[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP05 (Full)

You’re 10 minutes late. What am I doing here? I have to know at least my debtor’s whereabouts. But, she looks familiar. I invited her. Ra-im’s my guest today. She can’t seem to take her eyes off of me. I think she’s glaring at you. Exactly. I told her she was
prettier when she was angry. Jerk. There’s the girl I know. Let’s sit here. What’s going on? What’s going on between you two? There are about 230 nations in the world,
and I speak about 5 languages. Yet, I can’t quite find
the words to describe us. How ridiculous. What’s good here? I apologize, but all the tables
here have been reserved. Oh, really? Was the jerk who reserved all the tables… Yes. Have you forgotten? If you reserve a table,
I will buy the restaurant. Did you enjoy jail time in Jeju Island? You look much better behind bars. Right? I always look good. Let’s cheer without him. I’d love to. Cheers, to the wonderful
night approaching us, and to your dark beautiful eyes. My eyes look beautiful because a star from the heavens is
sitting in front of me. Oh, you’ve got me. Tell me if it’s too bright.
I’ll turn around. No, I’d rather go blind. I’ve been your fan for 3 years. Can we be friends? – Of course.
– Friends? Perhaps you didn’t know,
but I’m an easy guy. Well, I’m not so hard myself. You’ve gone mad. Be quiet. There is a girl who loves you. She still loves you. Every day, she follows you around like
a shadow, and shouts to herself… How much longer must I
Look towards you longingly… How much longer must I
continue this dreadful love before you begin to love me back. Who did this? Good evening. Wrap all of it, please. Yes. You have a text message! Excuse me for a second. Hey, stop. I told you I won’t hang around. Yeah, don’t.
I gave up on that. But, I just got out from jail. – Did you call the cops on me?
– You would’ve gotten beaten to death. I was making use of my tax money. I pay more tax than you. I could’ve just paid them off.
What if this gets on the internet? Pay them off? You rich folks have it easy. Yeah, we do.
But, you just made it hard. – Is that why?
– Why what? Why you have the indecency to reserve
all those tables just for three people? That’s… You think you can mock my performance
because you’re a hot shot? Take me under your wing, huh? No, you got it wrong… With that arrogance,
how can you teach anyone? Let me speak too for god’s sake. – Let go.
– I didn’t reserve those tables. And, I never mocked you. I’ve never mocked anyone’s performance. Because, they’re all better than I am. You said you wanted me to be honest. All right. Now, let go when I ask nicely. Don’t be nice, then. I’m saying this for your sake. I like men. What? I’m gay. You want to get rid of me that bad? Is that the trend these days? I know there are quite a few
like you in the industry. Who cares? Really? I’ll think about it again. Chicken. What? “I’d rather go blind?” “Can I be your friend?” I never said it like that. See your eyes right now? Only in front of Oska,
you turn into a little girl. Because, he makes me feel like one. Unlike someone… He has truckloads of
“little girls” like you. The important thing is that
at this moment, he’s with me. Oh, my goodness. Don’t you read the papers? That guy is a total player. I’ve gotten rid of so many women… What about that one? She’s been staring at you. It is you! I was just thinking about you. How magical that I get to see you here. What are you doing in Jeju Island? I’m location hunting for work. If I knew that we’d meet like this,
I would’ve left it to the fates. We didn’t have to meet at all. Your friends are waiting. Oh, they’re much younger than I am. Go on first. I see that you have company. Yes, she was the most
difficult company to get hold of. I’m sorry, but whose daughter are you…? If you’re sorry, please leave. She has a temper,
and I’m worried she might leave. This is my second time asking. Then, let’s magically run
into each other again. It was nice meeting you. What?
Where are you going? Excuse me… – You know me, right?
– Of course. I just saw you. No, you know me. Do you know me? Are you just pretending or
do you really not remember? I really don’t. – Who are you?
– You must be dumb, then. I even found your friend’s bag. Bag? Yeah, it’s me. The world is smaller than you think. I think you have the wrong person. I don’t think so. No, you do. Why’s your voice shaking, then? Hey! Going to keep lying?
Want me to make you apologize? Is that how you rich folks are? My friend almost got fired because of you. You shadily went and reported her,
when we said we’d call it even. What did you gain from doing that? Stop it. This is a public place. Are you all right? I… I can’t breathe. Whatever. This is none of your business. Yeah, that’s fine. But, I’m the one who received the report,
so I know the situation better than you do. Apologize to her. – What?
