Easy DIY Homemade Organic Garden Fertilizer!

a lot of times many of us want to know
how we can make our own organic fertilizer without spending any money
without having a big compost bin or having to worry about how to get rid of
a lot of our waste so I’m gonna go ahead and show you some basic things you can
use to create your own somewhat balanced organic fertilizer hey everybody it’s Rob the backyard
gardenerr and I thought today we do a little something different I figured
since it’s still cold outside and it’s not quite ready for me to go outside and
do any gardening I would show you guys how if you’d like to make your own home
fertilizer completely organic while we’re cycling some materials that
you would otherwise just throw in the trash I’d show you how to do that so I
want to point out that these leaves are not composted and leaves take well over
a year to fully break down so that the organic material in here is readily
available for plants this is not going to give you an immediate fix to any
garden deficiencies but I still want to show you how you can create your own
organic fertilizer using leaves from the yard eggshells and spent coffee grounds
now you’re probably wondering what the value is of creating your own organic
fertilizer we also hear a lot about NPK levels
that’s nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and I went ahead and did a little
research to kind of give you some basic values of what you’re gonna be using and
what they’re NPK levels are in this case I have a bin full of leaves
it’s from my apples oak peach pear trees magnolias etc in my yard the NPK levels
are 0.5 0.3 0.3 once they’re broken down I’ve also got some eggshells here and
the values for NPK are 100 point 5.3 give or take depending on whether you’ve
burned your eggshells whether you’ve composted your leaves etc
these values will be marginally different and then for coffee grounds
you don’t want to use the acidic unspent coffee grounds you want to be used and
preferably dried if you’ve got dried used coffee grounds the NPK levels are
about 2.3.3 so when you put all this together you’re
going to get about a total value for NPK of 3 1 1 which is actually a pretty
balanced fertilizer and if you wanted to use burnt up ashy
banana peels you can really raise that potassium level quite a bit
that being said it takes a while for this stuff to break down unless you
break it down or give it a boost to begin with so I’m going to be using my
blender to finish the rest of this stuff off not the coffee grounds but these two
items once we have these into small are not necessarily a powder but small
pieces that we can mix in with the coffee grounds well mix it all together
and we’ll take a look at the fertilizers that we have first step though I’m gonna
go ahead get all these broken down as much as possible and then we’ll go ahead
and see what these look like after we’ve got them put through the blender so
there you have it I used my hands just to crunch the leaves up a little bit so
they would fit in my blender I used about I guess about a third of the bin
just enough so that it was a little bit more than the other two components we’ve
got them topped pretty fine we’re gonna finalize it in the blender once we hit
all three parts put together the eggshells are blended as well as you can
see pretty fine material and then of course the dried coffee grounds are
already you find last step I’m gonna do now is put all three ingredients into
the blender and it look broken down a little bit further and kind of
incorporate it together and then I’ll show you the finished product
I’ll blend it together guys leaves eggshells and coffee grounds a nice
little somewhat balanced fertilizer 3-1-1 using organic matter and recycling
stuff we’d otherwise put in landfills so here you have it everyone my organic
3-1-1 garden boost now like any fertilizer you definitely want to make
sure that you mix it into the top few inches of the soil that way it can break
down a lot quicker and the nutrients and the minerals can be more readily
available to your plants the good news about this is it’s not chemically based
it doesn’t have any properties that will cause it to burn the roots or have any
adverse effects on your garden I will remind everyone while this is a garden
boost if you’re having a serious deficiency in your plants you definitely
want to make sure that you get something that’s more readily available
immediately like a good fish emulsion or blood meal or bone meal however that
being said if you just want to give you a garden a little bit of a treatment
maybe once a month or every couple of months you can go in add a cup of this
for the to the plant mixed in the soil I hope
you enjoyed this do-it-yourself homemade organic fertilizer or garden boost video
if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone thanks for
watching and happy gardening

15 thoughts on “Easy DIY Homemade Organic Garden Fertilizer!

  1. In this video I will show you how I make homemade organic fertilizer using only leaves, egg shells and coffee grounds.

    If you are a gardener who wants to stay away from liquid or chemical fertilizers but wants to give your garden flowers and plants the boost they deserve then this video may be for you.
    That being said, this homemade garden fertilizer is not a quick fix or a treatment of most garden diseases or deficiencies but rather a good way to maintain proper nutrients and soil balance within your garden.
    The NPK levels can deteriorate over time if you don't rotate crops and amend the soil. Luckily, nature has provided us with all of the means necessary to do so without making your plants dependent on artificial or unnatural means.

    NPK stands for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K).

    This DIY homemade organic fertilizer should provide a nice 3-1-1 ration if applied every month or two near the base of the plants or beds (mixed into the top few inches of the soil).

    Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

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  2. Thanks. Always nice to use different stuff in the garden then what I put in my fields. Wish I could go organic with my fields but pests and weather do not permit. Definitely time to get in the garden and fields. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Rob, love your videos. Just wanted to comment that in order for this to be organic the egg shells must come from organic fed chickens and the coffee beans must also be organic. Great tip though and will use in my garden. Just can’t tell my wife I used the blender for this haha.

  4. I never knew you could do that with egg shells/used coffee grinds/leaves. Thanks for the video!
    Also sidenote: Is your mango tree sapling still alive? It's hard to keep the humidity up with it indoors during winter I assume, I'm curious whether it died or whether it's growing still.

  5. I should do this a lot more.. I always put a lot of my food waste in the City Compost instead of keeping some for my own plants downstairs. I even have a soil bin which is ideal for mixing home based organic fertilizers.
    Coffee, though, yeah I should do mix it up again in my soil…. Probably be good to get out in my garden as soon as it thaws out. In a deep freeze right now… But I'm optimistic. My tomatoes are growing quite well indoors and I even have some squash growing..

  6. Rob love your videos. When I first started gardening I watched all your videos for information, and inspiration. Cant wait for more of the videos in the spring!!!

  7. My avocado tree is a midget, its only a foot tall at one year, I have a 15 second long update if you want to compare my unsuccessful tree to your massive tree.

  8. If you added double the amount of eggshells you put in would you get 4-2-2 or would it still be 4-1-1? And would this fertilizer work well for peppers and tomatoes?

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