[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP07 (Full)

Wash up, and come to the restaurant. Wash? Why? How long are you going to wait? There was nothing to see, anyway. Does this look like a woman’s body? It’s covered in bruises. What are you doing?
Stop it. How much did you see?
Lower your shirt. Are you two seeing each other? Still, this isn’t even your room. Look, I know what you’re thinking… Director Yoon, this is
all a big misunderstanding. Is it now? What are you doing?
Were you trying to hug me? No, I wasn’t. It just sort of…. I was wrong about you. I didn’t know you were the type
to choose lust over compatibility. This is a misunderstanding. How did you get in here? You’d be an idiot to say that. Or lack common sense. – What?
– It’s fine. It’s my fault for expecting class from you. Don’t look so flustered. It’s only a matter of hormones. – Excuse me?
– I’m saying you still have a chance with me. I asked how you got in here. This is nothing compared to
what Woo-young pulled. – Where is he?
– He went back to Seoul. I knew this would happen. I read articles on him, but I didn’t think he’d be this bad. What’s wrong?
Are you all right? Did you get motion sickness? Well, she’s a girl. Yes, and moreover,
it was my first time taking economy. No, it wasn’t. All right! We have a lot of things to do.
We’ll head back to school first. Yes, Sir! I’m the rookie. No, you and I have to talk. Go on first. Ra-im… I mean… I…
can’t work for a while. What do you mean you can’t work? Don’t worry. I will make sure she’s there tomorrow. What’s with you lately? You have to talk to him now? Yes, my life depends on it. That doesn’t sound right. Because, this isn’t right. Let’s go. Way to go Ra-im for
snagging a rich guy like that. Maybe I should become her chauffeur. Why here? We can stay out of sight here. Get off. We need to plan what we’re going to do. The easiest thing would be
for you to stay here. And, live with you? Are you crazy?
As an employee. Are you kidding me? – What about action school?
– Obviously, you have to quit. I can’t quit my job. Why not? Is yours the only important job? Don’t even compare. If I quit, it’ll affect our economy… When did you come, Mother? Mother? Who are you calling Mother? Do you call everyone Mother? Mother, calm down. Are you defending her? Why is she driving your car? She won’t accept your money,
but she’ll accept your car? Is she whom you went to Jeju-do with? Mothe… I mean, Madam Yoon,
I think you’re being a bit harsh… What? Are you lecturing me? I’ll send her off. Please, calm down. Get in. Shouldn’t you drive the car? It’s yours, right? You never gave it to me. You’re really something. You’ve seen me before, haven’t you? How long have you been coming here? It’s not like that. – She’s never been here.
– You, stay quiet. I’m more mad at you. Why are her clothes here
if this is her first time? Go upstairs already. I can’t go for you. What do I say? Mom, that’s… Is it still your first time? Was I wrong? Did I make this up? Darn it…. Isn’t this… Put it on. Why is this here? It’s none of your business. She snuck them in here? You didn’t buy them? I think she bought them. That’s why you don’t
sympathize with the poor, especially those with only their bodies… – How could you say such…
– Listen carefully. Let’s not see each other again. Don’t make me embarrass you any further. Why should’ve just accepted when I offered. I’m sorry about my mom. She’s usually harsh with words.
Even I get hurt sometimes. What the heck was that? Hey, don’t talk like that. I’m talking about you. You’ve said far worse things to me,
so you just worry about your words. Well, I’m glad it wasn’t you. It was the first time I was
glad we switched bodies. No need to be moved. That’s the conscience of the upper class. Jerk. What? Not used to it? That’s the resistance of the lower class. I’m still getting used to the gap
between our language. Think of it as cultural exchange. The only option we have is to live each
other’s lives without getting caught. First, let’s exchange basic information. You start. Let’s do the faces first, then. The one on top here… You can search your family on the internet? I recently found out some people can’t. All right, focus. This is my grandfather. He is the head of Loel Group,
and he owns my shopping mall along with countless other
hotels, resorts, and duty-free shops. How long his recent fourth marriage will
last is the current interest of stock brokers. You look pretty. How do I look? You’ve met my mother. This is my aunt.
