EGG SHELLS IN GARDEN – Top 5 Uses of Eggshell Powder as Fertilizer in Garden Soil on Plants English

Egg is the most nutritious food on earth and
it�s a fact and we all know it s nutritious enough to produce a life that is baby chicken
from just one egg. The chicken egg shell contains about 96% calcium carbonate crystals which
are bound together by proteins. Today we shall discover the top Five creative benefits of
eggshells in your garden. Coming up.. Calcium is considered a secondary nutrient
for plants, but still certain plants, especially tomatoes or peppers grow healthier and bear
very healthy and big sized fruits if you protect them from calcium deficiency. So, lets list
out the uses of egg shells in garden, one by one:
First in the list is: 1. Its use as a Fertilizer:
Eggshells contain about 96% calcium carbonate and is indeed a great way to add calcium to
your soil. Egg shells decompose in soil quickly. You don�t even have to sterilize them or
actually powder them before use. You can simply crush them and mix them into
the soil. One point is that they decompose and become easily available for uptake by
plants if they are dried in sunlight for a day or two and then made into fine powder
and then added to soil. 2. PEST control:
Sprinke the egg-shell powder on the top soil of your plants and this will deter many pests
like ants. Also if you throw some crumbled pieces with sharp edges, slugs and snails
also are believed to run away. 3. Use as Seed Starting Pots: Egg shells are
biodegradable and hence they can be used for seed starting and once seedlings start, just
shift them as it is into soil. For this, Clean the egg shell into boiling water and then
if possible make a small drainage hole and add potting mix and plant seeds.
4. Composting: Whether raw shells or even shells cooked for boiled eggs, they can be
added to your compost bin for an excellent calcium rich compost production. But before
adding to your compost bin, crumble these egg shells.
5. in Organic Mulching: So for beginners, what is Mulching? Mulch is any material that
is spread over the soil surface as a covering to retain moisture in the soil, and also to
suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, and make the garden bed look more attractive. Just
mix the crumbled egg shells with other mulching materials like grass clippings, coconut husk,
dried leaves, and so on. So there we have it folks, that was our short
episode on the benefits of egg shells in gardening. If you like the video, please give a thumbs
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  1. How much egg shell powder for each plant along with tea powder? Can we apply it for all plants? I'm new to gardening and trying to develop one at home?

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