[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP11 (Full)

If I start hanging my life on her, then you can intervene. This is temporary for me. Can’t you wait that long? You promise? Have I ever made empty promises? This woman has no interest in me. So, don’t embarrass yourself
by calling her here like this. Later, if I say,
“I can’t live without her,” then please, stop me. What? Even if she changes her mind,
and wishes to marry me, don’t ever approve. Okay? You want me to disapprove?
You want me to do what I do best? Yes. Really… Is this what you want as well? I’m sorry, but your son is mistaken. It isn’t what you want, is it? No. Your son may think of me
as someone temporary, but to me, he isn’t even that. What? I’ve tried getting angry.
I’ve tried punching him. I’ve even thrown him against the ground. But he has such strange taste that he says the more I do
that the more he likes me. Hey! You did what?
You threw him? I heard you had me tailed. But, I think it would be
wiser to tail your son. I’d appreciate it if you could make sure
that he never comes near me again. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Then, if you’ll excuse me. How dare you get up
while I’m speaking? Take this! You should’ve just come empty-handed. Are you demonstrating that you’re poor
by bringing this outrageous basket? Can’t you tell that this isn’t the kind
of place to bring this kind of garbage? You bought this? You think I did, then?
Is this your aesthetic taste? Is this why you were tutored
in art from age 12? Follow me. Let’s get out of here first. Just leave it. Don’t touch me. What did you bring this for? Is anyone here? Clean this up. Let’s go. Let go.
I’m taking that with me. I told you, let go! This is my house.
You can hit me outside. Where are you going? – I’ll take you.
– Hey, you psycho! I said, this is my house. So, what?
Are you showing off? You really are a psychopath. What?
Temporary? Do I automatically become temporary
just because you say so? Do I look that insignificant to you? Listen carefully. I don’t want to spend a single
second with you anymore. I’m warning you.
Don’t ever touch me again. Understood? Get in. Get in. There aren’t any buses in this area.
It’s a long walk. Fine.
I’ll drive, then. Give me your keys. What are you doing?
Stop! Stop joking around. Hey! What are you doing? What?
Can’t I have some fun with a rich boy? – What?
– How does it feel? Is this fun?
Are you enjoying it? Want to do it again? It pisses you off too, right? This is how I always feel around you. Where is your common sense? I told you to return the money. – First, just calm down…
– Shut up. Am I being too nice right now? I wish I could beat you half to death, but this is to respect the fact that
I hesitated over you, even if it was for a moment. So, be quiet. You think I have no pride,
because I don’t earn a lot of money? My father taught me to never
visit anyone’s home empty-handed. How dare you mock that?
Is your family and estate that great? She would’ve reacted that way
no matter what it was. It’s you she doesn’t like,
not what you brought. I know. That’s why I don’t like her either. That’s fair. What? I understand why you’re mad.
I can accept it. Should you understand me too? Understand?
Understand what? Were you expecting me to
side with you in that situation? If you were, then you’re the
one living in a fairy tale. How could I behave so
thoughtlessly to simply impress you? It would’ve made her even angrier. I’m doing the best that I can right now. This is what you have to endure
in order to meet someone like me. You should have known. Am I wrong? No, you’re right. You’re always right. But the fact that everything
you say is right… hurts. I apologize if you were upset.
I’m sorry. Don’t apologize.
You’re not sorry at all. Gil Ra Im, were you always this pretty? Congratulations…
on being Gil Ra Im again. Why do girls always make that foam
mustache when they’re in front of guys? Gross. Come here. I did it to make you laugh. But, is it true that
you hesitated over me? You just pretended that you never did? There are certain things in this world
in which you are better off not knowing. I think you’re one
of those things to me. Find someone great… And, make your mother happy. Find someone great… And, make your mother happy. Yeah. Where are you? Are you still in Pyeong-chang-dong? No, I’m home. What about Ra Im? She left. I can tell something happened. What did your mother say?
