[EN] 시크릿가든, Secret Garden, EP16 (Full)

Open the door! Dear God… When I receive your calling, please give me the power to save one soul
no matter what the circumstance may be. Dear God… I am still afraid,
and I pray for the rain to come. Hello? Kim Joo Won! Hello? I’m not…supposed… to ride…the elevator. Hello? Joo Won! Answer me. Say something! I pray that you prepare me for when
the fate of a precious life becomes unknown. If I die by your will,
by your grace, please look over my family. Joo Won! Answer me! Say something! Ah Young! The elevator… In the elevator… Ra Im? – Why is your number…
– Hurry, Ah Young… Joo Won is trapped inside the elevator. What? Joo Won never takes the elevator. He did. He took it. He’s trapped inside. Hurry! Call Mr. Kim. Hurry! There is a person trapped inside of
an elevator at Loel shopping mall. He’s claustrophobic! Please, help him! Save him, please! Loel shopping mall! Please, hurry. What am I supposed to do? It’s all my fault. Hurry, Mister, please! Please… Sir! Sir, are you inside? Sir, please say something! Sir! What’s wrong?
Open your eyes. Hurry up and do something about this! Get up, Sir! Why is he like that?
What’s wrong with him? Hurry up and open this! Sir! Hurry up. Sir, wake up! Sir! Please, move. Follow that ambulance.
Quickly! What? The director himself
asked why she wasn’t present. And, I can’t reach her for some reason. Has she really gone crazy? How could she miss this audition? Because, Ra Im…isn’t Ra Im. What? What happened? What happened to President Kim? Well, the security was so tight,
I couldn’t really find out… Really… That wasn’t what I was trying to do. I was really…just curious. For now, I think it’s
best you get out of here. Let’s go. Let’s go. Mr. Kim… Boss… Mr. Kim… Mr. Kim… Ra Im… What happened? Is he all right? I don’t know yet. Why did he have to take the elevator? Oh, no… Is he all right? Is he awake? I was told to announce that
it was work-induced fatigue. He must be all right,
if they’re taking care of the press first. President… It’s been a while. Do you know me? Do you want your visit to be a secret? Fine. I won’t tell anyone. You can go in. Are you all right? Are you really okay? What were you doing in the elevator? Did you listen to what I said? I told you I can’t ride elevators! I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I just wanted to show that you could… I had no idea it would stop. I’m really sorry. Come closer. Woman, I thought I’d never see you again. I thought that too… I thought something bad would happen… I’m sorry. Don’t cry. How was your audition? Why aren’t you saying anything? You didn’t…miss it, did you? How was I supposed to
audition in such a state? What? Then, you came here instead? Are you out of your mind? You said it was your lifelong dream. What are you doing? You need to be stable right now. Be quiet, and turn around,
so I can change. There he is! Have you settled the matter, Oska? Did you confront the composer face to face? How do you feel? Yes, well, I feel relieved to
prove my innocence. Could you look to the right, please? But, my left side is prettier. Can’t you take the picture
and send the file to that reporter? All right. You received much help from
your colleagues, correct? Yes. Recently, I have realized that
help does not come guaranteed. I would like to thank all those who helped
me for making a difficult decision. Among them was the singer Cherry. Weren’t you two involved
in a scandal together? Since we’re surrounded by water, I’ll tell you, it’s difficult to avoid
having a scandal with me. So, I am especially grateful
and sorry to Cherry. All right. That will be all for today. Where were you? When did you get here? Just now. Want some? I just got back from the police station. – Yeah?
– Aren’t you even worried? You’re the one who leaked my song… I told you to file for compensation. Get straight to the point.
I’m busy. You really didn’t worry? Everything’s been figured out,
thanks to Cherry. I was hoping I could share this joy with you. Why with me? Share it with Cherry. I have to go. Go where? – Loel.
