Easy, Inexpensive, DIY, Trellis Ideas, Growing Vertically // Small Space Garden Series #3

hi everyone welcome back to the small
space garden series today we’re talking about vertical space and how we can
maximize it by using trellises well the small space garden is starting to take
take shape it’s getting super exciting I’ve taped off a 7 by 11 area here of my
deck and we’re pretending we’re on an apartment balcony we’re growing a lot of
food in a little bit of space we’re learning how to do it together
we’re doing it quick simple inexpensive and we’re having a lot of fun along the
way now in this video we’re also going to be doing another giveaway for 5 of
the 5 gallon smart pots containers these are a great way to get started with your
small space garden these are special because they have the smart pots logo
and the CaliKim Garden and Home logo so it’s a really fun container to grow
in and here’s how you enter now the drawing is open to US residents only and
all you need to do to enter is make a comment after watching the video about
something that you learned will be doing the drawing on Monday April 23rd at noon
pacific time in our live stream now if you watch the last one there were also a
few surprise prizes thrown in for each winner also so make sure you enter and
good luck to everyone thank you so much smart pots for partnering with us on
this series for making this series possible well we’ve got some trellises
to install so you know what that means we got to move things out of the way and
let’s get started remember our goal for this garden space
is to grow a lot of food in a little bit of space and if we don’t use all the
vertical space here we are wasting this space I mean we can double or triple the
vegetables that we grow by using the space right in here by using the deck
railings by growing vertically with the towers and the stacks but today we’re
going to talk about trellising we’re gonna get some easy ones installed right
in here we’re gonna install some super inexpensive trellises with using staking
using some fencing and also upcycling some fun items around the garden
now the first super inexpensive option for trellises is just a big collection
of stakes so you probably already have a lot of these around your house if not
you can pick them up for super inexpensive at the garden center here’s
a variety of stakes that I picked up over the years on the garden center just
really tall I think it’s about an 8 foot pole so this is a perfect trellis for
like a climbing plant like a pea or a cucumber and then here’s these just
cedar poles I guess they’re about five feet tall actually they’re about six
feet talks are taller than me and these you can pick up at the garden center or
you might even have them are you laying around now here’s some fun ones that I
like this is an old stock from a one of my favorite sunflowers from last year so
it’s kind of fun because it makes me think of the beautiful sunflower I had
last summer and I just saved it it’s nice and dry so it’s a perfect steak to
use for a trellis and these are great ones old bamboo poles you can pick up at
the garden center too now this one is fun we actually had a tree trimmed or a
tree fall over in a windstorm and I saved a couple of the branches because
they’re kind of in a nice little shape that I could climb a couple of plants up
these so we’re gonna stop install a couple of these today and show you how
simple it is to get these put in your garden beds I really like the natural
look of this old tree branch so what I’m gonna do is make a teepee trellis out of
this but first I’m going to turn it over and cut off some of the old one old
branches that are kind of sticking out this is the end that’s gonna go up sorry
Mac this is the end that’s gonna go in the bottom
cut these off and it’s really fun to just recycle some of your old garden
branches okay so I’m gonna put that here in my round twenty gallon smart pots I’m
just gonna stick it right in the bottom and the nice thing about the good dirt
that we’re using is that it’s super light and fluffy and loose and this
trellis is just gonna slide right in it’s going to get it down in there and
get it anchored really well down in the container and then I’m gonna need a
third leg to my teepee so I’m going to take this bamboo pull put it down into
my container and then I’m just going to tie them together at the top of the
piece of rope so it makes for a nice look and it’ll be nice sturdy trellis
and we’re gonna plant some I think we’ll plant some cucumbers in here so you can
climb up this trellis and really maximize our garden space now the other
nice thing about trellising is it really defines your garden space it makes it
look really pretty you can hide like an ugly wall or
something like that and it really makes a nice cozy space for you to sit and
enjoy that is so cute the next really super
easy option for trellising is some fencing now you might recognize these
these are my DIY tomato cages so you can either use it as a cage and put it in
one of your round containers just like that just put it right down in there and
the nice thing about this is is that you can make it you can fit to size you can
even clip it apart open it up and put it in one of the long garden beds and
actually for this I have another type of fencing that you can get at the hardware
store I’m gonna go grab that and you guys might have seen these also on some
of our other videos this is a piece of a cattle panel now these are super super
sturdy and we’ve cut this down to size here you might have seen some of our
