Eggshell Fertilizer for Plants (Calcium for Plants)

In the name of ALLAH, I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider In todays video we are going to make natural fertilizer with the help of these eggshells for our water plants as a liquid fertilizer you already know that water plants that we grow in water they only get fewer amount of minerals from water and didn’t get all the required minerals and after specific time their requirement doesn’t fulfilled and plants stop their growth and didn’t grow then for these plants this is the best fertilizer that we are preparing today what you have to do is get eggshells of 5-6 eggs like I have got these eggshells and mesh them like this with the hand into small pieces pieces should be small like these Now I break these eggshells into small pieces and they are ready now mesh them more now we will add these eggshell pieces into water half liter water is enough for 5-6 egg’s eggshells we will add these tiny pieces in half liter of water what plant gets from this fertilizer is: Calcium=39.15 % Nitrogen=0.4 % and Magnesium=0.38 % from this fertilizer We take water now we will add eggshells in water like this and we will place this mixture in shady area for 5 days on a dry place after 5 days we will see what would be the water color and how we can use it for our water plants add eggshells in water like this air tight the cap of the container and place it in dry place for 5 days after 5 days, this is the plant I have grown in water and this is the money plant I am going to apply this fertilizer in this plant this is you can see water color has been changed after 5 days these are the eggshells in bottom of the container now what we will do is remove half of the water from this pot to another container and then add this liquid fertilizer in it half water and half fertilizer like this remember only add half fertilizer and half water in your watering plants you can use this fertilizer after every 5-6 days but always use with half water mixture and half this liquid fertilizer don’t use more than this now I will keep this remaining fertilizer for the next use I will air tight the cap again on this bottle so that I can use it again this is the information that I have to share with you in this video I will be there with some more information in the next video till then Goodbye! take care of yourself and take care of others, and Love plants! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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