Easy and fast liquid fertilizer for any plants

How it will be if you have a fertilizer Fertilizer which is easy to make Using that fertilizer is easy and economical And it can be made easily at home Stay with this video Today I am going to show How you can make a liquid fertilizer easily at home After making this fertilizer you can use it on vegetables or flower plants Both vegetables and flower will become healthy after using this fertilizer You will get good amount of vegetables and flowers Before knowing about fast acting fertilizer I request you to subscribe Subscription link is given below If information given is good then like this video Also share this video with other gardening enthusiastic You will need seven ingredients for making this fertilizer I will use five liter bottle for making fertilizer First among seven ingredients is potassium Take ten grams potassium in five liter bottle After potassium take two teaspoon or ten gram phosphate Insert phosphate into bottle Next take two teaspoon or ten gram urea and insert in bottle Next ingredient after urea is Epsom salt Insert five gram or one tea spoon in bottle After Epsom salt next is chelated iron Take five grams or one teaspoon and insert in bottle Next you have to take five ml liquid micro nutrients You can get liquid micro nutrient from any online shop or gardening shop At last you have to add five ml liquid soap After inserting all ingredients also add five liter water After adding water shake bottle for mixing ingredients Then you can use it by spraying on leaves of plants This is a kind of foliar fertilizer and it acts very fast When you use this on pot vegetables and flower Health of plants will improve You will get good yield of vegetables and flowers from pot Now fastest acting liquid fertilizer is ready You can spray directly on leaves Keep this liquid fertilizer in collection You can spray this fertilizer directly on leaves every five to seven days Plants in pot grow nicely either it is vegetable or flower plants It is very to make fastest acting liquid fertilizer Use of this fertilizer is also easy Take a spray bottle and directly apply on leaves Vegetable or flower becomes healthy and grow fast Now I will show how to spray on pot plants Take required amount of fertilizer in spray bottle You can store remaining fertilizer for next spray schedule This stored fertilizer can be used for many sprays You have to spray fertilizer after every five to seven days This is a good foliar fertilizer Plants absorbs fertilizer elements from leaves and grows very fast Spraying time is very important Give this fertilizer either in morning or in evening Reason for spraying in morning or evening is…. The evaporation of fertilizer contents are minimized Leaves of plants absorbs maximum elements Now I will show how to spray on leaves of any plant Spray as shown in video If possible spray also beneath leaves You can take maximum benefits by this fertilizer Use of this fertilizer solution helps plants ….. Plants get healthy and grow fast You will get more yields of fruits and flowers Specialty of this fertilizer is…. It is good for any plants grown in pots Either you have grown vegetable or flower This fertilizer works nice on both You are not required to give fertilizer in soil repeatedly Use of this liquid fertilizer is convenient You can give directly on leaves after every five to seven days You have to maintain good irrigation in pots By this method plant in pot can become healthy You can yield good quantity of flower and vegetables from pot How was this information I hope this information is useful for you If you like this information then… Tell by commenting where you want to use this fertilizer This is a very fast acting liquid fertilizer Use of this fertilizer improves plant health and increase yield If you grow flowers, health of those plants also improves Thank for staying till last I will meet you again with some new information Till then be happy and enjoy gardening

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