garden arches in our other videos but this is a perfect trellis to fit in this
long garden bed so this is actually what I’m gonna use for my big bag 6 foot long
raised bed now you might have to be out all the way there
so I’m actually just going to put this right behind here and at the end of the
video we’re gonna plant some cucumbers back here and this will be a perfect
spot to maximize this garden space and grow a lot of cucumbers here have some
fun with trellising one of my third favorite ideas for trellises is to
upcycle what you can find around the garden or what you can find in thrift
stores here’s some old wire fencing now put that in in just a moment and a
really fun one is find yourself some really cool lookin old garden tools and
just put them in your containers it’s gonna put this right in here and you can
plant something that will just climb up that and you might have to tack it back
to your deck railing to make it a little sturdier and then something fun to do
with these is you can even even nail some boards across and make like a
little fan trellis so it just makes for a really fun look in your garden so get
creative don’t be afraid to use something that you wouldn’t think of as
a traditional trellis now the wire fencing is pretty handy the early wire
shelving this is just some old shelving that I have in the greenhouse I’m not
using right now and you I’m just gonna put this right here
in this tower and boom it becomes a trellis
so look around thrift stores for old shelving old fencing and just upcycle
and recycle whatever you can find and it just makes it a lot of fun in the garden
another really quick and simple option for trellising if you don’t have time to
make anything is just to pick yourself up a couple of tomato cages from the
hardware store these are a few bucks apiece they work great to support small
plants like peppers here’s a fun little colored one and here are some little
bamboo little stake art ways that make a really nice support for even a bean
plant and then this trellis here I absolutely love this is super cheap on
Amazon I think you get a pack of two for about sixteen dollars it’s a really
beautiful trellis and super inexpensive way to grow vertically and I planted
some peas in here last week they’re not quite coming up yet but we are gonna get
some plants in where I put all these trellises and our garden is taking shape
so let’s get some plants in this is gonna be a lot of fun I started these
seedlings a couple of weeks ago for my small space garden seed collection and
I’ve been hardening them off all week and I’m really excited to get the planet
it’s important to install your trellises before you plant so that way you don’t
disturb the roots of your little veggies when you plant later so first off we’re
gonna plant the little marvel pea this is from my small space garden collection
this is a nice compact vegetable and remember we’re trying to grow a lot of
food and a little bit of space so it’s really important that we plant compact
vegetables that aren’t gonna take up as much room but are still going to be nice
producers for you so these roots are looking really really good
I’ve been fertilizing these with warm tea about once a week and the warm tea
does an absolutely beautiful job developing those roots now last week we
planted some pea seeds in here and oh I do see one that looks like it’s just
getting ready to break the surface right down in here so we’ve had some really
cold nights this week which is made the peas come up pretty slowly and they’re
gonna grow very nicely in this 20 gallon smart pots so a 20 gallon is a really
nice size for peas because you can really pack a lot in and I’m also going
to add a scoop of the vermis Terra worm castings
which really helps give them a really great start adds the beneficial bacteria
and microbes just settles them down around the roots of those plants and
really helps protect against pests and diseases now look at how nice and light
and fluffy this good dirt soil is this is absolutely a beautiful container
potting mix and I’m just gonna put this pea plant right down in there it’s gonna
grow beautifully in the smart pots the aerated fabric helps the roots get the
air and the nutrients and the water it needs that just looks so cute I love how
that looks here in this container peas are a cool weather loving vegetable they
love temperatures under seventy-five degrees so plant them early in the
spring while the weather is still cool and keep in mind that they might need
some protection from the afternoon heat if you have a sunny small space garden
so I’m planting them here in this spot where they get a little bit of afternoon
shade so here are my teepee trellis I’m going to plant some cucumbers now these
are the space master cucumbers which are also in my small space seed collection
and this is great they are a smaller size cucumber they’re not going to get 5
or 6 feet tall they might get 3 or 4 feet tall so it’s a nice compact plant
for your small space garden again remember we’re growing a lot of food in
a little bit of space here so we do the same technique put in the vermis tear
our worm castings now if you want to pick up some vermin steer our worm
castings you can go to vermis Ericom and make sure you use my code Kali Kim so
you get a 10% discount so it’ll really get them off to a nice start and I’m
going to dig down here in here in this good dirt and again this is a 20 gallon
container perfect for growing cucumbers allows enough space for the root
development and it’ll fill in this container absolutely beautifully so I’m
