[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP03 (Full)

Please, stop yelling at Ms. Ra-im. And, don’t push her like you just did. To me, she is a top star actress. You see, I am a huge fan of hers. If it’s not too much trouble,
I would like to take you all out to dinner. No, it’s no trouble for us at all. Let’s go. – Enjoy.
– Thank you. What’s going on? I hope the food is to your liking. Thank you. I’m going to borrow her for a second. Ra-im, have dinner with me on the 9th floor. Let’s go. What? Hold on. He sure has fantastic taste. – Goes for the beggar type, it seems.
– It’s weird, since you’re the beggar type. What did you say? I didn’t know what you liked.
My friend suggested quantity over quality. Sit. I’m pulling the chair out for you… I’m fine. Do it for some other girl. No one’s ever done this for you? Can I blow these out? – Dinner candles are basics.
– Basics for me are 3 bottles of beer. – Why didn’t you tell me?
– What? What? Oh, that I was president? I did tell you.
I told you that you shouldn’t mistreat me. Surprised that I’m not a nobody
like you had thought? I probably look a little different to you now, more handsome and taller, and you’re probably sorry that
you mocked my track jacket. You can’t agree so easily like that. You like it when I’m mad. So, I’m not getting mad. Don’t ever do this again. Don’t come to our action school either. It’s not your little playground. I’m sorry, but could you move to… I was with them.
Could I just get a bowl of rice? Please, don’t. No, please. No, just leave us. What are you doing? I don’t understand. Help me understand. This is more comfortable. And, before?
Was it the candles? Wine? Chair pulling? All of it. This is all I have. $20 for the hospital, and $20 for dinner. I know it costs a lot more,
but it’s not like I ate it. We’re through, then, right? What’s wrong with you? All I wanted was for you
to stop apologizing so much. I’m sorry. Sorry! Sorry!
Is that in the script or something? I told you to stop and pose midair! Don’t make me hear you say sorry again. – I’m sorry.
– Don’t be! What’s wrong with saying sorry? I can say it a hundred times more. I’m thankful for the opportunity to apologize. That’s my life. Now, because of you,
people will think I used connections. How many more times will I
have to apologize now? Do you live in a fairy tale? You think all dinner tables
have candles and wine? I don’t need a rich
self-proclaimed philanthropist. I’m warning you for the last time;
I don’t want to see you again. I’m sorry. Thanks for the dinner. You’ve got connections, Ra-im. Thanks for today. Ms. Ra-im, why are you so early?
We’re not even done setting up. You know what?
Chae-rin can do this scene. No, Director… I’m not doing this scene!
Are you crazy? I’m scared of heights. I saw you bungee jumping on TV! Ra-im, you can come monitor with me. I can’t believe this. What is wrong with you? When I asked you,
you said you didn’t know Kim Ju-won. We hadn’t exchanged names… Are you kidding me? Then, I’ll ask again. How do you know Kim Ju-won? Answer me! But, why do you keep
speaking to me like that? Why do I have to answer? No, you don’t have to… I don’t think so either. But, may I ask what you ate
on the 9th floor…please? Steak? Lobter? – What?
– Crazy, right? It turns out Mr. Money-maker
was the owner of that mall. – The owner?
– Yeah, we just filmed there. The director was giving Ra-im a hard time, and Money-maker showed up saying,
“To me, she is a top star actress.” He’s completely head over heels. He extended our time limit,
bought all the staff dinner, all for Ra-im. I’m back. Hey, you really didn’t know Kim Ju-won
was the owner of that mall? You just won the lottery. You quitting stunt now? Why would I quit? I don’t even know him. Buy a new one already. Get one from Money-maker’s mall. Jeong-hwan! You see?
She wasn’t this serious yesterday. I have to go. Want some ramen?
I’ll get the water ready. This came out good. I’m going to try and make it darker. Would it work?
Since, I have my own brilliant shine. This one’s great. I saw Director Yoon yesterday. – Who?
– Yoon Seul. She does commercials now. You didn’t know? She told me she saw you. You don’t talk to her now? Are we doing this over, or not? What? Hey, I dropped by
Royal Mall to get your outfits, and I saw something that
I think you should see. I’m sending it to you now. What is it? Hello?
Hey! What the heck is this? Do you know how many times I’ve called? How would I know? Don’t you have any respect for Chopin? What is this? Huh? A vacation with Oska that
Oska doesn’t know about? That was hung 3 days ago. What? You’re quite popular. Thanks to you, our customers
have come from all over the globe. I thought I was in Itaewon. Itaewon? I’m not agreeing to this. – Thought you’d say that.
– There’s no way I’m doing this. You heard me loud and clear. Don’t worry.
You’ll end up doing it. Go now. You! What is this? He’ll tell you. There he is, now. Hey… Are you mad?
