[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP02 (Full)

You’re as cool as ever, Gil Ra-im. You know her name? How do you know my name? You, stay quiet. Stop being rude to her. Don’t you know the famous poem? Before I call her…
When I call her, she came to me and… – Do you want tips?.
– …tip me. Hey! What I meant to say…. Did you hurt your arm? Obviously.
I gave the tip with this hand. You don’t want these hands
touching you, right, Gil Ra-im? I was going to blow on it,
so it feels better. Guess you’re not worried about
Chae-rin Park anymore. Oh, yeah… Did you keep her quiet? – You want to know?
– Of course. – Then, get in.
– What? That Chae-rin girl takes
really good pictures… All right. Okay.
I’ll get in, okay? On three… One…two… Until next time, then… – 2 1/2, 2 3/4…
– All right, let’s go. He’s just a player… What the… Hey, I told you,
when I’m speaking… You saw the pictures?
What did she say? Do the reporters know?
Were there a lot? It’s Oska! Oska! Go see, if you want. It’s all right.
I have work to do. – Go.
– It’s all right. You’re his fan.
Didn’t you do a movie together? He probably doesn’t remember me. I was only the stunt double. All done. Really? He remembers everything,
even my name. And, I like how he said
that I was cool, instead of pretty. You wouldn’t expect that, since he’s probably
surrounded by pretty girls. Was he drunk? No. Hey, my socks… Socks?
We forget to wear them at our age. No, I put them on… Is he good looking?
People say he’s such a jerk. Who cares? It’s not like I’ll see him again.
Tomorrow, it’ll all feel like a dream. Let me enjoy it for today. Tell me what happened with Chae-rin! I’m really pissed off, so be quiet. I’m the one who should be pissed! That arrogant brat won’t
let me take her home, even if I close the roof. Why did I even offer?
So annoying… I know she’s not your type,
so you’re just doing this to annoy me. You said if I got in the car, you’d tell me. Then, why did you get off? Because that girl was leaving. I didn’t say you could do that. I know.
It’s all my fault. Happy now? Do you ever use your head? You think I’d let Chae-rin get
away with something like that? So, you did shut her up. You’re vicious, so I knew you could do it. We need to write a new contract. I’m not going to stay her “fan”
over a contract renewal. Why would you be her fan? If you don’t want to sign, just say so.
I’ll make sure you make headlines. Is that a threat? Now, you understand. Show up at tomorrow’s autograph session. Yeah, right! Did you buy the pictures from her? We’re doing much better than last year,
all thanks to your idea. Then, may I leave early today? Go ahead. I think we’ll be good
until Christmas season. So, do you plan to play until then,
and wait for Santa? I can’t play,
just because the boss does. I’m on payroll. Don’t most people play
in secret, anyway? It’s thrilling. Well, I’m not a thrill seeker. And, with planning for our
25th year anniversary event, it’s really busy… I would prefer that you
didn’t work overtime, but I’ll look forward to
what you have planned. Well, it’s like I said. The range of practical events is
narrower than you might think. Sure, we could do better,
but it wouldn’t be worth it. I think it’s best that you refer
back to last year’s plan. Are you all right? No, I’m not. I’ll fire him one way or another. Have any ideas? I’m going to tell on mom. Thank you. Thank you. Burn down that banner, will you? – And, where’s Donggyu?
– Meeting with the director. It was hard to book her. Yeah, it’s a female director. Really?
Is she pretty? How could you…? Didn’t Park tell you that I’m good?
Why do you look so surprised? I like doing commercials,
but I’m expanding. Leave the music video up to me. I don’t think that’s possible. Woo-young is still… I know. Then? I’m the only one who can control him. I heard no one wants this job. Even if there was,
who could control him? Didn’t the last director
quit in mid-shooting? Leave it to me. I’m not trying to play around with him.
I’m through with that. Anyway, I made a draft of the script. Why are you doing this? I don’t want him to
remember me as his first love, since we’ll all be one family soon. Family? Of course I’ll go. At seven? All right. The same place. Okay. Why do I keep thinking about her? Stop it. Just stop. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… This is driving me nuts. At least change your clothes.