– Why? You’re still not over Joo Won? Isn’t that normal? He’s so perfect. Yeah, right, he is. Do you even know him? I’m trying to. Let me come with you. I was going to go, anyway. Why? I have to buy Cherry her bag. Want to help me pick one? Are you asking me to pick out
a bag for some other girl? I’m not asking you to buy it. This isn’t your first time. Why do you need my help? I dare you to follow me. Why are you smiling. Don’t spit. What? I don’t know why I like it when you glare. Right now, it feels
like we’re back in the past. With whose permission? Who said you could turn back time? Who said you could go back to
my most painful times? How is it that you
forgive yourself so easily? Don’t look so upset. I’ll get you another audition. How? However. I told you… I am much more capable
than you give me credit for. Are you going to tell your grandfather? That is my last resort. Don’t cry. I don’t ever want to see
your crying face again. It’s too much for me to bear. I really hope that
a miracle like that will occur. Please, believe in me. I will make that miracle happen. I told you to stop crying. Where were you? What happened?
Why didn’t you audition? Did that punk say he couldn’t help you? That punk had a bit of a situation. What kind of situation? Where is he? Right here. What? We switched back. It turns out that it was the rain. Then, you’re Kim Joo Won? Are you that happy to see me? Yeah, I am. You can send the bill to the action school. What? You really pack a punch. It’s nothing compared to what you did. Telling you not to confess, right?
Let’s call it even, then. Be thankful that I consider
you an alienated neighbor. Otherwise, you would’ve met my lawyer. Shut your mouth,
before you’re left half dead. Wait, let me talk to you. I have nothing to say to you. It’s about Ra Im. We have to let her audition. It’s already over. I’ll take care of that. Tell me how to get a hold of
that Hollywood director. He went to Japan. Japan? I have a favor. Which one are you? Ra Im? You’re talking like Joo Won though. I wish I could tell everyone in one sitting. It’s me.
Remember, it rained? Do I look like the weather girl? Forget this.
Let’s come up with a password. I don’t have a lot of time, okay? You have connections in Japan,
since you’re a Hallyu star, right? Yeah, I have a lot of connections. So? Ra Im had an important audition today,
but she missed it because of me. But, that director went to Japan. Find out two numbers for me…
his hotel room number, and direct contact number. What do I get in return? What do you want? – Gil Ra Im.
– Just die. Then, get out of my house. And, go where? Get a hotel room. And, publicize that I was kicked out? I heard people at
the party were betting on it. Who told you to kiss her and
publicize that you’re crazy? I couldn’t resist. It was a moment I had been waiting for. So, will you help me? You’ve gone crazy over her. May I speak to the representative of Yamamoto TV? I am Korean singer Oska. Yes, thank you. I love you too. Hello, this is Oska. Director Lian Jackson is currently in Japan, right? Hello, Sir. How have you been? It’s me, Oska. The representative gave me this number… Oh, you got the call? Yes, I have a pen. Yes… Thank you so much. I will be sure to call you the next time I’m in Japan. The top is his cell phone number,
and the bottom is his room number. I’ll thank you later. If you had any intention to,
you would’ve done it already. This is driving me crazy. Is he the only one busy? Is he the only one in the world’s top 1%? Is this even the right number? Send our private jet over to Haneda right now. What? A private jet? How good this scene comes out
is entirely dependent on you, so we’re counting on you. Thank you.
I will do my best. All right, let’s go. Good work everyone. Turn in your outfits, please. I’ll go change right now. You know Woo Young… I mean Oska, right? Oska? You don’t know him? What if I do? Let’s go. His cousin wants to see you. Me? Are you sure it’s the stunt and
not the actress he wants to see? He sounds crazy, right? He does seem to have unique taste. Please, raise your hand. Over here. Enjoy. Am I in trouble again? Those aren’t ordinary lunch boxes. They’re our memories. Did I say anything? Thank you. That’s why I did it. Wait here. I’m going to go speak to that person. The director? What are you going to say? Just to let him know… that to me, you’re Kim Tae Hee
and Jeon Do Yeon. You’re crazy! Why did you come here though? Because, you’re here. I missed you. I had no choice. I got to see you, so I should go now. I have to take care of something at work. Bye. Kim Sung Oh! Yes! Shall we go and end
the lives of the perpetrators? I’ll cut to the chase. Was the elevator incident…an accident? Yes. Is that so? Then, may I check the CCTV? I will ask you again. Was the elevator incident an accident? Go and take care of work. Yes. This is my letter of resignation. I will take full responsibility. By taking full responsibility, are you admitting that this was your doing? Yes. Why? I wanted to make sure… whether you could ride the elevator or not. You knew about my condition? Yes. What were you planning to do
if your suspicions were confirmed? Isn’t it obvious? Why are you being so honest? Because, I’d rather be
unemployed than be a murderer. I am happy to know you are safe. Mr. Park. Yes? You made the right choice. I accept your resignation.