gonna plant one cucumber at the base of each one of my teepee trellis legs here
and I just love the natural look that this old tree branch provides to this
container it’s gonna look so pretty once it fills in and we start picking those
fresh tasty cucumbers forgot to add worm castings to that hole
there so I’m just gonna sprinkle it in on the top and when I water it in just a
few minutes with worm tea it’s going to sink down in there and give it all those
wonderful nutrients now here along my cattle panel trellis
I’m gonna plant some cucumber seeds along with some cucumber transplants
because again I like to have harvests at different times so I’ve got my
transplants grant going which will give me a harvest in probably about six weeks
or so and then I’m also going to plant some of the spacemaster cucumber seeds to plant them right here along the
soaker hose that we installed last week just going to drop a couple of seeds in
the hole now cucumbers you can plant these spacemaster cucumbers you can
plant a foot or so apart it’s going to cover that up and I’m gonna plant with
some seeds also in the middle of the garden bed and then fill the rest of the
trellis in with some cucumber seedlings because we’re planning densely in our
containers we want to make sure we have nice nutrient-rich soil which we have
with a good dirt and your planning in a really good container that’s going to
give you a lot of drainage so the smart pots has the nice aerated fabric which
gives you that drainage that you really need for your plants and as they grow
the aerated fabric helps them air prune helps the roots air prune so they’ll
develop nice strong roots okay we’ve got our seeds
planted let’s get a couple more of our transplants in here it’s gonna fill in
the garden bed with about three more space master cucumber plants it’s gonna
look so pretty along this trellis once this fills in give you a nice enjoyable
space to be out in your garden and watch your vegetables grow now cucumbers are a
warm weather loving vegetable they like temperatures of sixty to eighty five
degrees so plant them in an area in your garden where they get about four to six
hours of Sun and they also like a little bit of afternoon shade when the weather
gets really hot so this will be a perfect spot for these now that we’ve
got our vegetables planning we want to get them off to a good start by giving
them a nice drink of the vermis stare at worm tea now this really helps them get
off to a good start really helps with root development and it just gives them
that nice little boost so I’m pouring about three ounces here and my watering
can now remember we installed drip irrigation last week so these plants are
getting nice regular water with a drip irrigation system and however because
they’re container plants the nutrients tend to drain out a little bit faster so
I do like to give them a drink of warm tea when I plant them and also about
once a week so I’m just going to water them here my watering can and again you
can pick up the vermis Terra where I’m tea firmest Ericom use the code Cali Kim
for that ten percent discount get them nice and soaked down and water them just
until the water runs out the bottom I do have these nice little drip trays under
here go back and watch the first episode those are just old wreath holders
storage containers from Chris this time that I picked up at Walmart on
clearance so make sure that you recycle upcycle get creative with all the
different trellising options and just have a lot of fun with your small space
garden one thing here is I’m watering I just noticed the lettuce seeds we
planted last week are just starting to poke through the soil so that’s a lot of
fun we’re gonna have everything we need for a nice tasty salad some cucumbers
some Tomatoes the beans are growing in nicely wow this is getting exciting it’s
really taking shape look at that pepper plan a California wonder nice and green
and healthy that good dirt soil and all the vermis taro worm castings and worm
tea this is looking good well there you have it some really easy DIY trellis
options for you where they use the stakes whether use some fencing or
whether you’re upcycling with fun garden tools or fencing from thrift stores or
things you just find around your house get creative
don’t have to spend a lot of money just get some trellising in so you can
maximize your garden space you don’t waste all that vertical space well I
just want to thank smart pots for partnering with us on this series for
providing their wonderful fabric growing containers and for providing these
beautiful 5 gallon containers for the giveaway so don’t forget to leave your
comments down below let me know what you learned and that way you’re entering the
giveaway if you haven’t jumped in yet and gotten to your seed start it’s
definitely not too late head over to the CaliKim website pick
up a small space seed collection and get yourself some these beautiful vegetables
planted now on next week’s episode we’re going to continue on with the vertical
gardening and talk about how to use the towers how to use the stacks the smart
pot stacks and how to maximize the deck rails with the wall saddle planters
we’re going to be getting some of these lovely greens planted so I hope you’re
having fun with a small space garden series I look forward to reading your
comments and hearing how your garden is doing we’ve put in a good day’s work now
it’s time to sit and relax and enjoy our garden space
thank you so much for watching we’ll see on the next video

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