[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP01 (Full)

Have you heard the term “Indian summer?” It is the brief summer that comes
at the end of autumn, right before a cold winter. This is when the Indians hunted
in preparation for wintertime. That is why it was considered
to be a gift from the gods. This Indian summer, we’re going to have
an unprecedented amount of rainfall. Perhaps this rain will bring with it,
a gift from the heavens. But, we’ll know if it’ll be a gift or prank,
once the rain comes… Right, Ju-won? What was that?
Who was it? Oh, him? Just a cousin, 4.5 times removed. If I buy a sports car, he buys a dealership. If I buy a yacht, he buys the entire wharf. In a nutshell, you’ll be saying,
“Jerk!” to me soon, but he’s about 100 times worse than I am. What? 4.5? Why would I ever call you… Chae-rin, was that too difficult for you? I meant to say, let’s break up. I don’t want to see you anymore. What? Then, what was that kiss? A goodbye kiss. I’d like to remain as
a sweet memory until the very end… Hey! You, jerk! His father is in hotel management,
And he’s going to be a commercial director. Are you Yoon-seul? You like Edouard Manet? I bet no one goes on
blind dates in a museum. This way, I don’t waste time. What do you mean? Stride shows temperament,
taste shows how cultured you are. Do you belong here or at a night club? Is your perfume straightforward or indirect? See how quick this is? Want something to drink? Is mine too straightforward? We can leave if you’re uncomfortable. We’ll tell parents… Is this uncomfortable for you? Isn’t it? As much as we are blessed with certain things,
sacrifices must be made. However, I’m not interested
in a loveless marriage. I’m too passionate to be
the obedient daughter. So, no arranged marriage for you? – Yes.
– Why? – Pardon?
– Love? It’s important to some people,
but do you think that it’s right to replace compatibility for lust
over some hormone called love? – But…
– You’re very naive, unexpectedly. I, as well, will say no to a woman
who’d choose a fool over a prince. Should I say you rejected me? I’ll say that too, then. And, the Manet exhibit is next month. Excuse me…Ju-won Kim… Really? I’m telling you, I’ve never failed
with my “modern girl” persona. But, he just left.
And, he looked so cool. – So, you got shot down.
– I’ve finally found my match. That’s worrisome. If he knew about you and Oska… Is that what you want? He wouldn’t have come out, then. Drink your tea. This is my favorite VIP lounge. Even the tea cups are exquisite. – This is that…
– MIss Wannabe. What? MIss Wannabe. Look who’s talking. I’m an inheritor. Just look at them. You wear couture, not bury yourself in it. Check that girl out. Who? Oh my goodness!
It’s a dragon. Hey, cover Bokyoung. What are you going to do? This place will be mine soon,
and she’s downgrading the atmosphere. This is training for my future job. Hey! Over here. Wait. How may I help you? Has security gotten this lax? Did you make sure that only VIP customers
who spend $100k or more enter? Of course. You’re a liar!
You never checked me. That’s because everyone knows who you are… She means me. Give me the key. I’m just about to leave, actually. Thanks for the coffee.
I’ll see you later. We spend the money
and you drink our coffee? What’s your name? I apologize. I’m really sorry. Where are you going? Today is not our lucky day. I’m getting your name tag back. Don’t cause any more trouble. I just have to apologize. It’s not a big deal. What for? Why do we always have to apologize? Hey! My bag!
He stole my bag! What do I do? Do you know how much that was? Why’d you let him go? I’m sorry. I was protecting Bokyoung. Don’t use her as an excuse.
Give her to me. Is this some kind of scheme? You’re with him! Pay for my bag! It’s really not my lucky day. Wait here. My bag…. I was wiping the baby’s nose
when he appeared from over there… Do you want it back that bad? – What brand was it?
