Environmental Benefits of Composting (9 Reasons to Compost)

so maybe heard about composting but you’re not really
sure how commotion helps the environment well you’re in luck because in this
video we’re going to talk just about that and I also have a free guide that
you can go ahead and download it’s going to be in the description box down below
and I’m also gonna put it to the cards up here and in that cheat sheet I go into a
little bit more depth as to my composing so good for us and the different ways
that you can do it so be sure to download your free guide so if you tuned
in last week I talked about ways for you to reduce your food waste now it’s important for us to reduce food waste because as Americans it is estimated at about 40%
of the food you buy ends up in landfills and that food that ends up in landfills
decomposes and releases methane which is a gas that is at the very least 28 times more
potent than carbon dioxide so it is very important for us to first off to reduce
our food waste today I want to share with you some facts as to why composting
is so beneficial to the environment and I’m also gonna share some tips on how
you can do it even if you have zero space and zero time so let’s get started
so number one reason why composting is so good it’s just because it’s so much
better for the soil when composing happens it becomes this really nice
concoction of things that is better rich in nutrients and they’re so good for the
soil which reduced the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and
all the bad stuff that honestly it’s not good for us it’s no good for an
environment it’s just not good for anyone so composting is really awesome
for the soil composting also helps with the production of good bacteria and good
fungus that we need so that we have a nice rich soil so when you’re
decomposing all that food you’re like pretty much sending it back to earth and
earth knows exactly what to do with it how to turn it around and to make it
into like this awesome good stuff that is so good for the soil as I mentioned
earlier the food ends up in the landfill produces methane and when you compost
and this not happened because the food it just naturally decompose it’s just
the way that mother nature intended for to do it composting saves water so if
you if you’ve ever been near compost or if you haven’t that’s okay just imagine
like what happens when you let food rot you just let it sit there well it’s
gonna get like juicy and that juiciness that happens when you compost it just
helps retain water so it saves water which you may not know this but less
than two percent of the planet’s fresh water supply is freshwater so it’s very
important for us to save water whenever possible and composting is a great way
to the day honestly compost reduces the waste that we sent to landfill and just
think about if about 40 percent of what we send to the land who is actually food
waste just think about how having those trucks get and just I mean this is a
long shot but imagine if you reduce our food waste and then the food truck are
not food trucks but the garbage trucks didn’t need to come by like two three
times a week what if they only needed to come by once
a week can you guys imagine the impact that that would have like how awesome
that would be if we were able to just compost and reduce down my trace because
honestly when you think about it what we send where we put in our dumpster what
makes it smell bad it’s all the food rotting it in there so if we could
reduce that and just compost we wouldn’t have a need for garbage trucks to come
in two three times a week so just think about how much how much resources we
would save if we just composted our stuff and because compost holds all the
water in it also reduces erosion which again is awesome for an environment now
I understand that we’re all busy and we all have busy lives and we all don’t
have time we’re like really short on time so I don’t want to share with you
some tips on how you can do compost seeing if you don’t have time or space
so what I do here at home I do them in a town house and I really don’t have a
backyard or anything like that that I can do my compost so what I do is I save
all the scraps from the week I put them in the freezer and then once a week
usually on Saturdays I take it to my local community garden and they can post
there and I know that there using your curio some things are going
on that’s awesome we’re getting badges there so that is the way that you can
start composting if you have no time the other thing you can do is that you
can ask a friend who maybe is ready to compost tea maybe they’ll take the
composting off your hands you can always just try Craigslist or Facebook
marketplace and put a free ad saying hey I’ve got this organic stuff the UIC
compost and I don’t need organic in the San Xavier buy organic food I mean like
organic matter which are fruits and vegetables of course if you are buying
organic like extra points for you but that’s all it’d be a me like organic
matter like things are not synthetic so those are good ways because maybe there
are people around you who would love to get your food scraps and compost for you
so that’s a good way and of course if you do have time and you do have the
space to do it at home yeah it actually does not take a lot of time believe it
or not it’s it’s a very low meanest thing to do so the cheapest way that you
can do this is for you to head over to your own improvement store and get like
those big garbage cans that cost about 20 bucks you want to drill some holes on
the bottom of the can as always on the top of the lid of the can and then you
wanna layer it so you would start off with a little bit of soil and then you
want to put in your green you switch that is all the fruits and veggies that
you want to compost and then you want to do a layer of the brows which the brows
can be dry needs they can even be like paper bags and things like that and you
want to do a nice little layer of that and then about once every two weeks you
just want to go ahead and give it a mix you can use a rake to the day you can
obviously do a bare hand if you want to but then it’s done the like a very nice
and cheap way you honestly don’t need to have those tumblers of course if you
want the coverage they do make her life easier but it do cost a little bit more
money but there are so many options when it comes to composting like I said to me
because I don’t have the space the easiest thing that I can do is to bring
it to my community garden and it’s an awesome activity that I can do with the
kids every time I take them there I this is an opportunity for me to talk
to them about modern age about reducing your waist there’s so
much that I can talk about impeach them at that moment when we were composing
why all those things are important and why we should take care of mother nature
of our planet and next week I’m actually going to be giving you great parenting
tips so tips on how we can reduce our carbon footprint as a family and how we
can teach kids to love the environment and respect environment so make sure you
tune in next week if you try to say here I only have one thing to ask from you
and that is for you to share with a friend who wants to reduce their carbon
footprint because there’s only so much we can do as individuals but when all of
us get together and fights together then we’re part of something bigger and then
we can have really big lasting impact so just go ahead share with your friends
and today next week to get those reinter tips until next time bye

11 thoughts on “Environmental Benefits of Composting (9 Reasons to Compost)

  1. 40% omg that's so much 🙁 I'm starting a garden this year and will definitely start composting for soil. Love your videos!!

  2. You taught me so much! Thank you. I’ve added a imposter to my list of things to do for home improvement. And I’m sharing this on my Facebook page. Yes we all can do our part to make a difference and this idea will grow!

  3. I enjoyed this very much! It would be great to reduce our waste. I love that you shared how to compost as most of us don't know how. Thank you.

  4. Wow 40% wasted? That's so sad 😔. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips Juliana. I really love your videos. Keep educating us all. We need it! ♥

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