Did she throw Ra Im a money envelope? She did that ages ago. Then, she called her again? Did Ra Im cry? Not in front of me,
but probably on her way home. Way home? You didn’t send her off alone, did you? You think she’d leave that up to me? You should’ve still taken her home. Knowing your mother,
I’m sure it was no tea party. How could you send her
off alone like that? I was worse than my mother. What? You should’ve never called me. How could I just watch
Ra Im get hurt by Aunt? You know I always protect my fans. Exactly what did you say that
you sound so depressed? Oska… I really thought I could… What do you mean? Not fall for her. I thought I’d be fine,
since she isn’t anybody. But, it’s not going according to plan. You idiot.
You don’t plan these things. Your heart’s not a vending machine.
You can’t pick which soda you want. Rest.
I’ll see you later. Would you like some tea? Miss. Yes? I had an autograph event a few days ago. And, I saw a fan in her 40s
with my same hairstyle. What do you think about that? She must be a client of ours.
Right? Right?
Right? I’m not even hoping to look young. But, I think there’s a problem when
I look like some old lady’s sister. I even looked prettier from she did. Oska! What? There is an article about the
original composer of your song, and it’s someone we know. Someone we know?
Who? Bring it here. What the heck?
Is this real? He was the original composer? I can’t believe this. Where is he right now?
Did he leave the country? I told you to find out. Hello? Where are you? Why do you want to know? Where are you? You’re still here, right? I’m heading there now,
so don’t you move. You have a meeting. Push it back two hours.
Where are you? We already pushed it back two hours! Don’t you have anything to say to me? – No.
– No? You want to die? Don’t make a fool out of me. You should’ve told me that
you were the original composer. It isn’t my fault that you’re dim. I gave you two chances. When? Why do you have this? I put in a song that
you should listen to. Make sure you listen to it. Did you find out who leaked it? Why don’t you try looking
for the original composer? How was I supposed to know? You must have enjoyed watching me
go through this ordeal. I was excited. What? I knew you’d come find me. Why would I? Don’t you have anything to say to me? Like what? You must have no conscience. What do you mean? I thought the first thing
you would do is apologize. Ignorance is no excuse. You have no respect for artists. What? I’m a victim, too. My 7th album and
my image have been ruined. What more do you want? You got your apology
from the plagiarizer. Apology? Did you obtain it through your effort? What? There’s an unexpected guest. Did you wait long? Do you two know each other? How do you know her? We know each other well.
I’d say a little too well. If you’re done, could you leave us?
It’s important. Important how?
What is it? Old lady, you had the article released? Yes, it was me.
And, I’m not an old lady. It was you?
Why did you do it? This is a preview to our
agency’s new musician. I hope you liked it. What are you talking about?
Whose new musician? It’s not a formal contract. We agreed to all your terms. Your personal studio and flat
should be ready by next week. Have you thought about it? Yes. I just decided. – It’s a deal.
– What? Why would you sign that? You passed me up and
embarrassed me just for this? At least this old lady had the
sincerity to find out who I was. I’m not an old lady! You promised you wouldn’t go anywhere.
What are you going to do about that? What promise? I never make promises.
I’ve been betrayed too many times. I’ll call you after reading it over. Hey!
Where are you going? We’re not done talking here. That little punk. Since when did you know him? You’re doing this,
because you knew I wanted him. You did? We must have similar tastes. What a shame. You’re probably already
upset over the song leak. Did you really do that? You said it was me.
It probably is, then. Don’t avoid the question like that. Who else would be so devoted to ruin me? You should’ve shown me
this side earlier. If I had known,
things would’ve been much easier. You were the worst gossip of my life. Yes, mother? You’re probably doing fine, but I just miss hearing
your voice some days. Today is one of those days. How are you? Did something good happen to you? It seems like it. Are you busy these days? No. Actually, I’m not.
Why? Then, why haven’t there
been any scandals? Are you religious now? What do you mean? I guess I’m getting old.