– It was imported, right? Is it this? Check if anything’s missing. I found your friend’s bag,
so let my friend off. Please, give me her name tag. I don’t have it. I think you do. I threw it away. You threw it away? In the trash can at the entrance… Which one? You and I may be different,
but a trash can is dirty to me too. – You threw it away, so you dig for it.
– Fine. I’m not that unreasonable. We’ll call it even. Too late. I’m not that reasonable. What are you doing?
Let me go. Find it. – It’s not this one.
– Find it, so I can see. Here? Take it, so I can go. Trash? Are you crazy?
What are you doing? Isn’t that the trash can? What the…? Seriously, she’s so awesome. I wonder who she is. What? It’s so hard. This place is so dirty. Director, did I look cool? You need to look pretty. That’s all you need to be an actress. Aren’t I right? You know I can look pretty. Good work, Ra-im. You looked very cool. Thank you. That stunt girl thinks she’s the star
just because she’s wearing my clothes. Are we done? Next location. Confiding in Oska? I heard Chae-rin said some things again. – It’s nothing.
– What did she say? It’s fine. I don’t care what she says. Yeah, she’s just jealous because
you’re 100 times prettier than she is. I know. The lighting crew said 125 times… Why did my mom have to make me so pretty? My skin looks perfect,
even if I only put on samples, and any style of clothing looks good on me. I thought it would die down with age,
but I look more womanly than ever. It drives me crazy. But, my mom was the pretty one. Then, there’s nothing we can do about it. Exactly! – Here, I’ll…
– It’s fine. Finish listening.
Singing would be even better. Let’s go! Hurry up. I told you to take a friend. But, all my friends like idols. He’ll be disappointed. It’s almost done, so just wait. Would if I could, but his singing
is getting worse and worse. His fans will hear you. If you go, I’m going to tell him
not to renew his contract. Were you paid to watch over me? I’m a major stockholder at Oska Ent. Don’t you leave. Why can’t he just take the elevator? I like getting to see his face. He’s so handsome, isn’t he? Who cares? He only works 2 days a week. That’s why people are saying
that the owner will change. I heard Park is signing all the papers now. Really? Park? Just look at this place. We’ll change it when it becomes yours. Mr. Choi. Yes, Mr. Park? Where should we start? Excuse me? The nameplate to start with… Good. This is the Fall Sale plan. – I haven’t even sat down yet.
– I’m just impatient. Then, why didn’t you finalize it yourself?
Don’t know how to forge my signature yet? Those are just rumors. It was only because you don’t come… – But, I do…on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
– You must come every day. No. I don’t like the traffic. Are you sure this is your best? No, but what would you like us to change? How would I know?
I only read the title. If you’re not sure, then do it again. What do you think, Mr. Park? I’ll redraft it as soon as possible. I can’t shoot a domestic video,
when I’m on my 7th album. What’s the problem?
I’ll star in my own video. That’s the problem. No director wants to work with you, okay? Why not? Seriously? Put your hand over your chest. I did. What now? Don’t you feel anything? I do. I should work out again. Everyone knows what a diva you are. They even know about you
throwing the script at Director Choi. I never threw the script! – I threw the synopsis.
– Oh, did you? Then, next time,
make sure it’s the script, okay? Where are you going? To look for a director,
before you volunteer for that job too. Jesus… I can’t direct. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.
That solves everything. Seriously? Stay still. Not busy, right?
Let’s go get a drink. Aren’t you busy? This is the redraft. – In six hours?
– I never put things off. Are you sure this is your best? Yes. – Really?
– This is the same one from spring. The range of practical events is
narrower than you might think. And, if it’s not? You wouldn’t participate in an event
to win a small car, would you? Because, with what I pay you,
you could buy a better one. Can’t you think of something better? You really need to collect
all the dimes and nickels from the poor people who actually need that car? Instead, I would select the fashion items
that some top star Song wore: Song’s coat, her bag, her watch. Why? Because, extravagant women
spend much more money, and much more easily than working moms. That’s more money in your bank. What do you think? You’re always right, sir. And, the contract with
our main model, Oska? Renew it. Our sales are rising due to the
influx of Japanese tourists… – I know.