No further action will be taken. You’ve worked hard. You may go now. That was a close one. We’ll do all the on-site work. Just focus on the design from now on. Leave, if you’re going to lecture. I’m here. Did you get hurt? He got a huge cut. There was so much blood. How was the shooting? Have you gone to the hospital? – Do you feel better?
– You haven’t, have you? Why is she so persistent? Pay attention. He asked how the shooting went. You know me. Once again, I made my mark in this industry. Do you feel a bit better? I’m much more at peace now. I told myself that it wasn’t meant to be. She says it wasn’t meant to be. Any other questions? Aren’t you leaving? I mean you. Right! Ra Im! Should we order chicken,
and not give her any? Are you messing with me? Am I not allowed to? I am the director now… Don’t linger on it, Ra Im. You weren’t supposed to do it. My daughter… You’re all right now. I feel relieved now. Forgive me for having
forgiven myself so easily. And, are you sure you’re not the one
who liked roasted chestnuts? I have to go now. By the way, you’re
the prettiest one here. Then, it’s me. Why did you want to see me? You haven’t said a word. Why are you just staring at me? I want to know what’s inside
that head of yours. I heard that you didn’t sign with Seul. So? So, sign with me. I’ll make you rich like me. – I don’t want that.
– Why not? – Because, I don’t.
– So, why not? You didn’t even think about it. Can’t you be humane, and give in now? Why are you so obsessed with me? Do you like me? Would I do this if I hated you? I told you, I like men. Who’s stopping you? Like men.
I’ll like women. What did you help me for, then? The moment you helped me,
a friendship formed. A tight sticky kind… It’s practically destiny, I tell you. Don’t flatter yourself. You still have no idea how to coax me. Stop fooling around,
and take it while it’s here. What else have you got? Are you going to catch shrimp? You look like one. I’m leaving Korea. That’s what you always say. You didn’t even do
your military service yet. Think about it, and get back to me. I’m taking this as collateral. Stop bluffing. And, you better get back to me… With an answer that will please me. I’ll be going, then. You have a visitor. I came to get my things. Since, I’m back to being myself. What? Shouldn’t you want to stay here more, then? You’re funny. Should I bring out some tea? Yes, please. Have a seat.
Let’s hold a New Year’s fan meeting. This is for 2011. I’m so photogenic. You are. Aren’t you going to sign it though? With a relationship like ours? It is a must.
So, you can tell everyone we’re close. By the way, is Joo Won still staying here? He still can’t go back? Aunt Boon Hong never
takes back what she says. The harder she strikes,
the harder Joo Won strikes back. She’s been calling to
tell me to kick him out. It’s been driving me crazy. Here. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to ask you… Why do you always let Joo Won win? How do you know if I let him? Everyone thinks I lose to him. Because, you always look
happy after you lose. You really are a fine woman
the more I get to know you. Be good to Joo Won for me. The reason I always let him win… is because when Joo Won was 21, he experienced something he shouldn’t have. And because of that,
he almost fell into depression. It was difficult to watch him go through that. He didn’t speak at all. I started to pick fights with him,
tease him, and bother him on purpose. Because then, he’d at least fight back. What happened? Hear it from Joo Won. Later, if he remembers. What? Joo Won doesn’t remember what happened. He unconsciously erased it from his memory
in order to protect himself. You should’ve told me you were coming. I was at your place. Did Woo Young talk badly about me again? My oppa isn’t like that. I came to get my things. Whatever. Did anyone call you, by any chance? Who? Anyone saying, “Congratulations!” What are you talking about? Nevermind. Give it here.