This has blood on it. Look, I don’t know why this is happening,
but you are far from my type. My ideal type… When did I ever fantasize…
Okay, I did, but it’s still wrong. I like intelligent women… – Under 24…
– Ju-won! Whose families are within
the financial world’s top 30… I’ve completely gone mad. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… Good work. Still mad? Okay, I’ll go. By the way… Remember that girl
we met at the hospital? – What about her?
– Do you have her number? – What if I do?
– Well, do you? I don’t. I’ve only met her once. Then, why didn’t you just say so? – Then, what about Park Chae-rin?
– Why do you want her number? Are you really trying
to buy those pictures? Can’t you hurry up?
I just need the phone number. Oh, you’re busy. Here, I’ll save it. I couldn’t tell you over the phone,
because my boss was there. – Give me your phone.
– I don’t want your number. I want your stunt double’s. You know that tomboy whose eyes look
cold and bright at the same time, and makes you keep thinking of her. She’s your stunt double. Have her number? That’s why you called me out? Why else? I tried looking online,
but this seemed like this quickest way. Fine, but what’s in it for me? If you ever can’t get in
touch with someone, I’ll help you out. For example, like Oska. Is this Gil Ra-im? Yes.
Who is this? You don’t remember my voice?
It’s not that easy to forget. I don’t know. I’m the one who took you to the hospital,
and despite that I rarely worry about others, I also tried very hard
to give you a ride home… Why did you call? Can I see you? Me? Why? Do you have to ask why?
Can’t I just? No, you can’t. Hello? Hello? Why is she so unpredictable? Do you know who Gil Ra-im… Can’t you see the line? I never wait in line,
so just tell Ms. Gil to… People who don’t wait
in line are jerks. Wait in line if you want to see her. I just need to… Where are your manners? – What’s wrong with him?
– Can’t you see there’s a line? Go to the back. It’s her. But, she’s not the one who’s been popping up in my head
and messing with me. This girl is much… cooler. You don’t have a resume. It’s out of consideration.
I don’t want to traumatize you. Then, why are you here? Because, of the girl sitting next to you.
She wouldn’t let me see her. How’s your arm?
Did you get treatment? – If you’re not here to…
– What are you doing afterwards? We need to talk. – If you’re not here to…
– Fine, I’ll do it. What should I do? Do you have any special skills? – I make a lot of money.
– Nice! That’s good. But, something that you can show us. I have a lot of money.
And, my hobby is to spend lots of it. Pass! He had me mistaken for Chae-rin Park. And, a bunch of things
happened after that… All right. Please, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not. He’s really weird.
I don’t know why he came today… Gil Ra-im. Yes? He’s not weird at all.
He’s a man. And, you’re a pretty decent woman. Our rich Juwon, what’s your education? It’s standard procedure,
so no need to be nervous. Columbia University in the City of New York. Columbia? Oh, yeah, I know that place.
They grow coffee there… I don’t think so. Remember, we’re meeting today. Follow me. What’s with you? – What do you mean?
– Why are you here? Think I’m a pushover?
You have something against me? Is that usually the case with you? You laugh?
I’ve seen countless jerks like you. Jerk?
Did you just say jerk? Be quiet. You say you make a lot of money? Oska makes that money, not you. Yeah, but I don’t need to make money. I said be quiet. Are you mocking us? You don’t even work. I don’t? I wish. I try not to, but everything
I say is the next big idea… Stop changing the subject.
Why are you here, embarrassing me? Why do you talk that way?
Embarrass you? Can’t you be a little nicer? You don’t know who I am,
but you can’t treat me like this. Please. Tell me why you’re here. I told you.
Because of you. So, what about me? That’s confusing to me too. I’m just going to sound crazy, so let’s just say that today
I came for the medical fees. What? I paid for your stitches. You left in that director’s arms,
without even saying thank you. How much was it?
How much? Is this where you’re usually at?
I can find you here? Why would I tell you? So, how much?
Don’t want your money? This is why I keep thinking about you. What? I noticed this before too, but the weird thing about you is that
you’re prettier when you’re angry. What are you doing? Let go. After I check your wound. You should’ve just
answered me when I asked. It scarred. Looks like you can’t
run for Miss Korea. I’ll get going then.