– If we can’t renew our contract… I said we’ll renew it, didn’t I? Are you worried that I can’t or I won’t? I said I would, didn’t I? Be ready in ten minutes. Why are you standing there?
You may go. When was your last commercial? About a year ago? Why do you ask? With all the rising stars out there,
I can’t believe you still didn’t renew. That’s what this is for? This album might be your last chance
to retire while they’re still clapping, and your last chance to sign with our mall. That’s just your opinion. And, have I ever been wrong? What’s money to people like us? This is to restore your pride.
But, we’ll tell the media you got paid more. If money isn’t important to either of us,
then why can’t you just pay me more? That, I can’t do…for my own pride. What? He can’t be serious. No way! Don’t even dream about it. A lady at the bar has been checking me out,
so excuse me. – She was looking at me.
– No, she was looking at me this whole time. Because, I won’t look at her. She’s obviously a fan of mine.
Should I go ask? – If you insist.
– Want to bet? I’ll go ask. You might get slapped.
I went on a date with her. What? I won’t wait long, so come before
we find someone real hot. Pay for the drinks, okay? Why are you avoiding my calls? I know you picked up to
Aftercoolcool’s Yoonhee. My thighs are just as nice as hers! I can’t break up like this. There are a lot of reporters here,
and I’m going to tell everyone about us. How long have you been? We have to rehearse the next scene. What? Again?
We already did. We need to practice more. It’s a complicated scene,
and you might get hurt… Don’t talk back to me. Fine. Let’s go. I’ll go slow. One…two…three… Again. My nail! I’m bleeding! You’re bleeding? Don’t touch it. It hurts! – Are you very hurt?
– Are you crazy? Look at her nail! – I’m sorry.
– How are we going to shoot now? I’m really sorry. For what? We asked you to practice earlier. My nail… Director Lim, can’t you see
my actress is injured? And, she’s not? – I’m fine.
– Fine? You think you’re Wonder Woman? I’m really okay.
I can still shoot. Don’t argue with me. You’re an actress too.
Can’t you see her whining over a nail? What did you say? Want your team removed? Was just about to leave, anyway.
This place isn’t worth our time. Hurry up, and get ready to leave. Director! I’m sorry. Please, wait. Director! He thinks he’s all that
because he had a taste of Hollywood! I want to cut down on your medication. Don’t. I need it. What if it gets worse? You think I’m that incompetent?
I told you, I’ll help you. Can’t you be nicer? – What kind of family doctor are you?
– Fire me if you want. You still can’t ride elevators? No, not at all. I can’t stand even being near one. If my company knew… Wait… – What?
– Busy? No. When am I ever? Go to French Town. They’re filming a movie there. Find Chae-rin Park,
and hold onto her for 3 hours. Are you on drugs?
I’m hanging up. Wait! I’m shooting for “Chocolate” right now. She’s a complete latcher. I’m dead if Donggyu finds out. That scared of him? A bunch of reporters are there.
I don’t think she’s joking. She’s perfect for you. She wants alimony for goodness sake. She has pictures of us at a hotel. She’s probably not the only one.
Publish a photo book. – Bye.
– Come on! Fine, bring the contract. I’ll sign! Where did you say it was?
I just have to hold onto her? And, no signing bonus, right?
Especially with this economy… You, jerk!
You said you’d save my pride. So, how much is it? I’ll do my best, Sir. Please, give me another chance. Don’t ask me. I didn’t kick you guys out.
Director Lim is the one who left. It’s all my fault. It will never happen again. I said, you’re telling the wrong person. Sorry for waking you,
but who’s Park Chae-rin? Chae-rin? She’s over there… Thank you.
Go back to sleep, then. You know Oska, right? – Oska?
– You don’t? Why do you ask? Come with me.