You’re going home, right? Let’s stop by for some tea on the way. I already had some with my ‘oppa.’ Woman, I’m asking you out on a date! I know. And, you just got rejected. What? Why? So, you can think about it all day. Where the heck did you learn this stuff? Why are you coming in? You think I drove you home,
so I can stand by the doorway? Are you skipping our hugs
and mistreating me like this because I got kicked out of my house? You have oppa’s place. Sit down. Why? Listen carefully to what I say next. Don’t refer to Woo Young as ‘oppa.’ Starting now, I’m your ‘oppa.’ What? I will consider it cheating if you
call anyone else by that term. I find the whole “boyfriend girlfriend trust”
thing absolutely ridiculous. Understood? Stop glaring. You stole my heart with your weird habits. You stole my body with that weird liquor. You stole my lips at my party. You have no right to always glare like that. How could you dramatize it like that? Be thankful that I can. You think you’d look this
pretty to me otherwise? Leave before I call the cops
on you for trespassing. You got another one? This was your doing, wasn’t it? You did this, didn’t you? No. You did it with your hand.
Shred by shred… Want me to hurt you, bone by bone? Give it. No. What’s January 8th? What day is it? You don’t have to know. Give it. All right. Are you crazy?
Ah Young will be here any moment. Our shopping mall is not that lenient. Seriously! Hey, your eyes are really pretty. Which part will be pretty tomorrow? Want me to guess? I already know. That was for all the hugs I owe you. That’s it. Ah Young is working overtime tonight. Hey! He’s at her house? He didn’t move in, did he? It doesn’t appear that way. I think, perhaps, he just missed her… Mr. Kang! Where has he been sleeping lately? He is staying with Mr. Woo Young. Ms. Ra Im came by today to get her things. So, that’s why he followed her home? He’s totally and completely blinded. Otherwise, how could he be like this? I think… Mr. Kang. Did Joo Won pay you? I apologize. Tomorrow… will you make your yearly visit to… Yes, of course… That’s all. Hey, Boon Hong! Can’t you call beforehand? Look at this. Isn’t she the one who came to our dinner? The one who was set up with Joo Won? What the heck is this? That’s what I’m saying. Who does she think she is? Playing both Joo Won and Woo young… Who is she going to marry? What is the matter with you? Why are you blaming this on her? She probably said she was a fan
when Woo Young seduced her. Are you trying to say that my Woo Young
went after his own cousin’s date? If it’s not true, then fine. Hey! Stop right there! Hey! The main line will be
“I held your hand today.” When a hand is placed on the hand print, it will transform into a real hand,
appearing as if a star is actually holding it. What about post-production? We got someone. The ad will look cheap
if the CG is not done properly, so pay special attention to it. Go scout the other locations. Okay. What are you doing here? To show you something. Did you see this? The headline is hot and straight to the point. I love it. What is this? Can’t you see?
We’re in a scandal. Did you call the newspapers
and tell them it wasn’t true? Pick up every single call
and explain it to them. And, don’t let them infer anything. What? I remembered something again. What? This is how I told you to react
if we got in a scandal, huh? I told you to pick up
all the calls and deny it. That spin articles are a headache… I only remembered our happy moments. I guess I was just making myself comfortable… While you were hurting this much. Did I just realize this? Can’t you see that I’m working? Go. What have I done to you? Hello? Is this Director Yoon? I’m calling from Star Daily
about your scandal with Oska. It’s not true. I have nothing else to say. I did as you told me. So, you take care of the rest… Isn’t it December 5th by the lunar calendar? My dad was a fire fighter, but he died during a rescue when I was 17. That would be 13 years ago… Woo Young. Sorry, but I’m not in the mood to talk. It’s important. Make it short. Ra Im’s father died on December 5th of
the lunar calendar, 13 years ago. So? I searched that date,
but it was the same day as my accident. Are you sure? You have no memory of the accident. I have records though. I looked my hospital records… in case it helped me remember. It was the same day as my car accident. Isn’t that a strange coincidence? Aren’t those kind of coincidences common? Maybe. But a few days ago,
I was trapped inside an elevator. And, I remembered something. You were trapped in an elevator? Woo Young… That accident that everyone
keeps telling me was a car accident… was really an elevator accident, wasn’t it? But, why did you all lie and tell me
it was a minor car accident? You said I got into an accident
while driving by myself. What are you talking about? What do you mean it wasn’t a car accident? Don’t pretend like you don’t know. Really, what are you talking about? Stop acting. You know that it was an elevator accident.