I forgot I had plans. I’ll make sure it doesn’t scar permanently,
so go back to that hospital, and call me when you do. Her grandfather owned
a shipping company, and her uncle is dean of a university. She received her Master’s in the US. Can you explain this? Last time I met you through my father,
and this time, through my mother. I really wanted to see you again. You know how I walk, my perfume choice,
and the such, so shall we skip it, and sit? You shouldn’t have. Next time, will it be through your uncle? I still think that arranged
marriages are the best type… I know.
So, I thought and thought about it. In the end, I still believe in fate,
so arranged marriages aren’t for me. – Then?
– But, I realized that I have met the one. It’s you. Sorry, but you should give it
some more thought. As for me, I will have to deal
with my unexpected fate. Goodbye, then. Haven’t you ever
experienced love at first sight? Then, you should know why I’m… I didn’t take you for the gullible type. Next time some guy
says that to you, punch him. All he wants is to get into your pants. Some people are different… Like your brother. Passing on the Modern Woman type,
I understand, but my Romance Novel
type has never failed. But, this guy… It’s Oska!
Oh, my god! He has such a small face. – He’s so my type.
– He’s so handsome. Do you have your camera? Guess we were too slow
to avoid one another. Did you lose weight?
I didn’t expect to see you here. Excuse me, please. You can’t stand in front of the door.
You’re still just a kid. I thought you were in America. You’re early.
I’m from Man Korea… Good luck. I’ll see you again soon,
and we’ll talk then. I can wait if… No, the rule is to not turn away
a woman who approaches, and to not hold onto any who leave. So, what is your name? I’ll see other women,
but not romantic ones. I just want someone who’ll
be a good mother and wife. Looks? Of course, she has to be pretty, mom. Someone with a chic bob cut,
a bit dark-skinned, who doesn’t smile often… …but gets angry often, has sad eyes, and can’t run for
Miss Korea because of a scar. You think I’m crazy? Mom, even if I turned mad,
my inheritance is still… Hello? Mom. It’s your fault if
I become a penniless bum. Everything’s my fault, isn’t it? You can talk now! What is wrong with you?
And, why is she smiling? Am I really going crazy? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… After I check your wound. It scarred. Looks like you can’t run for Miss Korea. I’m coming. The weird thing about you is that
you’re prettier when you’re angry. Pay attention!
Why aren’t you focused? I’m sorry. Is it because of your arm? – It’s not.
– Then? You’re not ready to work. – I can work again?
– Not like this. You’re in charge of the new recruits. – Director!
– Don’t come on set for now. – The rest of you prepare for the car stunt.
– Yes, sir. Director! Think positively.
When else will you get to rest? But, that rich guy didn’t show up. I really liked him.
He had quick reflexes. How would you know? Didn’t you hear how quick
he was when he spoke? Did you beat him up yesterday? Why would I do that?
He’s not interested in stunts. Nope. He’s interested in you. It’s not like that! You know you’re overreacting? Stop it. Fine. Give me your phone. – My phone?
– I didn’t bring mine, hurry. Ah-young, Jeong-hwan,
Dry Cleaners, Restaurant, Sejong FD, 010-31… This is sad… This number is that rich guy’s, huh? What are you doing?
Please, don’t. Give it. What are you doing? What happened at the VVIP lounge? It’s nothing serious. An employee admitted
an unqualified customer… The female one?
Are you seeing her? What?
No… Then, why are you wasting my time?
Do I always need to spell it out? Fire her.
Next. But, she’s been with us for five years now,
and maybe you’re deciding too quickly… Your phone is ringing. This is real, right? My mind isn’t somewhere else, right? Actually, it may be… Hello? Hello? Give it! Tell him to come. This is your senior, Ra-im. Rookie, get your butt over here.
Already playing hookie? Why do I have to call you? Come, right this instant,
before I break your spine. I’m hanging up. Hello? What in the… Who was it? Someone who keeps popping up,
and drives you crazy… is someone you should avoid. Does anyone know how to break a spine? Don’t forget these. The main event concept
for our 25th anniversary will be a vacation giveaway
for 3 nights and 4 days… with romantic guy Oska, in Jeju Island. Sir… Yeah? Huh? And, you’re sure this is
the best we can do? Did you hear everything? It must be.