Oska wants to see you. See me? Close the roof. What’s the point of having
a car like this, then? Where is it? Where’s what? The hotel where you first met. Are there too many to remember? Ritz Hotel, room 1210. 1210…? You think you’re mountain leopards? Why the heck do you need a room that high? 1210… Go on first. Why? I’m someone who can’t be seen
going into a hotel room with another woman. You’d be surprised that you rode
the same elevator with me, if you knew. Oh, this? I didn’t want to go this far, but… Do you see?
You know what this is, right? This track jacket is that very… Gil Ra-im, please, say hello. You’re Sun-ah’s stunt double, right? Nice to meet you. You that excited to see me? Excuse me? We’ll do it later. Where’s Sun-ah?
My hair’s getting flat. Five o’clock! Looks like you’ll have to be with me
for another two hours. Does it make you uncomfortable? I’m used to working with men… You really aren’t joking. How long has it been since you’ve seen Oska? Quite a while. I didn’t know he’d remember me. Why wouldn’t he? You seem frank, and I can’t hold my
curiosity in, so I’m going to just ask… What’s your rate for
a top star like Woo-young? You filmed something here, right?
How much do you get for that? Like a guarantee? Call it whatever you want. All I want to know is how much. I don’t charge more for top stars. Maybe if it’s outdoors or long-distance. Outdoors? Rooftops and bamboo forests
are the trend lately. Bamboo forest? Seriously, Woo-young? We charge the most for cars,
because it’s difficult. Cars…? Why, yes, of course…
Since, it’s narrow and tight. But, guys love that stuff. Yeah, men love speed and simulation. You’re very interesting. Speaking so frankly… Aren’t you a little embarrassed?
You play the main, right? The main? What’s my name? – What?
– What’s my name? – Who did Oska want to meet?
– Chae-rin Park. – Hey, you!
– Hey, you? Are you from the countryside?
When did you start work? Countryside? I know it’s tough in Seoul,
but you can’t dress like this. Think of Oska’s status. I knew it. You didn’t see properly. Look carefully this time. This was made in Italy by an artisan… What’s he doing with a girl like you? I can’t even stoop to your level. Where are you? You said you’d be here! There’s a delay.
Just two more hours. I think you asked him to get Chae-rin Park,
but this fool brought me by mistake… You’re not Chae-rin? Who are you?
Why’d you come with me? You asked if I knew Oska. Do you know how much this deal costs?
What are you going to do about this? What’s this got to do with me? You’re not a fool.
You’re psychotic. Psychotic? You little… Director Cho! Really? Of course.
Thank you so much! You’re still there? I’ll be there in 30 minutes. I’ll leave right now. You’re not going anywhere. And, no way you’ll make it there in 30. – You want to meet Chae-rin?
– What? Yes. Then, give me your car keys. I thought guys liked car scenes. Catch. The girl who’s dressed like me is Chae-rin. You said you’d find her for me! Mister, you can’t keep coming like this. No autographs during filming. You think I want an… You all have no idea what this is. This was made in Italy by
a track jacket specialist of 40 years, stitch by stitch… Fine, whatever.
Just tell me where Chae-rin is. Is it true that you’re dating Oska? How did you two first meet? I’ve been looking for you all day. Me? Why? I’m your fan. Really? You’re graceful and intelligent, right? And, without scandal. Scandal? Oh, yes… Yeah, it’s me. What happened? What’d she say? Are the reporters gone?
Did you shut her up? Why don’t you shut up?
I’m about to… I’ll call you back. You were a stunt man? Stunt woman, okay? I’m returning this. You got blood on this.
This leather’s expensive. Sorry! Did you find Chae-rin? Thanks to you. But, you have a unique job.
Did you poorly in school or something? You want to know why? It’s useful at a time like this. Why’d you hit me? Why do you think? I was simply curious! I wouldn’t look down on
you doing poorly in school. Good for you.
But, be thankful I got injured. Otherwise, you’d be dead. You think I’m stupid?