You knew, didn’t you? Mom, Woo Young, you…
you all know, don’t you? Why did you lie then? We wanted to protect you. You seemed to be suffering a lot. There was no reason to tell you the truth when you were trying to
push back the memories. That’s why we made up that story. What exactly happened inside the elevator? That… None of us know either. We heard about the accident
after you were transferred to the hospital. That means, ultimately,
I have to remember it on my own. But, why? People try to forget things
about their lives all the time. That’s what you’ve been doing. If you look at it that way, yes. But, I feel as if
I’ve lost something precious. Precious? I don’t know exactly what it is. It’s just how I feel. What?
A terminal illness? You don’t think so? What?
More like narcissism. No, think about it carefully. He might be hiding it from you. Why else would a healthy person
collapse inside an elevator? Haven’t you seen the articles?
“Fatigue brought on by overwork.” That’s what’s more weird. He barely even comes to work. He’s always playing. I heard he only has 3 months. There was a reason why
he started to greet us back. He was saying goodbye. How is this?
It’s warm. Is it for Joo Won? He really does only have 3 months left. We came here for Mr. Kim, remember? Because, he got you those shoes. Oh, yeah. I’m so forgetful. Wow.
This is so pretty. I need to get a necktie too… You’ll have to pick that one yourself. I have to go. Where? I already told you. You did? Oh, right. Sorry.
Should I go with you? No, I’ll go alone. Have fun on your date. Have a safe trip. I wonder why he hasn’t
been in my dreams lately… Of all places, why do I have to see her here? How disturbing… How are you? Are you mocking me? I wish to be fine,
but because of you, I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for asking,
but why did you place flowers there? Are you glad that you
bumped into me like this? Mind your own business. Why do you want to know? I was just wondering
if you came here for my dad. What? This person… Gil Ik Sun… is my dad. What? Do you know my dad? My dad is a great man who risked
his life to save many others. He isn’t someone who
people like you can insult. How… How can something like this… How… I would like to order an accessory
for women’s handbags, with this character design. It’s a cat. What kind of jewelry setting would you like? All right. Don’t be nervous. 1, 2, 3! Trust the person holding the rope,
and use that strength. 1, 2, 3! I didn’t use the power of man.
I used the power of love. Stand straight. Hands behind your back.
Return to position. Sung Min, when I was taking my SATs,
you were in the 6th grade. Why is that important… when you’re standing
right here in front of me? You want to die, don’t you? Who said that? What? Standing in front of you? Stop it. He’s just a kid. Kid? Have you ever seen a kid that big and dark? Why, you little… Ra Im… Can’t you see we’re in the middle of class? You were totally brave just now. It was awesome. What did he do? I may not tell anyone,
but actually, I am extremely brave. What did you do? Really? You’re so dead! You laugh? You dare laugh? You two planned this! Kid? Is he your kid? It looks like they’re still together. I should’ve hit him harder
when I had the chance. – You hit him?
– You’re dead! Are you good at cooking? Since my mother wasn’t around. I’m cold. What are you doing? I’m cold, so bear with it. Seriously! I’m hot. You’re hot? Yes, I’m hot when I’m with you. Really? Are you serious? Why do you get hot when I’m around? Do you have the same thoughts as I do? No wonder your hair
seems to grow so quickly. Then, how about today we… I’ll cook for you. No, not that. Take it or leave it. – Then, tomorrow.
– You’ve got a text! Where are you? Joo Won’s mother is here. What? What is it? I’m sorry, but I have to go. They just added a scene. Where are you going? I should always be the
most urgent thing in your life. Hey, I’ll take you! My car is over there. I thought you’d find out sooner or later. I’m making the first move, before you do. I don’t understand… When Joo Won was 21,
he got into an accident. He only remembers it as a minor car accident. Perhaps because of the trauma,
he cannot recall clearly. One of the rescuers died while rescuing him. It’s why I ran into you at the cemetery. It couldn’t be… Yes. It turns out…that person was your father. I will compensate with money. With a vast amount of it. However much, I will provide it. So, don’t tie down Joo Won with this. Please, just let him go. I am pleading with you.

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