Go ahead. Mr. Choi, please stay behind. You see, I’d like our mall to sponsor as a set location for
movies and dramas. I thought you said you hated that… And, that is why I asked timidly.
Couldn’t you tell? Oh, yes. I could tell. Great. But, I don’t want a sad tearjerker story,
but something more action-packed. A movie or drama with
a lot of stuntpeople. Huh? This is senior Ji Jung-hyun,
who passed away on set, in 2007. He was our mentor. As you should know,
we are not here to be rich or famous. Our seniors can hand down their expertise,
but they can’t give you fame or money. People may call us extras or stuntmen,
but we are actors. This is our pride. But, for this,
we may become crippled, or even die. If you feel you aren’t sure that
this is your way, then quit now. I am not threatening you.
I am being sincere. Are you afraid? No, we are not. Then, lift your heads up. I will trust that you’ve all
taken to heart what I’ve said, and we’ll move on to the next segment. Get the ball. Yes!
Could I have the ball? Are you all right? Why would you put your head there?
What kind of technique is that? Ten hut. – What?
– Ten hut! Are you serious? Here.
Like this? Do it right. Want me to glue my arms to my side? – You could’ve warned me!
– Looks like you know how to kick a ball. You better win, or else. Win what? No, thank you. If not a player, want to be the ball? Fine, but I’m not letting you off
because you’re a girl. – What are you doing?
– Let’s do it again… It touched the net. You should’ve hit it! It was my face! Give me a heads up! Why am I the only one playing? – Actively pursue the ball!
– You play with your mouth? Get ready. Hello? He has a nosebleed! Are you okay? Does he look okay?
He’s about to die. Report her.
It’s the only way she’ll learn. This isn’t just a game.
This could be attempted murder. To end the day, we’ll be doing
100 PT sets, and 100 sit ups. If I catch you slacking off,
you get one more ball. You heard her.
A ball could kill. Report her. Keep your eye on Mr. Sparkles.
Don’t suffer for his mistakes. I don’t think you guys know
where this is from, but… Let’s start.
One…two…three…one! Wait, hold on. Gentlemen, you have met
a nobleman today. You will drink liquor that is
beyond your imagination. Why are you here? I told them to keep an eye on you. You washed your hair.
Why? – Move.
– It’s weird. You only had to wash your face. Are you trying to be seductive
with your dampened hair… Ten hut. Don’t hit me again. What is wrong with her? What the…?
Where is everyone? They left.
I sent them away. We needed some time alone. Have you lost your mind? I am a bit weird these days. Then, why are you here?
Go get your head checked. Because, you’re the root cause. Now, I’m thinking you’ll
chase me around with wet hair… What? Nothing. Let me figure out if there really
is something wrong with me. – Are you really crazy?
– Trying not to be. I only have two questions,
so answer sincerely, okay? Did you go to college? In Seoul? Elsewhere?
Abroad? What’s your second question? Is there anyone I might know
among your family or relatives? Perhaps a company named
after your family’s name, and or an art museum, or a university… I hope you have health insurance. What? Stop being a wimp.
I’m just getting started. Move! And get thrown again? I just want to know your parents’ names. What for? Get off me.
You’re dead. You think I can’t overpower a girl? And, I kept missing the chance to tell you,
but this track jacket is really expensive. You’re seriously psychotic. Ra-im!
That stupid girl from last time… What are you doing here? You didn’t pick up, so… Is your next movie a romance movie? No. And, who were you talking about? Remember that girl who picked
a fight with us at the lounge? She called the head office.
I just got fired. What? My mirror broke this morning. The world we live in sucks. I know VVIPs are important, but no one even gave me the
chance to explain myself. Isn’t my boss such a jerk? You should’ve said it was my fault. It’s not your fault.
It’s all her fault. I’m going to get revenge. I’m going to write on the website
that our president’s gay. Gay? You can tell by his looks.
Plus, he doesn’t like women. But, who’s this? – I’m…
– You don’t need to know. I’ll close here, so call a cab.
