Econic® Home Composting with our MD Owen

This is how easy it is to compost your
Econic compostable packaging in a home compost. Just shred it and add it to your
compost. Here’s some of the organic matter from the garden. Here’s some of our waste from the
factory GreenSACK starch-based, Econic compostable, TradeAid and some of these Proper Crisps. Come back in three months and then almost nothing left. See how the compost bin looks after quite a few months. It looks pretty good. Lets dig down and find out what It really looks like. Some cotton ties from tomato’s I
suspect. Just lovely. Here is some of our Econic compostable packaging shredded and going into the worm farm. A little bit of this, a little bit of grass. A whole bunch of leaf mulch. Thanks for everyone’s efforts as we’ll come back in a couple of months and see what’s here.

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