She is Woo-young’s mother. Wow, she’s so pretty. She’s all plastic.
My mom’s natural. Anyway, thanks to my grandfather’s lifestyle, she became the child of his second wife,
while my mom was born to his third wife. Needless to say, they don’t get along. Separate them, so that those
cheap ones don’t mix with mine. Sis, an Italian jewelry maker
placed those stone by stone… Oh, is that so? Want to bet whose is more expensive? You’re overreacting. Now, this is the climax. Be very careful of this next person. He’s the head of commerce at our company. He’s my employee slash great-uncle. Great-what? Great-uncle. My grandfather’s fourth wife is
Mr. Park’s older sister. I will give you special permission
to give this guy trouble. Other than that, don’t even pick up your phone. Don’t interact with anyone,
especially with Woo-young. Why? Why are you so mean to him? Don’t react like that with my face. Be honest. You feel inferior to him, huh? Never. If I’m lying,
then I’ll accept any punishment. That’s why this happened to us. But, why am I being punished? Keep at it, and I’m going to
make a pass at Director Lim. You want to die? So, focus, then. Anyway, that was me.
Your turn, now. You know Ah-young, Director Lim,
and the action school team. That’s it. Yeah, right. What about family? Don’t have any. You don’t have family? Nope. Never seen anyone without a family? What about our phones? Keep our own. We’ll only call each other. Use text for others. Always be alert. You keep forgetting that I can act. I’m an actress. You keep forgetting that you’re not. You own a shopping mall, as of now. Don’t change the subject.
What did you hear? Deny filming? Who said that? Reporter Kim, we’re still in Jeju-do. Can’t you hear the waves?
Look! Rape flowers! They bloom in spring? Conflict with me? I’m offended. On my set, there is nothing but
the feast of passion and the pure arts. One moment, please. – I’m going crazy here!
– The shooting is going well. Oska’s different now. Sorry, hold on. Hey, Reporter Park… What are you doing?
I was on the phone! Call Woo-young, and tell him that
unless he resumes filming, the next time he’ll see me is at my wedding. Unless he wants me to be family,
he better fix this. Gosh, darn it! What? What is it?
What do you want? Give me back my passport. I’ll keep this for now. – Hand over your car keys.
– Why? Why are you doing this? I know you booked a flight with Cebu Airlines. No, I didn’t. Jong-won booked it. I’m sick and tired of all this. Resume filming tomorrow, or else,
I’ll sell all my shares and quit! You’d lose money, then. Better now than later.
Look at you! This ordeal will be in the papers
and there’s nothing I can do about it. Give me the keys to the van. Not the van! Don’t you dare. Give it, now! It’s inside the van. You want to die? Go get it! Any plans to move? No. And, don’t even try anything with Ah-young. What do you take me for? You better not be all…to Oska. If you behave. Give me the keys. Don’t ever forget what kind of car you’re driving. But, I have a pretty bad memory. It’s my favorite car. I like it, too. Later. Hey, be careful! You’re back. I missed you like crazy. Yeah, me too. What’s all this? This brand is only available at our mall. The president bought you this, huh? Did you just hit me? Don’t change the subject. I heard he caused a scene last time. And, this is where they end up! They’re so pretty. You know about that? Of course. Think of all the people who saw. What? Are you going to undress? I’m going to shower.
Are you? Scrub my back, then. Scrub your back? If you wish… Bring out your laundry. Oh, yeah…
Did anything happen at Jeju-do? Why do you ask? I had a dream yesterday. You know how they’re usually right. You were driving off
somewhere with the president. The sky was pitch black,
and he was crying, and you were asleep. And, the old man was watching all of it,
holding a red rose. Old man? Who? Won Bin? Don’t be silly! I meant your father. I think it means that you’re going to
break the president’s heart. Fool around for a while, and dump him. That’s how you make them yours. Hurry, and wash up. Are you expecting someone? I have a bad feeling about this. Not seeing each other, huh? I was going to pick the aloe
and grind them myself, but I found something better. This is what our president drinks.
He always hoards the good stuff. Never shares. Why, that little…! This is great for the skin.
