Edtech Instructor Ben Sondgeroth on Why Teachers Should Use Kami

Hi, my name is Ben Sondgeroth. And I’m an Instructor at Edtech Teacher. Prior to joining Edtech Teacher last June
2016, I was a High School History teacher for four years. And then a Director of Technology for two
years. Where I led our school district in going 1:1 with
Google Chromebooks. I’ve been using Kami for probably the last
two to three years, I think. And I found out about it through colleague
who absolutely love to have the ability to annotate on PDFs. And show the teachers the power to annotating
on PDFs. And after she showed me what it was and what
it was all about I fell in love. And I’ve been using it and been showing teachers
ever since. Teachers love being able to annotate directly
on their PDFs that they share out to with their students whether that’s putting text
on them, or using the writing tool to markup and annotate directly on it. I think those are the two really big features
that teachers love to bring in PDFs that they’ve used successfully in the past but they digitize
those activities, so they’re not losing work they’ve already done and created. And being able to rebrand, and rebuild, and
really make the PDFs interactive. I also like when they can comment on them. And add comments, share them out and really
make a collaborative experience for the students. So I think I tying it all together, your teachers
are like, everybody produces content in PDF ways. And so teachers are overwhelmed and flooded
with PDFs a lot. And when that happens they don’t know how
they can distribute these things effectively out to their students. Because a lot of stuff is really good but
they don’t want to just print out thousands of pages of papers they use with their kids
everyday. And so, Kami ties that in by allowing these
teachers to bring in the stuff that’s pre-created then put their own individual spin on it. So it doesn’t have to be this standard stick
block, whatever boxes that they’re using where they’re just putting text in. Now they can bring in all these other resources
and allow kids to really flourish creatively with using Kami instead of just writing on
them as a worksheet. The post that I wrote, about using Kami in
the Social Studies classroom, I had a lot of really fun activities that I think Social
Studies teachers can use some of the tools inside of Kami really lend themselves to close
reading and so it’s easy to share out primary source in a PDF format with your students. Have them open it up in Kami and then they
can use the HIGHLIGHTING TOOL, the UNDERLINING TOOL, the STRIKETHROUGH TOOL. To go through and find different piece in
a primary source text and analyze them effectively. So the teacher can ask them to find certain
aspects of the text. They go through use the annotation tools to
go in and actually markup the PDF that shows the teacher with their understanding content
of the text is not just a simple three questions at the end of the passage. And ask them to read. Another piece that I really thought would
probably be cool is bring in an image. So a teacher can share an image with the students
through a PDF they can use the to kinda quadrant out the image. And then, they can use the DRAWING TOOLS to
kinda markup and really locate different pieces and really closely analyze the primary source
image which is important in a Social Studies classroom. I think it really effective way to do at would
a political cartoons for example. Political cartoons are just layered with content
and information which students can really have to dig into and analyze and find all
the little bits and pieces. The annotated capacity of Kami allows them
to do that. So they can go in, they can circle different
little minor aspects of the political cartoon that might transform learning in that classroom. They can also take maps. You know something as simple as a PDF map
and now they can transform that map into a way that is interactive that is engaging they’re
not just saying ‘oh this is where they went’. They can put text on. They can draw the routes they can circle,
they can highlight. And they really make that map come to life
as opposed to just answering a couple of questions on it. So I think those are three ways that I would
really encourage Social Studies teachers to use Kami in their classrooms. So what I really like about Kami is, you know,
you have all sorts of different features and functions. Honestly, I haven’t used a lot of other products
because I haven’t needed it. Because you guys provided that for me. I like the ability that it integrates directly
into Google Drive. Integrates directly into like Google Apps. So as soon as I open a PDF I get the option
to open it up in Kami. It pops it out. You know. It’s so well integrated that that’s where
I kinda go with it right away. It’s as easy to use. It’s user-friendly. It gives you great toolbar. You can change your sizes, your fonts, you
can do everything want just directly in that toolbar. And you don’t have to go anywhere else. You don’t have to open the file in a separate
program. You don’t have to worry about it not converting
correctly because it’s not gonna open up right. So it’s just a lot of fun. It’s really easy to use, that’s where I think
it wins with me. Awesome! I’m a believer in it I teach it all the time
my teachers that I use it with love it. And we’re just looking forward to just seeing
where the future lies with it and how much it will grow.

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