What the heck is this? Yeah, it just kind of happened… What? So, I was thinking that we could delay the music video shooting to
coincide with this event. Are you kidding?
I already found a director and everything! You found one?
I must be losing my touch. Shut up! Just one week, please? Crap. What now?
Am I in another scandal? “Oska Takes a Rookie Under His Wing!” Oh, this is from the interview with Man Korea. The reporter said that all top stars
have someone in training, and I told her I one too. Looks like she beefed it up a bit. Of course, she would. Maybe I should start. I want to see my protege come out on TV
and say good things about me, and such. Work on your own talent! You’re the one always
finding excuses to lipsync! That’s why I’m awesome. I’m still taking over Asia, aren’t I? You think that’s easy? Forget it. Music is just a little hobby for you, anyway. Why are you so pessimistic? Who knows? Maybe… Hey, I need you to look for someone. He sings at the club in Cheongdam,
and he’s about this tall… You’re not being specific enough. Just do it! Stand up straight! Hey, Eun-sol. Tonight’s plans? Perhaps, some sweet music and a soft bed? How does it feel to be prettier than a rose? Don’t lie. Am I really prettier than a rose? Of course. You don’t believe me? It’s not that… Who is it?
Is someone coming? Looks like it. Sorry to interrupt, but I have a question. I said I’m not going on that vacation. I told that you’ll end up going. Anyway, remember that really
run down place I was talking about? Ra-im lives there. She’s all you talk about these days. She hasn’t gone far in school,
and she’s very crude and violent. Ever gone out with someone like that? Give me a break. Of course.
Chae-rin used to be like that. Hats off to you.
At least Ra-im is admirable. Let’s say that a girl hit you. Have you ever enjoyed it? What? Ever anticipated getting
hit a few more times? It’s always the late bloomers. How about getting tied?
You like using cuffs? Not that. Forget it.
Go on with what you were doing. Didn’t Chae-rin wear that robe? Hey! No, he got it wrong. She was wearing mine. A guest for me? You look much better in a suit. I look good in my track jacket too. What brings you here? – Not happy to see me?
– Were we ever that close? Yet, I know that you won’t turn me away, since I didn’t when
you showed up at my school. – Grudge, much?
– Not at all. You keep your guests standing? – Will it take long?
– I’ll be quick. Let’s sit. No need to bring out tea, right? I’ll get straight to the point, then. I heard you treated my students out,
so I came to thank you. I treated the entire crew.
You didn’t need to… Thank you,
but please don’t let it happen again. Why is everyone giving me
a hard time about this? Do all stunt people react this way? Or, is it just your students? Will you be attending the school? No reason not to. – My kids can get rough.
– I’m not so soft myself. I have abs too. So, stop trying to intimidate
the innocent rookie. When it comes to true intimidation,
I think I have the upper hand. I don’t think you understand. You are not innocent. Gil Ra-im has a lot of talent. She’s doing well right now,
so don’t interfere. Sure. But, I do intend on helping her. That is, if you don’t interfere. It’s me. Where’s Woo-young? He’s in the studio, and I’m working. Studio? I got it. You shouldn’t do this to Woo-young. How dare you show up here? I came here to see Ju-won, not Woo-young. Who? Ju-won? Yes. What do you mean? Next time. Did you see my script? – How is it?
– I didn’t, and I won’t. We signed with another director. Someone said they’d do it? Obviously. Let’s not see each other like this again. Not sure if I should say this, but… I decide whether we’ll see
each other again or not. I think you would’ve liked my script. That’s too bad.
See you again, then. Park? It’s me. Remember my purse?
You still want it? No reason. It’s a gift. Sure, come pick it up. But, if you don’t want to
come empty-handed, find out who’s doing
Oska’s new music video. Not surprised? You scared me. You have a cute side. Yes. This is why people call you selfish. You sure it’s me? You didn’t know? You have the background,
looks, and humor. You’re too perfect. I would apologize,
but that would take forever. – Anyway, why are you here?
– I came to see Mr. Choi about work. But, I heard this is your home,
so I waited to say hello to you. – Are you busy today?
– No. Great. I’m not busy either. Right, then have fun. Excuse me… Maybe he’s a bit too difficult. I wonder if he has cousins. Hey, can I get the receipt for the
stitches you gave that girl? A receipt? I didn’t put myself through 10 years of Med-school and residency
so that I could get you receipts. – Call the G.A. department.
– Wait! Why can’t you just do it? Why do you need it?
I thought you barely knew her. That’s why. Have it quick-delivered to my home. Do I look like your secretary? You need it, so you come and get it. Is he in love? To me, she is a top star actress. You see, I am a huge fan of hers. I’m sorry. Slacking off? 100 PT sets, sit ups… You scared me! Don’t act cute. Did you see a ghost? What did I say? I told you not to come here. Why are you overreacting? I came to get my money? Rich people are even greedier. The hospital fees were $45. You didn’t touch your food,
so forget that. I like things to be exact.
