Eco-friendly toilets turn human waste into natural fertilizers

In years gone by,… it wasn’t uncommon to
see toilets located outside homes in rural parts of Korea. While they have been long regarded as smelly
and unsanitary,… they now have one use: ….namely turning human waste into fertilizer. Kim Hyo-sun with more. It looks like an ordinary vegetable garden
in Seoul. Yet, there’s something special about this
place. There’s an environmental friendly toilet that
can turn human waste into fertilizer — an innovation inspired by the eco-friendly practice
of the Koreans of long ago who used human waste as nourishment for plants. “If on average, people use the bathroom ten
times a day,… each person will end up using 120 liters of water. We have a responsibility to reduce our use
of water.” The old-fashioned outhouse-style toilets,
thought to be smelly and unsanitary,… have been reborn using a simple but clever technology. Waste is automatically moved away,… and
a ventilator near the floor works well in making the washroom smell-free. Farmers are happy to have a new source of
eco-friendly fertilizer. “It’s very effective. It helps the plants grow. And I’m very happy to see this.” Although it looks simple,… it’s a big idea
that’s helped grow a healthier garden while protecting the environment. Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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