[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP10 (Full)

25 years ago, I was ten. 15 years ago, twenty. Five years ago, thirty. But, I still feel like I’m 10 years old. Why am I still such a child. You’re not. A real child would say that he’s an adult. You are a lot…cooler than I thought. Isn’t this just swell? You two look great. You didn’t know? Did you call him here? No. He should’ve gotten the clue by now. He’s either really dim,
or loves me to death. Dim? Nice shot! Why are you wearing
a women’s undergarment? What? You never learn. You can’t talk like that about this. A French organic designer sewed
this flower pattern stitch by stitch… Then, I’ll be heading in. Drive home safely, Oska. I’ll see you in my dreams, Ra Im. Be careful on the stairs. What about me? Where’s my goodbye?
I drove here too. You, just watch your back. Do I look like I need to watch my back? Hey! Ra Im! What the heck does he think he’s doing? Why are you so nice to Oska? You’ve never been that nice to me. We’re four years apart.
That is the ideal age gap. How could you slam the
door in my face like that? Don’t you know my nose is
higher than most people? It could’ve gotten hurt! Hey! Gil Taeng Ja! I wish I could take that down. Is someone outside? I was just yelling at someone’s dog. What kind of dog calls you “Gil Taeng Ja”? You heard? Was it Ju Won? Why…was he here? I don’t know. Why didn’t he come in? Oh! You got a package. They’re delivered so quickly now. Is it a book? Yeah… “Alice in Wonderland” I visited someone’s home,
and they had a library full of books. It made me wonder if that person
had read all the books there. And I wondered which ones he liked,
and what he felt when he read them. That’s why you bought this book? Yeah. I want to know what he’s thinking. I might figure out what he’s truly feeling. You’re right. There comes that moment
when you want to know. Why did you follow me in here? Would you rather follow me outside? You’re being awfully hostile. You probably did something to deserve it. Not yet. But, I can’t guarantee that I won’t. I have no interest in your love affairs,
but just answer me this. Did you mean what you said to Ra Im? I said it, so obviously I meant it. You shouldn’t have. Why not? Do you really like Ra Im? Can you stand by those feelings? Stand by? You’re not fit to ask that. Have you stood by every girl you’ve seen? No, but I’ve taken the heat for it. And, the girls I see would never carry around a tattered bag
in front of guys like us. They’re not that innocent. What did you mention that for? See? You can’t even handle that much. – Could you give up everything?
– Do I have to? You don’t. But, you’ll lose the girl. It’s simple. Do you know what makes our mothers different from other women
who married rich? They withhold their inheritance,
even if they have to pay a tax. Why? So that we’ll listen. Can you win your mom? I have no moral obligation to win her. You have no reason either. To you, marriage is for business. That’s why you should
meet someone like you. Don’t make Ra Im suffer. You don’t deserve her. And, why did you hold onto
Seul’s hand last time? I’m telling you, that wasn’t me. Then, who was it? Was it a ghost? Tell me your true intentions. You want to be in puppy love with Ra Im,
but you’re going to marry Seul? Jerk. Lay off both of them. They’re both… too good for you. You have no reason either. To you, marriage is for business. That’s why you should meet
someone like you. Don’t make Ra Im suffer. You don’t deserve her. “Cowardly Kim Ju Won’s Home” “You Walked at the Speed of Memories” Like “Alice in Wonderland”
Piercing Night Here Stands a Bad Boy
Such Trivial Melancholy You Walked at the Speed of Memories Hold it! – Hand me the script.
– Okay. Here. Here, you’re supposed to be
fighting your lover to the death. There has to be a sense of sadness. You’re all brute strength. You’re going to slaughter your lover. I’m just so excited to start working again. Have you eaten? I will. Here. What is it? You’ll see. Can I listen to it now? You’re so pumped up. Do it after you finish training. All right. Director!
She’s listening to it! She’s just pumped up.
Take advantage. When did you record this?
Thank you so much! How should we take advantage?