That’s just how I am. So, give me $5. I’ll give you the other $2 later. – Later, when?
– When I go home. I’m a busy person. I want it now. It’s not like it’s $200 or $2000. Give me my $2. Good luck, then. How dare you slam your locker like that? Write me an IOU! She didn’t even close it properly. She must take after her mother. 94..95..96..97..98..99..100. Next are sit-ups. – Pair off.
– Yes! What are you doing? Can’t you see I’m warming up? Go away! – Ready?
– Yes. – One…two.
– I don’t have a partner. Why are you discriminating? Be fair. Or, give me the $2. – Do it right.
– If I did, you’d regret it. Were you always this pretty? Were you this pretty last year? What? I was kidding. What? Does it hurt? I was kidding too. 10 minute break. Break. Stop! You’re really dead this time. I’m really mad right now. And, I look happy? I’m pissed off as well. Again with that mouth.
Pissed off? Why do you speak like that? I was being nice,
since you’re a CEO and all. I can say worse things.
You hate it, right? So, why do you keep bothering me? Tell me. Is it because you like me? Do you? Do I look crazy?
Or stupid? You think it makes sense that
someone like me would like someone like you? For your information, I have a line
full of qualified women waiting to marry me. What are your qualifications?
You have none. Raise your hand if you do. – You don’t, right?
– Then, why are you following me around? – Don’t ask me.
– Who else would I ask? Ask yourself. You keep popping up in my head.
It’s like you’re always there. Every night I’m chanting “supercalifragilistic…”like some kind of mantra. What did you do to me?
Why me? What? You hang up on me,
and get mad if I try to be nice to you. And, you use violence! You’re seriously weird. That’s the problem though. Because you’re so weird…
I find you fascinating. That’s why, I think I’ve gone crazy. So, I won’t be coming here anymore. I’ll get going, then. I’ll text you my address,
so you bring my money. Bye. Dancing is just too much for me now. Why are you so late? – Have some snacks.
– So, did you find him? – Han Tae-seon?
– Is that his name? Did you meet with him? I did, but… What? Is he asking for a lot? No. I told him that I’m from your agency,
and that you wanted to meet with him, and most people say, “Really?” But? But, he said, “Who’s Oska?” What? He doesn’t know who I am? – Is he from the North?
– He spoke our dialect. That crazy little… What’s his number? He said he’s not interested in celebrities. What? Is that all I am? You Han Tae-sun? What do you mean who? I’m Oska. So? I don’t know you. I’ve never even heard your music. Send me your music,
if you want to meet me. Hello? Hello! Hey, if you’re playing hard to get… Don’t you speak Korean?
Did I ask for your money? Send me your music, moron. If you’re scared, then get lost. Hello? He’s even worse than I am. Listen carefully. I’ll show you who I am. I love you, only you…
The only one in my heart… Do you know who Oska is? The singer? Oh, my god, it’s really him! Don’t sell her too cheap.
She’s a proud one. I paid a lot for her, so of course. Here. Not writing songs anymore? No. The only one in my heart… My bursting heart…
What do I do? You’re surprised, aren’t you?
This was #1 for 8 weeks… You really did surprise me.
Sing it again. Encore! Who are you?
Where’s Han Tae-seon? Aren’t you embarrassed? Right, you’re right. Get the car ready.
He’s dead now. Hurry up! Where are you going? Blind date. Isn’t this super cute? – It doesn’t give you a rash?
– Guys like it when you cover up. I’m off. Don’t drink too much, okay? “You got a text message!” What are you doing here? I’m on a date. – So-mi from PR…
– I asked her to. In fact, I’m your date. – Excuse me?
– Let’s have dinner first. Are you ready to order? What’s your best menu today? We have the charcoal grilled steak
with pine mushroom soup. Are you sure that’s your best? Sir? Then, it must be.
We’ll have that. Right, sir. The truth is, for the past five years… Have you been stalking me? What kind of… If you’ll excuse me… Congratulations, Ah-young. “Happy 5th Year Anniversary!” Today’s your fifth year working at our mall. Congratulations. Mr. Kim… Isn’t that Kim Ju-won? – It is.
– He’s so hot! He’s so good-looking. Isn’t this a bit much for $2? Did you hurt your neck? Are you hemostatic? I need to use the restroom. I don’t know what you drink,
but I can buy you a beer or two. And, I do owe you somewhat. You don’t like beer? You’re the first woman I feel overwhelmed by. I’ve wondered about
the financial and genetic benefits before, but I’ve never wondered
how much some little bag would cost. What are you talking about? If you had any consideration for me,
you would’ve been more careful. I wouldn’t really
call you here for $2, would I? Are those the only clothes and bag you have? Did you not have time?