I want a daughter-in-law. You don’t have anyone? No. All right.
I’ll look for a good and kind woman. What brings you here? This office is a bit…
bare…isn’t it? It seemed like Ju Won
had a very nice office. That’s because he is the CEO. You must have no greed. You’ve been with Royal Group
for over 30 years… I tend to accept things the way they are. That’s fine, but you think
on a very small scale. I could promote you to become CEO, or I could prevent it better
than Ju Won’s mother. Which would you prefer? What do you mean? Isn’t Ju Won a difficult
person to deal with? Pardon? I’ll be frank. If I make you the CEO, could you
make Woo Young vice president? He can’t sing and dance forever. Don’t you think that Woo Young would
be much less difficult than Ju Won? He has so many fans,
that might not be the case. That is true. Of course, it will be a national loss
when Woo Young retires, but he needs to think of his age. What do you say? I was the one who photographed him
on his high school graduation. He is like family. In that sense, I feel closer
to him than to Mr. Kim. I will depend on you, then. Alice asked, “Could you tell me
which road I must take?” The Cheshire Cat replied, “It depends on which road
you would like to take.” “I don’t really care which one.” “Then, it doesn’t matter
which one you take.” There is somewhere I want to go. You will surely end up somewhere…
if you keep walking as you have. Gil Ra Im! I’m in the locker room.
I’ll be down. Gil Ra Im! What is that?
Is it for me? – Good evening!
– Good evening! Did you buy it? Chief Kim bought one
for his daughter, so… No wonder. But, why a cat?
My friends call me Gil Nyangee. Gil Nyangee?
What’s that? It means street cat. They said I have a tough
untamable charm to me. Do you go around beating
people up in school? What do you take your daughter for? I was going to make you
an awesome seafood dinner, but I’ll just eat it alone. Are you mad? I’ll help with the crab. Forget it.
I can do it. Why are you still here?
I called you several times. Sorry.
Did something happen? About Dark Blood…
They called asking for a demo video. Really?
They really called? The director just received it.
Only 40 people got this call. Congratulations. Oh, my god!
I’m going to go see the director. Director! Director! Congratulations. It’s all thanks to you. I’m going to focus
on the demo video now. Make sure not to overwork yourself. Do you have time in the evening?
Let’s all have dinner. My treat. You go ahead. You’re not going to come? I have plans. Should we do it tomorrow, then?
How about tomorrow? I have plans.
And, the day after, and the day after that. If you’re worried about me,
then don’t be. I think I just need
a little distance and time. I’m sorry, but what are
you talking about? I realized that perhaps it was wise
of you to have said that to me. I think it was necessary
to draw that line. I didn’t think that you were so keen. It is my fault for getting caught,
but don’t make me feel sorry. Just pretend that I’m not here,
and focus on your work. I’ll make sure
I never get caught again. Just leave that there.
I’ll take care of it. All right. Is there construction going on?
It was so noisy outside. We’re setting up the Christmas tree.
Should we do it later if it’s noisy? Oh…
It’s already Christmas. How far along are you? Pardon? It’s so pretty. Thank you so much.
It went much more smoothly with you. That’s why I joined. Then, good night. Do you like decorating Christmas trees? I don’t. I don’t like making a big deal
about someone else’s birthday. But, I thought you’d like it.
Since, you like everything that I don’t. Even those socks… But, those socks won’t help
you get any presents. Why not? Santa doesn’t give presents
to those who cry. He has a strict guideline. You made me. Santa doesn’t care. Jerk. So, who told you to cry? Are you the real Gil Ra Im? Are you serious? Seeing those eyes, it must be you.
Why are you here all of a sudden? Why are you smiling?
After all you put me through. What are you talking about? Exactly what did you
say to Director Lim? Why is he telling me to
not make him feel sorry? You came here at this
hour to ask me that? Hurry up and answer. I told you at Jeju-do.
That director likes you. So, I told him to never confess to you. – What?