Should we have a meeting? Physical training exercises. Make her mop. Five, six, seven, eight! One, two, three, four… “How to Tie a Necktie” Hurry, or we’ll be late. Hurry up and dress. To be a celebrity is to be miserable
for the happiness of others. I simply don’t understand why I’m holding
an autograph session in this situation. I don’t have the courage to
face them right now. Would you rather announce
that your agency is in crisis? Dress up already! Are you really all right? Woo-young is crazy for suspecting you. Lower your voice. You didn’t do it though, right? Do you wish it were me? I just want to be sure. You’re good at compartmentalizing though. How can you do your hair at a time like this? When the country has fallen…
When your parents have passed away… Other than these circumstances,
a woman should take care of herself. There is one thing a woman must defend,
especially at a time of crisis. Her beauty. Let’s wash your hair now. Yeah, it’s me. Did you find him? Is he Korean? What? Are you sure that’s his name? Nothing. This is interesting. Which shampoo is she using? That? It’s an imported shampoo, but
it’s very popular because of its fragrance. Director Yoon always only uses that one. Could you use that one on me? – Name?
– Jin Ju. Here you go. – Name?
– Min Ju. Thank you. – Name?
– Lee Ji Eun. It’s okay! Be strong, Oska! Oska, it’s okay!
We believe in you! Don’t pay attention to them. Be strong!
I love you! You have us!
We’ll protect you! Oska! Who’s protecting who? I’m going to protect you! Trust me! I never plagiarized. I might go off key sometimes,
but my conscience is clear as the 7th octave! Yes, Oska! It’s okay! Be strong, Oska! All right. I got it, so get in line. You, over there! The adorable one. Yes, you. Don’t cut. I will sign today’s autographs
not as the singer Oska, but as Choi Woo Young. Thank you. – Name?
– Hye Soo. Listen to your mother.
Be careful when you cross the street. Watch your weight.
And, search me on the internet. – Okay! Stay strong!
– Stay strong! Name? I don’t believe in you. You don’t believe in me either, right? But, I’m still your fan. Please write,
“To Yoon Seul: With my eternal love.” To Yoon Seul… Thank you for having loved me. December 2010, Oska. Excuse me, but do you know
how much these seats cost? I paid $250. Then, did “she” pay $250 too? – Excuse me?
– Because, I did. Please, take her. Then, these seats are all… Yes. All three of these seats are mine. I like having the armrests to myself. How was it? I couldn’t focus. Book it again.
Get the entire row this time. Pardon? This girl without any common
sense put her bag in my seat. After that encounter, I realized I was
stupid for not reserving the entire row. For most, that would be
a difficult realization… But, I’m special. What is it that you had to tell me. This is the data for tomorrow’s
Bisong Resort VIP presentation. That’s tomorrow? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’ve been lenient lately.
Your brain must be on break. But, you confirmed the schedule. You’re upsetting me now. I’m upset too. Hearts in my signature? She must think she’s
Kim Tae Hee or something. Up until now, resorts have been centered
on a leisure concept skiing, golfing. You went to rest,
but end up being more tired. That is why I thought,
isn’t there a resort for healing? One that provides rest
just at the thought of going. And for this reason, our Bisong Resort has been built on a hill
surrounded by forests and valleys. That doesn’t mean
we tampered with nature. We left it as is. We made sure that no bird lost its habitat. More specifically, I made sure. I will show you the rooms. All he knows how to do is talk. He has always been very eloquent. The president is here. What? Why? As you can see, the interior has been
built with the finest materials. Every door knob and
spoon was hand-selected. By who? By me. I’m sure you are all tired from walking,
so I will keep this short. We always keep it short. Your soon-to-be villas,
my soon-to-be villa, the star-gazing, moonlight walks,
and breezes await us. We will trust that you will love
and support our new healing resort. And with that we will
conclude this presentation. Thank you. Okay.
Bye. Where is the president? He just left. He looked very satisfied. He did? I’m good at handling emergency situations. And, I found out who Ju Won’s physician is. You did? The president is taking a walk. I know.
I’ve spoken to him. If you need anything… I’m fine. Thank you. Have some tea while I wash up. I can’t.
It’ll only take five minutes. What? Stay over. I have plans. I just came to check up on you. Do you need a refill? What? Oh. I haven’t been taking medication lately. You haven’t? I wonder why? How did I survive sleeping in that tiny
room without any medication? Did you go somewhere? What I mean is… Nevermind. You might think I’ve really gone crazy. Anyway, I guess I don’t need it anymore. But, I have a question. Usually, do people give up things
in order to gain something they really want? Yes. Because, it’s usually
something too good for them. No way. You’re saying she’s too good for me, then? She? This girl… Does she always have to be this cliche? Do you even know how difficult it is for
a girl who has nothing to be cliche like this? Most girls would’ve taken it and left. I told you.