Or, you simply can’t afford a new bag? Answer me. Was I really about to fall for a girl
who can’t even buy herself a new bag? I think you’ve misunderstood. I only came here for this. I’m going to wait here,
so tell that punk to come out. And, let him know that I never do this. He’s kind of scary. Ms. Ra-im? It is you. I wanted to see you again. What are you doing here? Were you meeting Ju-won? I’m sorry, but I have to go… Hold on. I’m sorry. I’m just so strong. It wasn’t your fault. Oh, you had it pinned.
You’re very smart. Here, I’ll fix it.
I’m really good at this stuff. No, it’s all right… Hey, where are you going?
Leaving? What’s with him? Did you two fight? What do we do?
He quit today. Where’d he go, then? They say he always moves around.
He’s not picking up either. This is crazy. Find him, and bring him to me,
so that I can kill him. Understood? Hey… Want to go for a walk? It’s Oska!
I love him! Oska! Yes, it’s me.
Thank you. Why aren’t they taking any pictures
of me these days? Wish they’d upload some pictures of me. Cheer up. He’s the best at saying the worst things. He left his manners when
he left his mother’s womb. But, are you two in a relationship? I’ve been wanting to ask you. That’s what everyone wants to know. Let’s just say, we can tell what the
other is thinking through some little bag. You’re that close? No way… Do you have something on him? You do, don’t you? No wonder. Can you let me in on it? I really need it. What about you two, then? He didn’t tell you? We’re cousins. Cousins? Yeah, Ju-won doesn’t let anyone find out.
We kind of have a complicated family registry. But, seriously, what did he do? He’s always talking about you.
It’s got to be something big. He always talks about me? What are you doing here? Meeting some friends from New York.
On a date? Heck yeah.
We look good, huh? Be careful. He’s a player. I’m his cousin, Kim Hee-won. Ju-won’s little sister.
She’s nice, unlike her brother. Hey! They’re so childish. You’re family. Try to get along. Don’t you feel sorry for him?
He got rejected again. Again?
How many dates has he been on? He has no interest in romance. I can’t believe the vacation was his idea. I know. Who did he meet this time?
Doesn’t he ever run out? I asked around. A commercial director named Yoon Seul… – Who?
– You know her? I heard she’s really pretty. “I’m really at the studio.” “Studio? Yeah, right!
You were with Cheon Ji-ae!” “I told you not to smile for other girls!” – I have a question.
– I have a question. – I said it first.
– I said it first. – Did she get home okay?
– Went on another date? Nothing new. Did you take her home? How was this last girl? Did she talk about me? Is it true that you got rejected? Anything at all? Is it? She kept that bag?
Even a plastic bag would be better. Are you going to marry her?
You’re not. You’re going to have an arranged marriage,
so stop taking this so seriously. Tell me about the last girl. You already heard.
I was rejected, okay? Tell me about Gil Ra-im. What did you do so wrong
that you’re acting like this? What did I do wrong? Don’t act innocent.
Does she have pictures of you? What? I took the pictures. Wait. – What?
– Why are you still doing the vacation event? – Why did you delay your MV shooting?
– You thought I’d just take it? – Too bad I have a schedule now.
– You thought that would stop me or Dong-gyu? – What?
– Only we bosses know. Your shooting wasn’t delayed. You’re off to Thailand tomorrow,
so don’t forget your BB cream. You look tired. What? Cha Dong-gyu! Not picking up? Pick up! Pick up! Why aren’t you picking up?
Why carry a phone around? Without me, you’d starve!
I dare you to keep ignoring me! – Hello?
– Is it him? You found him?
Hold on… Han Tae-seong is in Jeju Island right now. – Jeju Island?
– He updated his Twitter. Listen to me carefully. Turn off all your cell phones. What? “On A Perfectly Clear Day”
“Someone Treads Inside My Heart” “I’ve Leaned on Chance Before”
“My Gloomy Precious One” “You Must Be Lost” Hello? Yes, this is she. What? I did? What giveaway? You didn’t submit anything in my name? I didn’t. Why? Did someone use your name? Maybe. Your mall just called me to tell me
that I won a vacuum cleaner. Third place. Maybe it was a computer error. You fool. Who else could it be?
It was obviously my boss. It’s like a surprise event! Wow, how adorable! He would never. – Where’s the stew?
– Huh? Oh, I forgot. I’m telling you, it’s for sure him. How else would our
employees know your number? Hey, can I borrow that
bag you bought last month? What are you doing here? I work today. But, everyone’s getting off… Call the salesroom, and tell them
to send me the winter catalog…

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