– Shouldn’t you thank me? It’s not like you
two can see each other. You think what you did is good? You only know two types of relationships
between men and women, don’t you? We’ve worked together for 7 years. He’s my mentor, my father,
the one person I can depend on, and the person whom I most respect. You can’t just interfere and
ruin our relationship. Who ruined what?
All I did was clean it up. He is not as pure as you think.
I was able to tell right away. Are you that slow?
Or, are you pretending? Fine, let’s say that
the director likes me. That makes it more so my problem.
It is between the two of us. What gives you the right to hurt him? Who do you think you are? You hurting him while you were me
is more painful than when you hurt me. If you’re not going to hurt him,
are you going to go out with him? Do you like him? Yeah, I do. Thanks to you,
I’ve found out he feels the same, so I’m going to give it a try. I have the right now. I’m warning you,
don’t ever get angry at me or tell me that you’re hurt
over some other guy. Don’t come over here
for that kind of reason. What are you doing? Are you two fighting? Is he giving you a hard time? You’re late. You two did fight. You have no right to start a fight.
You deserve to be hit and yelled at. Are you all right, Ra Im? I’m sorry about leaving
like that yesterday. Don’t worry about that.
I’m sure you haven’t recovered yet. I know how it feels. The women in our family
are kind of extreme. It was upsetting, wasn’t it? Why bring it up the past? It may be the past for you. But, even now, Ra Im is in that
living room with your mother. You don’t know a woman’s heart. Ra Im, just kick him to the curb. I would like to,
but he fails to realize it every time. That’s my strong point. I’ll be going, then. I’ll take you. I heard we’re training
tomorrow morning. Let me take my mentor home. No, I’m going to take her. Yes, please take me home.
It’s been a rough day. Let’s go. You, stay here and reflect. You’re drilling a hole into my face. That’s what I want.
Where do you think the hole will be? It’s so you don’t get hurt. These pretty hands have
to play the piano. You don’t hold grudges, do you?
You resolve things right away? Who doesn’t hold grudges? I’ve pushed off students from
high places for not listening. I wish you could join us. I don’t think gravity would
allow me to climb up. Obesity leads to all types of diseases.
You have to stay fit and live long. Why do you think I overeat? That Dong Gyu! Don’t worry.
I’ll tell him for you. I’ll make a diet and
exercise plan for you. Shall we start? Sure. All you have to do is put your foot here,
and pull yourself up. There’s nothing to fear!
You can trust me, okay? Don’t look down.
Only look up. I’m used to looking down from up top. Apply chalk on your hands
if they get sweaty. The thing on your waist… I forgot! A beautiful mentor with too many flaws
makes it difficult for me to concentrate. Here, use mine. I’m sorry. You just made a big mistake. – It wasn’t intentional.
– That’s not enough. If you slap me on the right cheek,
I’m the type that will offer you my left. So, this one too. What?
Go ahead. I’ve been working out. It’s all right. I’ve already seen things
I shouldn’t have. Things you shouldn’t have? Did you…
really see those pictures? This is the program and guest list for
the VVIP New Year’s Eve party. There are a total of 473 guests. Are you sure that’s our best? I knew you’d ask,
so I counted each and every guest. What did you do that for? Must I give you the
best answer yet again? Cut it down to the top 47 shoppers. What? Budget it for 470, and invite 47, so that it appeals to those 47 that
they are the top 10% of the VVIPs. That way, the remaining 426 customers
will fight for that spot next year. Also, there is a guest waiting
who refuses to leave… – Who is it?
– She says you’re her fan… That you’ve even gotten her autograph… – Park Chae Rin?
– Yes. – I should send her back, right?
– Why do you even ask? Wait!
Send her in. Tell me where Woo Young is. I’ve been calling him everyday,
but he doesn’t pick up. You said if this happens,
you’d tell me where he is. Why didn’t you come earlier? I always keep my end of a deal. Really? You’re athletic, so you learn fast.