Keep it to yourself. I can’t get prettier than this. Don’t look at me with those adorable eyes. Wait. You’re seeing Ah-young, aren’t you? How did he know? Who? The president, of course. He always gives me hard time like this. What are you saying?
I’d never see a fellow employee. What did the president say? He wanted to discuss with me
the personnel changes for next year. Frankly, his dependency on me is exhausting. – Who is it?
– I don’t know. Who is it? Sir! I saw Kim’s car, so I stopped by. No, you came to see Ra-im, didn’t you? Come in. Come in? Do we normally invite guys over to our home? Don’t say that. I think he’s here for you. No, he’s here for me. It’s all a big misunderstanding. I know that what I said doesn’t
match up with this situation… Sorry to interrupt, but this is urgent. I need to speak to you. Me? No, she didn’t do anything wrong! Right? But, someone else did. What is it? Did I get another complaint? I totally missed you! Sorry. I have so many things to tell you,
but I can’t! Me? This may sound confusing,
but listen carefully, because I really value you. You… value me? – Since when?
– Since a long time ago. So, please trust me. Ra-im is going to act strange for a while. So, don’t go near her or touch her.
Don’t hug her, or share the same bed. And, don’t walk around without a bra, okay? Ra-im told you about…that? I swear, she didn’t. It’s only between us. Between you and me? I know this sounds weird,
but just promise me, that you’ll do as I said. Why are you staring at me like that? You don’t like me? Do you like me? Excuse me? You can’t trust anyone. Right? The president is so childish… Coming all the way here like this. Do you think that was really him? Huh? I’ve been thinking…
that glare looks really familiar. Of course, it does. You’re dead now. Why are you alone?
Did he leave? What did he say?
Did he ask about us? He should’ve, right? – But, he…
– Why? What did he say? He must be mad. He told me to be careful of you,
to not even share the same bed. What’s with him? Did something happen at Jeju-do? He must be jealous,
thinking that you’ll hit on me. I’m going to look around. What did she just say? Why would you hit on her? I don’t know. I’d hit on the president, but not her. What? The security code to your house. Oh, I forgot about that. By the way, you made me into a pervert. So, behave.
Or, watch how I act towards your friends. Give me the code. It’s cold. Oh, right… The code is… Oops, got disconnected.
It’s so cold. Hello? That jerk! This is driving me crazy. Maybe it’s not a number. Maybe it scans your fingerprint… …or your eye. I just came out. It’s nice and locked. Wait… Oska…
That is, Woo-young… Where is he? Here I am right now. Here I am right now. All of me is not enough. I can lose myself, and it’s not enough. You’ll probably never know…
Just how much I love you. When did you get back? In the afternoon. It was crazy there, right? Dong-gyu said he’s going to call it quits. I’m in trouble now, aren’t I? Track number 34. I totally loved that song. You? Want an autograph? Really? What? I’m…really hungry. Did you eat? What are you doing? Please, prepare dinner for us. Yes, Sir. Umm… Yes? I’ll just… All done. Sit. I hope it’s good. – Why aren’t you eating?
– You first. Did you poison this? Was this Dong-gyu’s idea? Why would I do that? Then, is this for some TV program? You’re going to sue me afterwards, huh? Sue? You should become an actor. I’m sorry about the mall event, okay? I didn’t mean to ruin that.
And, I liked that it was Ra-im, but… Really? – What?
– You liked that it was Ra-im? What’s not to like? She’s smart, pretty, has a great figure,
and she likes me. You’re right. You’re already over her? Well, it lasted long for
a girl paying $300 rent. Anyway, a bet’s a bet. Don’t interfere between us. What bet? You can’t fool me!
Hurry up, and eat! Not that. This one. Come here. Sit. Listen to this. I can do it… How is it? I love it.
I feel like I’m dreaming. What? The song…
I like the song… It’s good, huh? But, it’s almost identical to my title song. This one came out 3 years ago. Oh… – Huh?
– I can’t reach the songwriter. Went on vacation. Then, what about the music video? My entire album is at stake here. Go home. I have a lot on my mind. Okay. The departure is at 8:30, terminal 7. Why are you here?
How did you know I was here? You canceled the shoot, and left the hotel. I thought you might be running. This is yours, right? – Why do you have this?