She’s too good for you. Is it true? Yeah. I just got off the phone with Star News. That fraud sent in a letter of apology,
confessing that it was all his fault. That idiot. Why did he send it to them? Are they releasing their 7th album?
Are they a Hallyu star? That newspaper lives off my scandals, too. And… he’s back to life. The article will be up in a few hours. – You’ve been through a lot.
– Yeah, I’m too old for this. I wonder why he gave in all of a sudden. Do you think my fans did something? I’m sure he has a conscience. Anyway, this is good. Release a statement
saying how difficult this was, and let’s do this 7th album right. All right. You take care of that. And you, find out where Han Tae Sun is. I should have apologized to him. It seems that he was going to leave Korea. If he’s still in Korea, tell him
that I want to see him. Where are you going? Home. A package is supposed to come. It must have been hard these past few days. I’m Yoon Seul. Nice to meet you. Why did you look for me? It was you who composed the original
of Oska’s plagiarized song, right? You wrote it for your friends from London
who fed you and gave you a place to stay. You wrote it under the nickname Ssun, yes? You researched me thoroughly. I have many, many connections,
so I can obtain information quickly. I called you to offer you a contract deal. I even brought the contract. If you need a house, a studio, a car, tell me. I don’t have the stomach to endure
business people like you. Then, if you’ll excuse me… You can pay for the drinks. Do I look like I need to earn money? I like your music. And, I have lots of money. Do the music that you want to do.
I will help you. Why? Why would you help me? Maybe you’re too young to know, but it’s not easy finding someone
who knows your value. That’s why you tried to leave Korea. Isn’t it? Someone has finally come along
who knows what you’re worth. Isn’t that reason enough? What is that? It’s a game. Is this where Choi Woo Young lives? Oh, the new one came out? When? Just a few days ago. As of now, Mr. Choi is the only
one in our country to have one. Should we put it over there? No. Not here. Pardon? This isn’t Choi Woo Young’s home. – You came?
– Get off, now! I waited three months for this. Then, wait three months for another one. Why would I? I’m going to have it moved tomorrow,
so don’t touch it and get off. Fine. Do as you wish. Just make sure to avoid Dong Gyu. What do you mean? You know how exact
I am about give-and-takes. As soon as you take this, I’m sending Dong Gyu
the pictures of you and Chae Rin. You evil jerk. If you leave this here,
I’ll give you the negatives in 3 months. Really? You promise? Of course. I saw that you’re in the clear now. Of course. I have good karma. So the gods may let me suffer,
but never for long. And, the truth always prevails. So, you should watch out. Me? Don’t pretend like you don’t know. Your current infatuation. Gil Ra Im. If you have any true feelings for her, stop with the act,
and come back to your normal self. This doesn’t fit you. I’ve already decided that
I’m going to break up with her. Really? But, later…
Not right now. Why? I’ve thought about it from all angles. I like her, Oska.
I’m going to go see her. What? She is fascinating now, but if I keep seeing her,
I’ll grow tired of her. She’ll be like any other woman. She’ll be neither hot nor cold. I give it 3 months. I can give myself that much time. Jerk. I’m going to tell Ra Im. She already knows that all
she’ll ever be is the little mermaid. I don’t think she’ll be muddy about this. You’re being very muddy right now. I am? What? – Pay up.
– What? – I gained weight.
– What? I had very clear cut abs before,
but they’re gone now. Clothes don’t look good on me anymore. Give me back my abs. Psycho. These are the ones you washed. – Just keep them.
– Why would I? I think they’ll fit perfectly. Get rid of them. And, I never wore this. Sorry. That got mixed in there. Anyway, keep them, since they’re
better than the ones you have. Psycho. – Take responsibility.
– For what? I’m constipated. What did you feed me? Why can’t I go? It’s completely blocked. – What are you going to do about it?
– Do you have proof that it was me? Should I bag it up and bring it? Pervert. What now? Our stocks went down. Maybe they found out you’re crazy. How is that my fault? You think it isn’t? I told you not to sign anything. What were you thinking? You never dreamed that with each signature,
you’re affecting the stock market, did you? That is my status, and that is what your juvenile
heart signatures are worth. Understand now? What was I supposed to do? Mr. Kim said I had to. – So, I’m going to fire him.