– Apologize to her. Why should I? Our customers spent
at least 100 grand a year to gain entry into our VVIP lounge,
and, you completely ignored that right. Fine, but was what I did so wrong? Did I commit treason? Even traitors start out somewhere. If I had known things would get this big,
I wouldn’t have said anything. I wish I weren’t so morally righteous. No, you need to apologize too. Pardon? If you promised to call it even,
you should’ve kept your promise. But, I never made that promise. Didn’t she find your friend’s bag? But, it wasn’t my bag. You don’t get it, do you? Come here. Hold it… You two… Could you leave us? Please. Please, Ra-im. Are you mad? Are you? I’m asking you if…. How could you be like that? I knew this would happen.
I wasn’t siding with her. I was just being fair… How could you spend 100 grand
at one shopping mall in one year? What makes them so different from me? You wouldn’t understand. Why not? Tell me.
I’ll see if I do or don’t. How much is in your bank account? Not a lot. Why? – This is what makes you different.
– What? You know how much money you have,
but these people don’t. Every second of every day,
new money spills into their accounts. This is easy to understand though. Now, do you know what kind of social category made by the social difference is? It’s the class system. When you spend that much money per year,
do you know what you want? Distinction. If they can’t reign or rule,
they want to be treated differently. That’s their logic. Are you like that too? No reason not to be. Just find my keys.
I’ll pick them up in Seoul. What happened? Why are you here? The thing is… What is this?
Aren’t you here for work? You should be in Seoul right now. You can yell at me if you want,
or exclude me from the shoot. I only want to observe the car stunt. No, I’ll be a helper. Just, don’t tell me to go. So, you came here in secret? I had a free ticket. No wonder you didn’t call. Where are you staying? Don’t worry about that. I found a 24 hour spa nearby. What? A spa? Were you always so reckless? Or, are you just being defiant? No, I’m not. Then? We’ll be done in two hours,
so go wait in my room. We need to talk. Yes, sir! I’ll see you later! Is waiting in another man’s room
something to be happy about? It’s so windy here. I should go shower. Do what? Hey, I need a room… Good afternoon, sir. How is everything? As we’ve reported, the foreign
guests have responded positively… Please, relax. I came here to rest. But, I need that room. Because of the music video filming,
we currently have no vacancies. We barely booked your room. Barely? What about the room I always use? It’s been occupied for a few days now… Occupied? You mean Choi Woo-young? Why that little… Is this a coincidence? Come on. You came here purposely to see me? Is that how that goes? How did you know I was here? Anyone can find out where you are. Do we have reason to see each other again? No. That’s why I made one. Made? Oh, Ju-won? – I heard you were set up.
– You have? Both sides of our family
have proceeded quite far. What about you? He’s the top 1% among the top 1%. And, he’s my #1 right now. But, I came here for you, not him. I want to be friends again. We’ll be family soon,
and right now it’s too awkward. Everything’s so easy for you. And, why shouldn’t it be? Sure, it was a bit messy when we separated,
but we weren’t that serious either. What? We weren’t in love. At least that’s what I thought. Who was that lowly looking girl with Ju-won? Watch your mouth. She’s my guest. Your standards have lowered that much? I said watch it! She’s my guest! Don’t you understand? I’m seeing her. Don’t lie. She’s not your type. More than you ever were. You were the subject of all my love songs. But, not anymore. Come out from my songs,
and be the love of my life. This was the biggest one they had. It’s not enough? I’m so sorry, but I’m over you now. You were thinking of marrying me? I’m disappointed.
You’re more innocent than I thought. Celebrities are just for fooling around
when you’re young, not marriage. I have to inherit my father’s company. I was just about getting sick of you. If you had waited,
we wouldn’t have had to end it like this. Is your finger broken? Can’t ring the bell? If you’re not busy, let’s go racing. The gear’s all here. No. It’s cold. Give me my room back. If you win, I’ll move out. Really. You can have the house to yourself.
And, you can have your room back. What do you want? – Gil Ra-im.
– Stop kidding me. I’m serious.
I really need her. Afraid you’ll lose? Should we go together?
Where’s the map? In the car. Bring my bicycle. All right. Last chance to back out. You sure you don’t want to? If you lose, you’re giving up Gil Ra-im. She’d never go for you. You sure about that? You can’t sacrifice anything
for someone, but I can. Women can sense that.
Especially poor ones. We’re ready to go. Shall we? Let’s go. But, I’m not going easy on you. Fine. It is all of a sudden,
but I really need her now, so I don’t plan on losing. Get in. Wait. Can I go too? I’m a pretty good rider. – You can’t sit behind us.