Let’s go there. Go where? I thought you were close to his secretary. Let’s ask him to explain to your boss. Forget it. I already tried. Yes, just forget about it. You’re fanning the fire. I started the fire. – What?
– I’m the jerk boss. From that mall you just got fired from. Yeah, right.
So, you’re the president of our mall…? You are. He looks like this. I recognize this insanely
expensive track jacket! You acknowledge that you were wrong
to not adhere to our restrictions? Yes, I do. I don’t know who your friend is,
but I’d like it to stay that way. – Why?
– You don’t watch movies? That’s just how you do it.
Then, later, “Voila!” Don’t you know? But, in the movies, this would get me
either killed or reinstated. Reinstating would cost less money. You’re very logical. – But, petty.
– Huh? You called me a jerk and said I was
gay in front of your friend. I’m sorry.
I lost my mind there. I will correct it, so that you’re now someone with royally good looks
and depth, and sexiness. Which nut fired you? I know, right? I’d like to buy you a drink.
Could you set it up? Why, of course. But, why do you have
to be nice to Ra-im? I don’t have to be nice to anyone. That wasn’t what I meant… Did you call the cab?
When are they coming? No, it’s okay. I think I just got reinstated. What?
You even threw your uniform down. Me? When?
My hand probably slipped. Oh, and about my boss being gay… He really isn’t.
He totally loves women. Well, he probably doesn’t
like them too much. Oh, no.
I guess not. What are you talking about?
What’s with the gibberish? Rookie, let’s go. You must be out of your mind.
Don’t yell! Your voice is louder. But, how much do you think it’ll cost
to get to the secretary’s place? I told you, I got my job back. Let’s go get a drink, yeah? I do have some time. What for? We’re not just going drinking okay? Just listen!
It’s a magic. Why aren’t you drinking? A pig is a pig because
it has lots of meat. Why do you only eat the skin? Haven’t you tried it?
It’s really good. Try this, then. Aren’t these intestines? You perverts. You better show up tomorrow.
Don’t make me call you again. I’m sorry. You live here? Yeah, its’ been 4 years. 4 years? I’m sorry to ask, but monthly
rent or down payment? Monthly.
We each pay 300. So, thank you for rehiring me. All right. Go in. Take care. You’re crazy, Kim Ju-won.
Crazy… Wake up! What? By any chance… What’s wrong? Have you ever dated
anyone living on rent? What?
This is why you woke me up? Have you? Of course I have. You have? That model… Park…
Anyway, she paid rent. That announcer paid rent too.
About $3000 a month? No. I’m talking about $300. Oh, $300 a day?
Like a deluxe hotel room? No, not a hotel room. What, then?
Explain it to me. You know like those fly-ridden
places you see on National Geographic, with all the poor people. Oh, she lives abroad? Man! Forget it! Wait!
Are you seeing Chae-rin? She pays rent too? Really? That happy? Yes. That Chae-rin girl is pretty all right.
She wants to apologize to you. Just accept it nicely. Of course! I told the director that it had to be you. Aren’t you thankful? Yes. I’m pretty cool for
someone this pretty, right? Yes. Then, let me ask you something. How do you know Kim Ju-won? Who is he? – You haven’t met him?
– Do I know him? Nevermind, then. Good luck today. You’re falling from over there. And, our director doesn’t
like using wires. Okay, then. What’s wrong with your form? I told you to stop in midair! You have to look enraged! Again! Sorry. I’m sorry. Are we going to do this all day?
I can’t see the agony in your arms. Keep them angled! I’m sorry. We have to wrap up in 30 minutes,
and you’re wasting all of our time. Do you know how difficult it was
to get permission to shoot here? I’m sorry.
I’ll go again. Director, they told us
not to worry about time. Really? Are they on something? It came from the president himself.
He’s going to come and watch. There. This is an honor. I was getting so mad, I had to come. This is normal for us. Anyway, I don’t know how to thank you
for providing us with this facility. I’ll tell you how. Stop yelling at Ms. Gil Ra-im. I saw you push her.
Don’t do that. To me, she is like any
other top star actress. I am a huge fan of hers.

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