– What? That’s not fair. Should I not? Fine, then I’m going to come
and go as I please. And every time, you must greet me
with love, joy, and gratitude okay? In your dreams. I can greet you with insults and profanity. Want a preview? You’re okay with Kim being fired, then? Jerk. I dare you. Get mad at me!
What did my clothes ever do? Psycho. See. Why are girls like that? They always leave
a bit of foam on their lips, only when they’re in front of men,
and they pretend they don’t know. Gross. Come here. What? There are no tissues. Can’t use my jacket. Stitch by stitch. I’m warning you,
don’t use violence towards me. If you do, this is how I’ll react. Get in. First day of shooting! Ra Im, what are you doing? What? Sorry. – What?
– I’m going with. Even know where?
Get lost. Wherever. I said, get lost. Let’s go. What are you doing? I told you that my nose can get hurt easily. What’s the matter?
I told him to come. – Get in.
– He never even received proper training. I’m not the type to fail at things. I’m a fast learner. All we’re doing today is running and falling. Or, he can just stay in the car. Who are you to stop him, anyway. Get in already.
The director is waiting. What the heck! Let’s go. Can’t we go separately though? If you speak, you’re getting left behind. Even me? He spoke. Leave him, so we have more room. Hey… Shh!
You heard what she said. Why is he here? I thought he gave up,
but he’s been lingering around Ra Im again, so I snatched him up. Ra Im is so clueless. She keeps driving him away,
so I’m playing Cupid. It’s good for Ra Im. He can make things easier for her. I’ll head off first.
Bring the rest. All right. Ready? Yes. One minute. Where’s my spear? Hey… Hey, Money Maker Ju Won. This is a mistake, right? What? Take it off.
Let me wear it. What? Get him! What happened? I told him that if he does well,
I’ll let him come to our workshop. What are you doing? It’s muddy here! Get them! Hey! You! What do you think you’re doing? He’s on your side! Are you a spy? I apologize.
He must have been confused. We were on the same side? I didn’t know. Weren’t you an Arab spy?
Or a Middle-eastern oil merchant? He’s your leader.
Pay attention. Oh, we’re allies? Next scene. Is everyone ready? Wait. Get ready. All right. – Hey.
– Oh, my god! Remember that scene we just did? – Let me see it.
– What? You see, my cameo is on par
with that of Jang Dong Gun. I just need to check how I came out… What a psycho. Move. Still not ready? Sorry. We’re ready. Not bad. Director Lim will be out soon. All right, we’re ready. We’ll start in five minutes. There is a disorder known as Alice
in Wonderland Syndrome. It is a fascinating and sad disorder
in which one’s perception is distorted, causing one to live in a fairy tale world. I am certain that I have this disorder. Otherwise, how is it that every
moment I’m with that average girl, my life feels like a fairy tale? Good work everyone! Why aren’t you eating? I don’t know where it came from. Don’t eat it.
Eat something warm later. I still have scenes to shoot. Where is Director Lim? He’s with the horseback insert. That’s what I mean. Why do you want a job where you have to
work without even being able to eat? Shut up, and eat. I don’t understand. It’s not good money, there’s
no fame, and it’s dangerous. So, why? Is it out of pride? No one will know.
People only remember the actors. Who cares about pride? Am I wrong? You’re right. But, this person remembers me. This person remembers me. This person remembers me. And, I remember all of them. Sure. But, it’s only a few people.
How does that change anything? A few people?
What about you then? How many friends do you have? How many of your friends would
get injured in your place, and be glad that it wasn’t you? This is why I told you not to come. I don’t understand
why you laugh at what we do, but it’s what we chose. This is what we’re most passionate about. It’s why we do it. Who are you to judge our work? What gives you that right? You should eat. I am. Ra Im was awesome today. You too, Director. You too. And, all of you guys.
Eat up! Thank you! What about me? You don’t eat this kind of food. You said it makes you a pervert. It’s up to me whether I eat or not. You’re holding the tongs,
so you have a duty to not discriminate… You said you wanted to be treated differently. I thought you went by those principles. You can’t eat this? And, you call yourself a man? Who said I can’t? And, this has nothing to do with… You said you wanted it.
Eat. I’ll eat it. It tastes… Chew it. Swallow it. No! I’m going to melt it. What? Why am I here? Did we switch again? You’re still drunk? – Wash your face.