– Did I ask you? This is a rare chance to cycle with Oska. I’d love it if you joined. But, we’re all betting something. Really? Great. I actually had a favor to ask as well. Then, I’ll just win. Exactly! What was your favor? If I win, could you cast
me for your music video? That’s it? That’s nothing. What did you two wager? And, if you lose? We start here, and finish at that lighthouse. Whoever reaches there first, wins. Just one route? There are no shortcuts.
You’ll get lost if you try. Telling me to get lost? I was being concerned. – You sure about this?
– Would you let me ride behind you? I’d have you face me,
so I can see your face. Let’s start. Take a deep breath, and get ready. All right, I’m off. Dear Ah-young… The brilliant sun is setting. I wonder what kind of sun set
on the day you submitted your application. You had me the moment you said,
“Excuse me,” that day. So, please, don’t be angry anymore. I’m just the man next door to Ms. So-mi. Love will return! Yikes. It’s so cold. How was it?
Awesome, right? I’m going to send it to her right away… They’re coming… What? What’s wrong? I won! Ra-im, can you hear me? What’s going on? Ra-im! Answer! You’re just faking,
since you’re embarrassed, huh? I heard her scream. Ra-im… Ra-im…
Answer. Over. Can’t hear a thing. I heard it. Ra-im, where are you? Where are you? Answer! You think she fell? Call 911. – Search the coast.
– Okay. Gil Ra-im… Where are you? Ra-im…
Where are you? Ra-im… Where are you? You’re dead when I find you. Oska… Yeah. You found her? No. You? Nothing. She’s nowhere in sight. What if something happened? There’s no way she’d let herself be victim. I’ll look one more time. Could we get a description
of her clothes or appearance? Clothes? Well, if the boss chose it… Something pretty? Excuse me? She was on a bicycle. This is where we last saw her. Sorry. Excuse me, have you
seen a woman on a bicycle? Gil Ra-im! Ra-im! Ra-im! Gil Ra-im. Where are you? Where are you? Gil Ra-im. Gil… Ra-im.
Gil Taeng-ja! Where are you? What are you doing here? You didn’t go down? What? What am I doing here? Are you freaking kidding me? Why did you say you’d race
if you can’t even follow us? Why did you stray off? I followed the sign,
and ended up here, okay? You don’t have a cell phone? Why didn’t you answer the radio? This is just a weird zone. There’s no reception.
And, the bike’s broken. It’s expensive, huh? Who cares about the bike? Are you all right?
Are you hurt? Well, there goes my debut at a car stunt. Is Oska looking for me too? Why do you want to know? I was worried to death. Why did you scream? Scream? I never screamed. What? I heard you go, “Ah,” twice! I didn’t. You scream when you’re surprised. Why would I purposely press the radio
to scream when I’m surprised? I swear, I heard you. Fine, let’s say you did. But, it wasn’t me. You heard, “Ah”? I have a cute girly scream like “Kyaa!” All right? Cute and girly… Is that your concept now? Where are you going? There’s a restaurant nearby,
so I’m going to call a cab. Why the heck would there be
a restaurant here, dummy? Dummy? The, what’s that? “Mystery Garden” Anyone here? Excuse me,
we’ve run into a bit of a disaster. – Could we use your…
– $30 for chicken broth. $20 for spicy chicken stew. We’ll just give you the $30, so… You can split it too. What is with this place? Is this working or not? It looks good. We could do it ourselves. Eat up. It’s from my heart. You’re not sick with
cancer or leukemia, are you? Excuse me? You’re young and rich, so probably not. It’s nice to you meet you, young lady. Yes, me too. You like making your own wine? It’s my only hobby. Really? It was my dad’s hobby too. I liked drinking it more actually. What? You look like the type
who has a drink with her meals. How did you know? That’s how my dad taught me,
since I was in high school. You started drinking in high school? Having a drink with supper is good for you. Are those good for you too? Yes. They’ll save my daughter. Is she sick? That’s what the fates say. What? We just got back. She’s fine, so don’t worry. Was it Oska? Was he worried a lot? What if he was? Can’t I just ask? Yeah, you can’t. It makes me mad. Why did you accept that? How could I not? She said it’s good for the body. So, you’re going to drink all that? You’ve got an old man inside you, huh? There are a few. One of the shy ones sends a message. What is it? He says thank you…
for coming to find me. He should’ve said it before. Why say it now, old man? Keep at it, and the
belligerent one will come out. Here. I’m fine.
Who knows where that came from? It’s not for you. It’s for Oska. How ungrateful is that? I’m the one who saved you. Thought you didn’t want it? I want it now. Forget it. I’ll give it to him myself. No take backs! Give it. – No.
