Environmental and Soil Sciences – UTK

we really strive here to show our
students that environmental science is extremely applicable and practical so
it’s not only learning the technical side the scientific side of
environmentally related problems but then how to use that in a real-world
application but we teach our students a lot about soils and that could be soil
management from agronomic standpoint answering big questions like how do we
produce enough food for everyone in the United States and globally so we really
strive to have I know the Herbert College of Agriculture uses the slogan real-world
solutions that’s a big component for us is giving our students the background to
not only understand the types of problems but then the types of tools
necessary to fill in solvers as well so I decided to get into soil science
basically because I was always really involved in the outdoors when I was a
kid I was really passionate about the environment
protecting our soil and our water and so when it came time to decide what
career path I wanted to take you know this department seemed like the right
track for me and I believe that it’s preparing the future for a future career
in environmental compliance and environmental industry so I think the
most rewarding experience for me I’m in particular has probably been the
opportunities that it has just because we have research stations located
throughout the state also we have extension offices located in every
County throughout the state so that
provides a network of individuals that can offer some different opportunities
that maybe the University itself here on campus couldn’t offer so if a student is
ever interested in pursuing that kind of route and we have those opportunities
here at UT just because we are a land-grant University

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