Eco Travel – Visiting An Organic Cow Farm in Ireland

Hi. I am Shawna Coronado. Recently, I was able to go to Ireland and
visit an organic farm there. James Howard is the farmer. He is absolutely amazing. Lots of fun. And I got to really look at and understand
how an organic farmer works. He grows his food for the cows and then, of
course, milks the cows and delivers the milk to Glenisk – my sponsor who wanted me to
see this organic experience. Come along with me. You have to take a look. Now behind me are James’s cows. These cows give organic milk. They are fed on the field that he has prepared
himself and grown all the fresh organic vegetables that the cows eat. And as you can see they are very concerned
about me standing here. I think I am a little too close for their
comfort. They are producing the milk that Glenisk uses
and distributes to the public. No chemicals; all healthy. And that is what we want. Now tell me what all here though you feed
to the cows? You feed the turnips. Oh. And so you do not have to come out here and
feed them every day because they are taken care of.
Amazing. That is very creative, is it not? Very creative. And then here is your cabbage. But your cabbage is for you – not for the
cows. And what is your favorite cabbage dish? Bacon and cabbage? It is
bacon and cabbage. Well you know, it is hard to get it wrong
when you include bacon. Anything with bacon is good. And it is not – the head has not formed yet. And this was started from seed, then. What about your turnips? Because if you are going to raise an organic
cow, you have to have an organic feed. Back to
the basics. To help humanity? Wonderful. Thank you. I love seeing your farm. And that was fun. Seeing a real organic working farm in Ireland. Amazing. I hope you will come back next time with me. And remember: do things with less chemicals,
do things green and healthy for your family, make a difference for the world.

6 thoughts on “Eco Travel – Visiting An Organic Cow Farm in Ireland

  1. I think this is good for the cows, he takes milk but he doesnt abuse them and they are free to roam, this is the way it should be.

  2. Are all vegetables good for cattle? The reason i ask because i would love to feed them lettuce. when i google feeding cattle lettuce they say its not the best.

  3. Thanks for the awesome vid… maybe next time you could ask people you interview for any tips or "secrets" they've learned over the years

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