– Give it. You’re acting poor. I’m sorry. I thought I told you to stay in the room. I just… Just what? Did you come here because you were bored? No. Do you know what time it is? Follow me. Wait a minute. To my knowledge, there aren’t any vacancies. Are you two sharing a room? It is normal for us to
all share a room together. That’s not normal. It’s not. I’m sorry for not staying inside. But, I didn’t come here to play. This is a rare opportunity… Don’t I know that? You think I don’t want you to do well? I said you’re not ready. It’s very dangerous. I would never have chosen this job
if I was afraid to get hurt. I want to be judged by my skills,
not my gender. Then, find another job or another team. I’m going to make sure
you’re treated differently. Pack up and come to my room. Yes, sir! You, go to their room.
I don’t want to see you. Director… What brings you here? You might be okay with
co-ed rooming, but I’m not. Let’s go. I emptied my room. She’s our family. For the next few days, she’s my guest,
as the winner of my mall’s event prize. What is he talking about? Why are you here? I won’t force you, but you don’t want the empty room? I’m going to share with Woo-young. Is he talking about that vacation with Oska? Yes. You really won it? What? What have I done? Then, you…? Why are you still here? And, you? Wait. What room number is it? I’d rather be a burden on him than our team. I’m sorry. But, I’d really like to be at the shooting. Please, let me watch. I’ll see you in the morning. Are you two so close that
you can share a room with him? Don’t even try to say
that he’s just your mentor, because I won’t fall for it. Does he like you? Or did you used to go out? What if we did? Why do you care what I do
or don’t do with other men? – I can’t ask?
– No, you can’t, because it makes me mad. Why are you here? Why are you bothering me? Tell me the truth. – You already know.
– I don’t. How should I know? You do know. If you’re just trying to see
if I changed my mind, don’t. I have too much to lose to
lose everything over a girl. Now that you mention it,
let me hug you once. What? To me, there is the woman I will marry,
and the women I “fool around” with. But, you’re right in between. So, let me hug you once. And, if you like it? Then, what? I will give you a new life. Awesome. Does that make me Cinderella? No. The Little Mermaid. You’re always going to be right in between. That means to stay a nobody,
turn into foam, and disappear. This is how I think. Think about it, and let me know. You’re always going to be right in between. That means to stay a nobody,
turn into foam, and disappear. This is how I think. I’ve been looking for you. Get up.
The director wants to see you. Me? You came all the way here.
I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. I recommended you, so be good. And, don’t tell Jongsu. I won’t.
Thank you. Hi, I’m Gil Ra-im. Nice to meet… You were right.
The world is quite small. I was wondering what you did. You’re part of Lim’s team? Yes. I guess you’re the type who becomes
more and more polite. What are your special skills? Almost everything, really… Could you jump off a high-rise? I could, but I’d die. Really? I was wondering if you deserved Woo-young. Is he good to you? He’s just normally a nice person. Which means you’re just getting acquainted. I’ll notify you of whether you get the part. I have a meeting to go to. What are you doing?
Why are you here? Didn’t get the memo? I’m the director of your music video. This is cinematographer, Kim Dong-Uk. – Stunt director, Lim Jong-Su…
– Who said you could be here? So, you didn’t know. I have talent. I don’t care. Where are you? I should brace myself. Looks like trouble, right? Actually, he looks more troubled… You’re not just sharp physically, are you? Maybe because you’ve studied abroad. Where’s Dong-gyu? You ask me every minute. He’s probably a minute closer to arriving. So, exactly where? Call him. Now. There he is. How could you not tell me? I couldn’t get a hold of you.
Did you ever pick up your phone? Still, how could you hire Seul? Then, who else?
You think I wanted to? You practically asked for it! Fine, then, how about this? I quit. Everything. What? It’s not like I do this for money,
and the album can wait. I didn’t even like the song anyway. – Are you crazy?
– This is for underestimating me. Everyone, get out.
I’m going to bed. What did I do to deserve you? Sir! I’m sleeping here tonight. What in the…? Hey! What’s this? Alcohol? Don’t touch it. It’s mine. Geez.
What is it? Call room service if you want a drink. – I’ll buy.
– Forget it. I don’t want any. Suit yourself. How do you know Yoon Seul? – I got set up with her once.
– I know. You do? She didn’t tell me she knew you. Because, it wouldn’t be appropriate. What wouldn’t be appropriate? She’s an anti-fan. Really? What’s this? Am I still dreaming? What a sweet dream though. Oska… is in my dream. His hand…. Oh my god! What kind of state am I in? What kind of dream is this? Is this…a dream? It feels so real. What’s going on? What the…? Where am I? Who are you? Why did you wake up, Miss? Miss? Who? Me?

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