I know it’s fake. It’s not, so get lost. Yeah, right. Stop! Apologize, or I’ll sue… You really got injured? Shut up. Let me see. Let me go.
Are you crazy? And, you didn’t say a single word? Are you stupid? You really are dumb. And, you have a fever. Get your hands off me! We’re heading to the ER,
so take a look at her injury. – Where are you going?
– I told you I’m fine. Then, why are you shaking?
Am I that handsome? This isn’t for you, okay?
It’s my moral obligation to society… Doing a good deed.
This is how I was raised. So stay still if you don’t want to fall. I’ll talk to you at home.
I’m at the hospital. Much better. Looks the same to me. You scared me! Is this your girlfriend? I just met her today. So, you called me out during my precious weekend
for a girl that you just met? Me? A psychologist? Let’s not go into details. I was at an awesome party.
You owe me. Someone’s calling. Hello? Isn’t this Ra-im Gil’s cell phone? Hello? Her name’s Ra-im Gil? – Who is this?
– So, how old is she? She doesn’t look that young. Who the heck is this? Stop asking dumb questions, and answer. Would you know if I told you? What if it’s family? Hello? I’m Dr. Park Ji-hyeon of Seoul Hospital. The patient, that is,
the owner of this cell phone… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She’s sleep talking… Hey, it’s just a dream.
You don’t have to apologize. See. Why are you getting up? You’re sedated, so for another hour or two… Director… What the heck’s wrong with you? If it was this bad, why didn’t you say so? I was fine, then… They all say that and
end up completely disabled. Just quit, why don’t you? Why go there again? Where’s your pride? I’m sorry. What are you so sorry about? Let’s keep our voices down, okay? – Was it you on the phone?
– Was it you who called? – Who’s this punk?
– Did you just say punk? Want to meet my lawyer? I’ll explain everything. He’s Oska’s errand boy. – Errand boy?
– Oska? Don’t pay attention to him.
This won’t happen again. Ms. Gil Ra-im, age unknown! You can’t dismiss me like that. I told you, you’d be shocked if you knew… I’m done here. I can go. Can’t even put your shoes on. Guess she gets whisked away like that often. Stop being stubborn. The medication’s wearing off. I’m really fine.
This isn’t even the first time. I can’t even give you a ride? Sorry. Take the cab, okay? Okay. See you tomorrow. Why are you walking? If you were expecting me to catch up
to you and offer you a ride… You have horrible manners. I’m not done talking. – Why aren’t you taking the cab?
– Why do you care? – You work for a taxi company?
– Stop giving me these occupations. First, an errand boy from the countryside,
and now a taxi driver? – Then, what do you do?
– Why aren’t you taking a cab? I’ve never asked a woman this before,
but do you not have money? If so, I’ll take you home. Where do you live? You psycho! Since today is not my lucky day,
I’m going to forget this. What if I close the roof? I’ll close it, okay? – Why would I ride in your car?
– Because, I want to take you home. – What?
– I want to take you home. – Why?
– What do you mean, why? Why do people want to fly or be happy? I simply want to take you home. So, why won’t you let me? I’ll pull down the roof. You want to die? Why didn’t you pick up? I said we’ll talk at home. If you had picked up,
I wouldn’t have followed you. Ji-hyeon said you were
with some strange girl… Is something wrong with Ji-hyeon’s eyes? Nice to meet you.
Do you know who I am? Do your PR on television. He has a horrible temper, right? I recognize that glint… – Here, he goes again.
– And, your sweat-beaded forehead… You were all nervous… – Me?
– You don’t remember? You were really nervous that day. We had a pretty bold first meeting. You two are that kind of…? Are you crazy? I think you’re mistaking me… I’m not. Oh, right! That movie!
“Welcome to Dong-jak-gu!” You were Sun-ah Kim’s stunt double. You’re still as cool as ever, Ra-im Gil.

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