In today’s Episode I would like to speak about a new concept. which is.. In just small area of land how to earn 12-24 Lakhs! I will explain this concept. The concept model is in GKVK. So..Why this? If i have to say.. availability of agricultural land is reducing every day. but feeding mouths are increasing anyway.. so to attend the increasing demand we have to touch productivity for this to happen, youth should come towards agriculture. when youth come towards agriculture, they use their maximum potential you dont have to involve in agriculture 24hours.. you can just spend 3-4 hours a day there are few such agricultural concepts. you can do a lot in even by spending less time. with that.. if you get 1-2 days a week to spare your time towards agriculture you can implement this concept come let’s see what it is! Namaskara! Let’s get into this new farm.. when I say Farm, this isn’t like a very big farm brother.. in less than a acre they are earning lakhs. I would like to introduce one of the modern farmer.. Mr.Harish Harish.. what do you do here? We do vermicompost here. Harish has taken vermicompost as his business. I will explain what is vermicompost in simple words. so.. it is a procedure of compost making. process of making compost using earthworms.. we call it vermicompost in english thats it.. so to make this compost we use some earthworms to do the composting this is the technique of vermicomposting we can earn lot of profits in it for organic farming.. main component is vermicompost you know earthworms..we call them as farmer’s friend farmer’s friend! these worms.. so how to use these worms and produce vermicompost? lets get to know.. this is one and half month old this is one and half month old pit.. so we can see how many worms are there in it. will tell you the simple procedure. how to make vermicompost it is not necessary that you have to do this in such pits you can do it even in your horticulture crops but since it is done in pit here i will expain how it is done they are doing it in 3 layers in lower layer they are placing cow dung grass in second layer.. and compost in third layer decomposed organic compost in the third layer and leave the worms on top of it so.. what these worms do is.. they go down different layers chewing and making them like coffee powder.. this is the fine product we get after one and half month. so this can be sieved and separated the worms can be separated and sold and the compost can be sold separately both has different values. what procedure they use? and how much they earn in this same area of land? lets get to know! i will tell you why these two pits next to each other see this is one month old pit. this is 2 months old pit so since this is first pit, worms will make them as compost first as you can see so when the composting is happening like this.. and after the worms get fed here and complete.. they find the holes which are at the bottom of the walls through those holes.. our farmer friends earthworms migrate from this side to that side and start composting on the other side so, simple logic here is.. all living beings always does what is needed for survival we don’t have to tell them to go from here to there. they find their own way and go.. you cannot see the holes here but they are present at the bottom of the wall so they travel from here to there and start composting that side at that time the number of worms will be less this side. and it will be easy to segregate at the time of harvest we can take this and sieve easily this is the process another advantage of having 2 pits is.. in 1 month this pit gets ready next month the other pit gets ready so if we can look around there are multiple pits so every week they have income generation number of pits in different segments is profitable they keep getting income from one pit after the other is that right? come.. lets keep going. ok you have seen this, lets see what is next step.. after 1 month, 1 and half month and 2 months. lets see how the worms will be and which stage.. after 2 months this is how it will be.. the compost which we place at top the worm keeps composting that and decompose that and this is how the compost will become and worms will be like this after 2 months you can see these earthworms.. they develop like this. we can see bigger worms, smaller ones and the eggs. and this is how the worms become. this is 2 month old pit. so this is how it will be in 2 months so this is how 1- 2 month old pits will be this is how compost will be and worms will be.. lets see how the 2 months old pit will be.. and the finished product will be.. see how they do it in final stage.. after 2 and half months they sieve the whole compost why do they sieve it? to separate the waste an bigger particles they sieve it and put them aside.. they separate these fine particles this is the final product. you can sell this in market! this compost is eligible to be sold in the market. why should be water 2-3 times in a week? the final product should contain at least this much of moisture content. because wastage will be more.. if it gets dry there won’t be market value for this. the structure of this will get damaged. when bees come near you have to be silent! if you speak more, it will bite you! if you stay calm it will go away like a friend! isn’t that right? these are bigger bees.. wild species of bees!! there are many here right? have fun.. have fun! i have been speaking about vermiculture.. we get another by-product from this! from the same vermicompost process they yield very economically. that is Vermiwash! as i was saying.. i will say what is vermiwash. here, Harish was saying that they water them 3 times. all the excess water gets collected in a collector bin. they have collected it there.. come will show you what is Vermiwash! so this is the Vermiwash. they have placed the cap now so, all the excess water gets collected in a water basin. this liquid is more suitable for organic farmer if you use this as a spray to your crops it stops crops from getting affected by pests and can be used as precautionary measure if we keep spraying our plants with this Vermiwash every 20-25 days it is also cost effective.. you don’t have to invest extra. the by-product of Vermicompost is Vermiwash so, we can earn from many way. you can use this in your farm. So, we have seen so all these now Harish will say how much he earns in this small area of lane. how much do you earn in a month approximately? In a month i make 1.5-2 Lakhs approximately. You are saying 1.5 – 2 Lakhs! Lets keep it 1 Lakh. 1 Lakh x 12=12 Lakhs In a year even after not caculating other expenses, he earns 12 Lakhs! Why i am saying this? I am telling this to those who think agriculture is very difficult. We can do agriculture this way too. this is organic farming. in this technique we can use 3 ways You can use the vermicompost, you can use the worms and also the vermiwash. you get the liquid, worms and the compost to generate income so the way we do this this is again an organic farming which has lot of advantages So, Harish is earning 12 Lakhs per year annual package!! Could be earned in software field but Harish works only for 2-3 hours thats all! He waters 3 times a week to this.. isn’t it? He has 3 labours and earns peacefully with no tension. isn’t that right? He is another Modern Farmer in Karnataka! Love you all!! Lets meet in next episode..

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  2. I visited GKVK Bengaluru.
    Dr.Borayya phd. Explained completely about vermicompost.
    Earth worm Rs.650 per kg available @GKVK n marketing they told we shld do of our own..

    And also start to do vermicompost only if u have complete raw meterials of ur own..
    Purchasing raw meterials then prepare vermicompost n selling n making money will be impossible….

  3. It was my first visit to GKVK after seeing this video…its 1500 acers vast campus……if u don't have any plan of agriculture,,,just simply visit GKVK n see how beautiful it is….once u just step into the campus u feel ur totally out of Bengaluru….its so peaceful calm n green👍love GKVK,,,,wish i would have studied ther n got a job ther😄

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