I think one week will be enough. One week? You’re really strange. You said 10 days.
You can’t change it now. This isn’t funny. Do you know how disappointed I was
that our romantic getaway was cut short? Really? To be honest, I was glad. What?
Why? I wanted us to meet in a film
rather than a variety program. I didn’t want to remain in
your memories as a contest winner. And, I lied when I said I’ve
been your fan for 3 years. It was a lie?
Then, you’re not my fan? I liked you before you debuted. So, it’s been 13 years, actually. That’s when I was in
a band in Hongdae. Yes.
You were a worse singer back then. But, I was more handsome.
Why did you lie though? I thought it might scare you. It is a bit scary.
Since, you’ve seen me age. We aged together. You aged beautifully. Thank you. Can I ask you something? When you made that bet in Jeju-do…
You said it had to do with me. What was it exactly? You said Ju Won already told you. Were you bluffing it
at the police station? I had to in that situation. We betted on you.
It’s our little rule… To steal and get stolen
what we desire the most. Ju Won waged you, and
I waged a house, but I won. So, technically, you belong to me now. What would you do if I took that right? Then, do I get to meet
your mother this time? You don’t need to be afraid. You’d be the 35th one to meet my mother, so it might get screened
right at the intercom. Oh, but…
I’m pretty photogenic. Really? Oh, well, then,
you’ll have to marry me. Oska! How could you be eating here like this
after ignoring all my phone calls? Haven’t you ever heard the song,
“At least he’s eating well!” But, how did you know I was here? Ju Won told me to hurry and come here,
because you were with a weird girl. What were you doing meeting Ju Won?
Did you really sell those pictures to him? Pictures?
What pictures? You said you took pictures at the hotel.
Remember? Oh, that?
I was lying. What?
That little punk! So, did you eat?
Go eat over there. To Yoon Seul…
Thank you for having loved me. He said so himself that he liked you?
You believe that? Yes, I do.
Unlike you, he has sincerity. Sincerity?
Are you stupid? That’s all a front that men put up.
You think Woo Young is any different? – The Woo Young that I know is different.
– Should I show you whether he is or not? What are you talking about? See for yourself what
kind of front he puts up, what he’s willing
to give up to save face. You’ll see his sincerity then. You think Seul only slept with you?
She totally gets around. There isn’t a single male
celebrity who doesn’t know her. You’re not really going out
with her, are you? You’re ruining the mood.
You think I’m crazy? Why would I go out with her?
She’s just an obsessed fan. Okay? Yeah, it’s me. I need your help. Have the profits risen? He’s been doing this for 13 years. Why wouldn’t it? The mall has been flourishing
since Ju Won became CEO. Don’t give him all the credit. He couldn’t have done it
without the help of his staff. To be frank, if he still
can’t remember the accident, you can’t say he’s
completely back to normal. – Yeon Hong!
– I’m just concerned. I heard post-traumatic-syndrome
can last a lifetime. Shouldn’t you worry about your own son?
Woo Young needs to marry. I’m sick and tired of clearing
his scandals at our family meetings. The water here is so good. By the way, how did your set up go? I’m not really sure,
but I think I was rejected. What? That family owns a mall,
hotel and resort, and even this spa. – You have to get with him.
– Aren’t they talking about Ju Won? I don’t care about his assets. I have a decent amount myself. It’s just a pure crush, but people keep bringing
his inheritance up, and it doesn’t feel right. So, I stopped calling him. Then, you’re not going to see him? How can I? He loves someone else. I don’t want to interfere,
and look like a gold digger. I don’t want people thinking my kind
friend is materialistic either. Oh, my god! Oh, I’m sorry.
Were we too loud? It’s not that.
She’s his mother. – Pardon?
– I’m Kim Ju Won’s mother. Oh! I’m so sorry. I usually don’t speak of others
when they’re not present. It’s all right. When else would I get to listen
to others gossip about my son? If you’re not busy, would you like
to have some tea with me? I remember you now.
