Episode Eleven: Collecting Seaweed For Fertilizer and a Baby Seal On the Beach

[seaweed dropping in a BUCKET] I use seaweed as mulch and fertilizer. I leave it in heaps until the rain rinses the salt off or just spray it down if I need it fast. [massive smooth rocks at the seashore] I collect what is already WASHED UP. [the sea horizon] [picking up seaweed] [filling the bucket] {a seal pup] Every Spring seal pups gets wiened. This one is fat. Hope it makes it, some don’t. [seal pup plays dead] [seal pup peeks up] I shall play dead. says the seal Is it gone? [seal pup keeps peeking up and then lying down, playing dead] Subscribe Replenishing a forgotten lot into a small woodland and food forest with Nature trails and areas for repose. This area was supposed to become a small horse field but after my equine partner passed away, it was left to grow into a tangle of brambles, evergreens and clumping maples. I want to plant a more biodiverse area. Subscribe and follow along as we try.

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