– I found it while I was cleaning. You probably dropped it
while you were flirting that day. I got curious, so I listened to a few songs, including some from your new album. Didn’t you learn not to use other
people’s things without their permission? This could land you in jail,
or get you badly beaten… Isn’t that Oska? Yes, I’m Oska. You’re so hot! Yes, I know. I love you! Yes, I love me, too. So, your idiocy is what makes you popular. What? Idiocy? I uploaded a song you should hear. – Listen to it.
– Yeah, right. It’s some perverted file, isn’t it? You’re quite imaginative, and good-looking. Do you have to sing? Just act. Don’t take it out on music. Hey! God… You think I’m good at acting?
Even my fans don’t like my acting. That was so embarrassing. It’s not over yet. No need to rush.
My artistry is in me! Director Yoon is coming tomorrow.
Be ready with coffee by 10. Jerk. What are you doing? How’d you come out form there? What is wrong with you?
I crossed over. No! What? The truth is, I’ve been so stressed lately. I can’t remember the code. Do you know it? Since when?
Does this happen often? – Did you talk to Ji-hyeon?
– Ji-hyeon? Is there anything else
that you don’t remember? No. Still, you should give Ji-hyeon a call. Give me your car keys. Car keys? Hurry up! Move your hands. Here they are. I’m going to borrow these.
362434’s the code. What?
362…what? 36-24-34.
Your dream girl. Oh, 36-24… Wait…36? Ah-young! Wait, but the car…! He’s going to be mad. Awesome. Where does the water go? I bet the heating costs a lot. He eats only good things. I should sell this stuff and run. He really is rich. No wonder he lives in a fairly tale. Are you sleeping? What do I do? I think it was me. He used you to… You should’ve done this, too. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… Well, it lasted long for
a girl paying $300 rent. This is… Did he fish this out? I’ll give you a hint. The code is four digits Jerk. Where’s my car? How did you get this key? Did you get it yourself? Do you think I did? Then, how? I asked first. Where’s my car? Ran out of gas. On all three cars? Those were all yours? – Not your employees’?
– Why would they park in front of my house? Why are you dressed that way?
The tie and shirt don’t match. And, why no watch? – It’s all about the watch.
– All right! Just get on. This is today’s rookie training schedule. Are you crazy?
I’m not going there. Then, I’m not going to the mall either. You have more to lose. Wait. I’ll go change. But, how did you find out the code? A shining star came to the rescue. What? 4 digits? More like double digits. 36… You, pervert. I guess you’d be sensitive. Want me to get them done for you? Want to die? Take it off. No.
This is my style. I forgot. Words don’t do it for you. Help! This tall handsome man is trying to hit me. Help! Hit her?
I just adore her. She’s so adorable from head to toe. It’s none of our business. Right hand if you’ll go to work. Left hand if you’ll die right here. Get on. I’m going to get my revenge. I have a wide chest though. I apologize for my behavior earlier. I know you must be confused,
but that wasn’t the real me. Please, believe me, Director. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Just focus on the audition, and be yourself. Wow. Who’s this? Are you going on a date? It was time for a change. What’s going on? Are you going to audition in that? Audition? They’re finally holding
auditions for Dark Blood. The competition will be about 1000:1. It’s more. Everyone wants the script. Even Director Jung doesn’t have it yet. So, what? Yikes. Did you hear that? She’s gotten mad arrogant,
since Money Maker’s been on her side. Come to my office. Why does he want us alone all the time?
I’m going to call my lawyer. I thought you’d be happy. You’ve been waiting for this. Yeah, well, so? Not many Hollywood productions want Asians. This is a good opportunity. You’ve got the application,
demo video, and reading. A Korean agency will… How could you ask a woman to do this? Are you trying to get me killed? From now on, even if I volunteer, stop me. That’s not hard, is it? If we’re done here… What do you mean by all this? How long is this going to last? Yes, you’re right. You did catch me. If you’re doing this on purpose, don’t. Don’t bring personal matters to work,
because neither will I. You don’t just like Ra-im.
You love her. Then, let me ask you a favor. I’ll pretend I never caught you,
so don’t ever confess to me. What? Woo-young’s disappeared again. I took everything away,
but he still got away. – Did you send him my message?