You’re prettier in person. You look much like Secretary Yoon. Thank you. So, you don’t speak to Ju Won? I don’t want to make him uncomfortable. Those who were raised like you
are too kindhearted for your own good. – I’m sorry.
– For what? You don’t need to apologize. Can you tell me in detail about
the woman Ju Won is seeing? Is it, by any chance, that stuntwoman? You know already? I’m sure she’s a fine lady,
since Ju Won chose her. I was too nice in sending her off.
Too nice… That was Oscar worthy.
Which character version was that? Morning soap drama. But, who was the woman
next to Ju Won’s mother? You didn’t know?
She was Woo Young’s mother. What? – So, I guess you love waffles.
– Yes, I especially like the one here. Yeah?
We’ll come often, then. Has Ju Won been around lately? He came over a few days ago. He did? Why?
To see you? I can’t be sure. He’s been weird these days.
And, so has Ra Im. So confusing… What’s there to be confused about?
Let’s keep them separate from us. Oh, yeah.
Did I tell you? I’m changing my car. You are? I didn’t tell you?
I got it last week. Something that fits better with you. It’s not entirely mine yet,
but soon enough… What? If I don’t pick up, you should
just assume I’m busy. You just keep calling until I pick up! Are you out of your mind?
Don’t you know who this is? Oh, it was you? I thought it was another Mr. Kim…
I’m so sorry… Another Mr. Kim?
I don’t think you made a mistake. Did you? Huh? I can’t really hear you. I…can’t…hear…. What?
You want Ah Young? Why? Have some tea. Oh, yes. Relax. I probably could, if I knew
why I was called here… Are you free tonight? What? Let’s have dinner. You want dinner with me? May I? You may, but… Under one condition. Condition? We each have to bring our closest friend. Do I have to dress up? Of course. Your friend is… Yes, we’re like buddies. This is usually only
possible in Western culture… You must have a lot of friends. I clearly remember saying
“closest” friend… She is my closest friend. To be honest, Ra Im and
I have been a bit distant lately. How can friendship change? What? The reason I organized this dinner is… How well do you know Ah Young? What? Ah Young doesn’t like it when you sleep
with your back turned towards her. She believes that you need to break up
with a guy once to make him yours, so even if she breaks up with you, wait. If you want to become hers. If she wants to go see a fortune
teller, don’t fuss, and take her. Neither Won Bin nor
Jo In Sung was a good match, so she’ll probably check
Kang Dong Won next. When she uses the bathroom,
she always leaves the door slightly open. Then, she asks…
“Does it smell?” After washing her face,
she applies 7 different creams. Make sure to buy her moisturizer.
She ran out. President… Take good care of her. Come home late today. What? Why didn’t you pick up?
Why are you ignoring my calls? Am I your secretary?
I can do whatever I want. What’s so great about you? Do you know what
I did today because of you? I’m not interested.
Move. How could you not be interested? You should be.
We’ve even kissed. How could you be so detached?
How could you be so indifferent? Do you know how many hours
I waited for you? Considering my personality and status,
do you know how ridiculous that is? Why is it only me?
Why am I the only one like this? How is that my fault? You think it isn’t? When I first asked you
if you knew Oska, what did you say? “Why do you want to know?” You shouldn’t have said that. You should’ve said,
“I do, but I’m not Park Chae Rin.” Then, none of this
would’ve ever happened. You’re psychotic. You made me this way. But, you’re perfectly fine,
going to action school, meeting Oska. Nothing has changed for you, while my simple life
has turned upside down. It’s unfair, and it really ticks me off. So, what? So, I’m going to do whatever it takes. That includes waiting for hours
in front of your home like a fool. So, I need you to cooperate. What? You have no desire to
be the little mermaid. So, I’m going to be her. What? I’ll be the little mermaid. I’ll stay quietly beside you,
then disappear like foam. I’m openly clinging onto you right now.

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