost-effective and an environmentally responsible manner I Encourage all residents to participate in these worthwhile programs as part of a positive change in lifestyle Together we can make a difference Congratulations on receiving your new containers specially designed for the collection of kitchen food wastes Your new green bin containers are an important tool in the transformation of garbage day So check out your new green bins open them close them and wheel the large lockable one around Place the larger green bin in your garage or wherever you keep your regular garbage The smaller kitchen food waste container goes in your kitchen on Or underneath your kitchen counter wherever is most accessible and convenient for you and your family the kitchen container comes with a mounting bracket, so you can also install it on the inside of a cupboard or You can put a wide range of household organics into your kitchen food waste container From now on all your food scraps plate scrapings and leftovers go into your kitchen food waste container instead of your regular garbage Line your kitchen food waste container with a biodegradable liner bag these bags are 100% compostable and are made from all-natural products such as corn starch Complimentary biodegradable liner bags were also provided so you can use them inside the kitchen food waste container additional boxes of biodegradable liner bags may be purchased at local retail stores Do not use any plastic bags of any kind in your kitchen food container or the green bin Plastic bags are not compostable And they are not acceptable in our program Kitchen food waste placed out in plastic bags cannot be composted and will be sent to a landfill site for disposal Here’s what goes into the kitchen food waste container fruits and vegetables meat and bones dairy products eggs coffee grinds filters and tea bags Wet or soiled paper towels tissues and serviettes egg cartons and fast food drink trays paper plates and cups and even house plants and flowers Tie the biodegradable liner bag closed to make sure none of the contents spill out of the bag and place it directly in your larger green bin in your garage Please do not send out your kitchen food waste container outside along the curb on Your regular waste collection day. Just take your green bin to the curb. It will be emptied each week after collection your kitchen food wastes will be taken to a new Enclosed compost facility located in Pickering where it will be processed and reused again That’s why it’s so very important to put only the right materials in your green bins Do not put these things in your kitchen food waste container or your green bin put these in your garbage bag cat litter an animal wastes food packaging materials and liners animal carcasses diapers or sanitary products or plastic bags Many residents of Durham Region have been using the kitchen food waste green bin program very successfully for the past three years Let’s hear what they have to say about it At first I thought it would stink, but I followed the simple instructions and haven’t had any problems you’re not adding to your waste You’re just separating it food waste goes in the green bin and garbage in the garbage bag It’s just that easy even the kids can do this Every now and then we give the inside of the green bin a quick wipe or just rinse it out with the hose Everything is in biodegradable liner bags, and is collected every week, so it’s clean, and there’s no smell Frankly I’m really surprised at how clean and easy it all is We love gardening with our own compost so we still use our composter But the green bin can take the stuff that can’t go in the backyard composter like meat and dairy So it’s the best of both worlds Yeah, it’s amazing we love it. I can’t believe how much garbage it saves We used to put out three or four bags of garbage per week But since we’ve started using the green bin in addition to our blue boxes We’re only putting out about a quarter bag per week. I really had no idea just how much of our waste was actually organic It’s pretty amazing Reducing landfill is something we can all be proud of Every time you separate your kitchen food waste into your green bin You can feel good knowing that your food waste is not being landfill in fact. It will be processed and reused again Continue to separate your blue box recyclables into containers and papers Place all your containers loose in one blue box and all your papers in a second blue box Tie and bundle your cardboard and box board the region’s new and improved program now provides weekly blue box recycling collection service this should help to eliminate the overflow of Recyclable materials some households experience and increase the amount of materials being recycled one blue box for all your loose containers Discard the plastic tops and caps in the garbage throw all metal lids loose into your blue box Give the containers a quick rinse then toss them into your blue box all plastic bottles with a twist off top plastic tubs and lids metal food and beverage containers glass bottles and jars paper milk and juice cartons Empty aerosol cans and empty paint cans as long as they’re completely dry inside Place all your loose papers into a second blue box junk mail in envelopes catalogs and magazines paperback books and phone books newspapers and office and computer paper cardboard and box boards should be broken down bundled and tied Put these bundles on top of your blue boxes to reduce any littering of your neighborhood Shredded paper can be placed in a clear plastic bag not loose in your blue box and set out for curbside recycling collection this will also help reduce neighborhood litter When in doubt check it out Refer to our website for full material listings make sure you sort your materials into the right container Durham Region is revolutionising garbage collection service We have a vision that will ensure that our communities our natural resources and our environment are protected for future generations Please use your new green bins and continue to use your blue boxes and put them out for weekly collection service You will find very quickly that there is very little household garbage waste left all the recyclables and all Compostables have been removed as a result garbage collection will now be provided once every other week or bi-weekly check your waste collection calendar for more information on these programs as A community we must reduce the amount of garbage we’re sending to landfill Working together. I think we can make a real difference, so let’s move forward together ♪♫♬ ♫ “It’s Easy, It’s Smart, It’s The Right Thing To Do.” ♫ ♫”If All Of You Do Your Part, We’re Counting On You.”♫ ♫ “Let’s Make Our Community A Better Place. Everybody Wins When We Reduce Our Waste.” ♫ CC By: Blender Bach ♪♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬

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