– Why am I here? Why do you think? Think hard. I asked you because I don’t know.
Why am I… My head… I’m going to eat breakfast
with Ra Im tomorrow. Are you crazy?
What are you saying? Good! It’s game over if you do. Who said so? You can’t! Yeah, you really shouldn’t. What are you talking about? I slept at her house so many times. You have no idea. Hey! Why are you going in there? Don’t ever go in there. Let me go. This is my home. I lived here. I’ve worn her underwear,
I’ve bathed her, and I’ve ever brushed her teeth. Shut up! Do you seriously want to die? I got hit too many times today. I could’ve dodged it. Why is he so drunk? Tell him to go home! Director, you be quiet too. Director… Seriously! What’s going on…? Director…
President… Sorry. I couldn’t stop them, as you can see. I’m going to sleep on the bed. Go ahead. I’m going to sleep next to Ra Im. What are you doing here? Where are we? Is this your home? Oh, you’ve never been over, have you? Of course. Ow. My head… Your head hurts, right? You’ll be ashamed soon. Because, I am. That was quick. Do you need help? Sit. You need to relieve your hangover. Okay. You got rid of my toothbrush? Why would we have your toothbrush? Give me the blue towel. I like that one. He must still be drunk. Ra Im! What are you doing here? I wanted to surprise you,
but what are they doing here? Did you guys play poker all night? What are you doing here? I came to kidnap Ra Im. You weren’t picking up your phone. I was a bit preoccupied this morning. That’s all right. Just know that you’re the first
girl to not pick up my call. I met you in Jeju-do, right? This is perfect. I was going to ask Ra Im to
be my mentor for a while. – Is that all right?
– Mentor? Do you need action training? Something like that. I’ll take that as a yes. Shall we go? What a sweet and courteous kidnap, right? That’s my charm. Are you laughing because it’s really funny? Or are you laughing out of pity? May I go? Go ahead. Hop in. All right, then. Bye. How could you send her like that? How could you, then? You could’ve taken physical action. I would’ve called an attorney. Are we on the same side right now? The enemy of my enemy is a friend.
You don’t know? That’s an Arab adage. A commercial? Why are you so surprised? Are you wondering what kind of crazy person
would give me a commercial? No, I’m just happy,
because it’s been a while for you. I think things are
finally starting to look up. Right? You’re really the best. This isn’t good. When people understand me this well,
I start thinking about them at night. Which night? Tonight? Tomorrow night? I want to know, so I can think with you. At this rate,
we’ll be going out in 5 seconds. Are you being cautious of me? I was joking. I know. Just my guilty conscience. To be honest, I am being cautious. Because, I’m growing fond you. Let’s talk about work. The commercial is for outerwear. It’s a rock-climbing concept. But in my 8 years of being a singer,
I’ve always been at the top. I’ve forgotten how to climb up. You can help me, right? Your beauty might distract me though… It would take several
months to learn properly, but since you won’t be
doing this professionally, and since you’re already athletic,
10 days should be enough. Then, that’s a yes? How should we schedule the training? Whatever works for you is fine with me. I’ll call you once I confirm
my schedule with the team. Excuse me. Hello? Yes, this is… Right now? Did you receive the money? What money? Ju Won didn’t return it? Did he say he’d pay it back for you? You haven’t received it yet? Are you kidding me? Was that amount too small? Or, do you really want monthly payments? You are really indecipherable. Why should my son pay
back what you spent? Is he your wallet? That isn’t what I mean. I know this is difficult to believe,
but it wasn’t me who received that money. It wasn’t you, you say? How so? Did you leave your soul behind at home? I assumed you had no pride, but I thought you would
at least keep your promise. Why are you still seeing Ju Won? Do you have such a beggar’s mentality
that you have no pride or shame? You should’ve either
taken the money and left, or asked for more. Don’t you have any business ethics? You’re a little out of line. I am, aren’t I?
Only in words though. I’m sorry.
It was out of instinct. I’ll go again. What in the world? What are you? What are you doing? Can’t you see? I can’t just sit around and do nothing. Why? What for? You have no reason to treat her this way. How could you speak like
that to me in front of her? You’re wasting your energy. I never said I would marry her. Why are you turning this into
some third-rate soap drama? If I start hanging my life on her,
then you can intervene. Do it then. This is temporary for me. Can’t you wait that long?

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