– That would only cause a fight. Just let it go. I was wrong to think he’d be okay by now. I hope to never run into you again like this. I know where Woo-young is. You know? But, I’m not going to tell you. I’m a resentful person. He can’t get away that easily. You know how vicious
and shameless I can be, so marrying his cousin is nothing to me. But, not for Woo-young. I’ll torture him every time he sees me. What’s the matter with you? You should’ve sent him my message. You should’ve let us fight,
so that we could…make up. Sir, this way… Oh, I have to walk? What? Big news! The president took the elevator. He greeted everyone,
and even opened the door himself. But, he didn’t dress well today. He must be so devastated. All because of me… What? He rode the elevator? That’s impossible. He hides it, but he’s claustrophobic. That was all I had against him. There are tons of witnesses. Maybe he faked the phobia. So, he was just testing me out? Does this mean that he’s going to step
up and really run this place? I finally perfected his signature! Bring me all the transactions
that were delayed while he was gone. Yes, Sir. Kim Ju-won… It’s so perfect… Since when did you start eating these? I don’t know.
Since I was little? Anyway, you know Ah-young
from the VIP Lounge? Sir, it’s really a big misunderstanding. We’re not in a relationship. Did I say you were? I was just wondering how much she makes. I think it’s a little over 20 grand,
including bonuses. Then, what about me? – Excuse me?
– Hold on. You’ve got a text! You changed your phone? Yeah. Dong-gyu?
Who’s that? I give up. Woo-young’s disappeared again. He’s probably at
some island in the Philippines. As usual. I know, so I confiscated his passport. Then, the spa resort at Deok-san. He’s not.
I already looked into it. But, how do you know so well? Because… I’m his fan. I even wear his socks,
so that he can get profit. Thank you. The socks sold well. Anyway, I’m through. You should sue him for the mall event. I’ll do the same for contract violation. That’s not fair. I’ll look for him. Don’t sue him, because I won’t. That’s not up to you.
I’m going to sue. The Oska that I know is
more passionate than anyone. I promise to bring him back. Oh, well, then, all right. But, are you drunk by any chance? You really don’t know? Even his manager doesn’t know. Don’t get involved. – Aren’t you even worried?
– No, I’m not. We have enough on our hands right now. You should be worried,
because, in fact, he’s the one with your car. What? 911?
I’m reporting a stolen car. Hey! Really? You reserved times even
before and after our spot? Only idiots date in
empty parking lots and such. – You like?
– Yeah. The air is sweet, my eyes feel refreshed, and we’re alone,
like we’re on a faraway island. Let’s come often. I’m not good at golf. I wanted to learn it from you. Don’t worry. If I couldn’t sing, I would’ve gone pro. Come here. Golf is all about lower body strength. Use your waist and thighs to hit the ball far. Try it. – I thought you couldn’t golf.
– When did I say that? I said I wasn’t good. Come here. Golf is… What? You’re so cute. Can I do something bad? Mr. Choi Woo-young? Would you like an autograph? – Good evening, ma’am.
– Oska’s here, right? He was, but he’s been taken away.. What? Did you have to go this far? He’s family. Don’t underestimate our friendship. I’ve had my share of sufferings too. This isn’t just for the car. There’s one more thing. Which is? You really don’t know me?
You don’t watch TV? Why would I steal a car?
I just borrowed it from… Hey! You! – What do I do?
– How could you drag the police into this? Is this why you made me dinner? Make him dinner? With my hands? Be quiet! Why is she here? What’s going on? What happened? Are you going to stay standing there? Bring him. You seem like you’re related. Why don’t you come to an agreement? – Of course.
– No. Lock him up. Are you crazy? I asked for Ju-won. He wants you to tell me. He told me about the bet you made. He said if you give me up,
he’ll come to an agreement. Ju-won said that to you? Also, that you two never take
back what you lost in a bet. Yet, this is how he wants to play? He’s always been a jerk,
but never shady. I guess you’ve become someone
quite important to him as well. You’re probably right. But… I’m not going to give you up. Tell Ju-won.
I won’t lose you to him. I don’t care what he does.

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