Exposed Patch Of Old Soil And The Surprise From 17th Century

Scan the area my little friend. (I made this hunt before my accident) Let’s go! First find. Sounds like something small on the surface. It’s a piece of thin wire. A small piece of lead. I’m in a steep area. What’s this? A tiny shotgun barrel. GPS (POI) #1 – why not. The noise came from the Deus. A flat piece of lead. Another piece of lead – a former musket ball? I don’t know what it is. Short setting change. Full tones – no thanks… It’s a “10 Reichspfennig” coin from 1899. Foil. With a green caterpillar… I lost the coil cover for the second time today. I have a few inches of “Gorilla” tape. I had this problem with all newer coil covers. Now it should be OK. Just foil (or something). A tiny lead ball. It’s lead again. What is this? Iron tip coming out of lead. Hmm… I activated the funny setting. Not for long. Aluminum sausage clip. A modern rivet. I think, the age of the first layer of soil varies at this place… I often have the feeling, that older finds are out of reach. I would love to see a 2000 years time lapse of this terrain. I bet it would be very surprising… Again, another rivet. It’s iron, but let’s see. A corkscrew? Something deeper and bigger. I’m not very happy about it. I hear noises. Probably wings of a bird in the tree. It’s deeper. A pigeon. Let’s take a look with the macro camera. Oh no, this has been dropped from an airplane during WWII. That’s the item. No wonder the pigeon tried to warn me. I had to switch into “Full Tone” to change my mood. Enough… Probably lead. I apologize – I had allergy that day. Could be a tiny bullet. It’s on the surface. Oh no, it’s a silver coin! It made contact with stones… But who could tell… It’s “1 Albus” (probably mid 1600’s). I will show you pictures at the end. Almost 400 years old and right on the surface. This is what I mean with differences in terrain. Some spaces are exposed, others covered with a thick layer of new soil. Sounds like a hot rock or something… Let’s see. Maybe there is something underneath. No chance, it isn’t even moving a bit. Let me get rid of some of the branches first. They are armed with nasty thorns. A piece of lead? Of course it’s on the other side. Foil. Trash. Sounds good to me. It’s behind roots. It looks like a button. With a gigantic shank. Hmm… A button. 1h and 51min into the hunt. A very old nail. “Roman old”? Ring from a pigeon. 2007. Part of a purse. A pin, a rivet? Again. Something made of lead (looks very old). The finds… Rivets… …and other things. I don’t know… Hmm… The ring. 2007. The chain is growing… I see a dog, a rabbit and a sheep. A (Roman?) nail. Something made of lead with an iron core… “10 Reichspfennig” (1899). The old looking lead item. The button with a big shank. Or is it just bend? Another button. “1 Albus” silver coin (mid, early 1600’s?). Philipp Christoph – Archbishop of Trier. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: unknown

46 thoughts on “Exposed Patch Of Old Soil And The Surprise From 17th Century

  1. Greetings from Washington State Pacific Northwest USA. I enjoy your walk in the woods one question. What happens to the right hand glove?

  2. Top Video schöne Silberne wie immer Daumen hoch mach weiter so 👍 was macht das Bein hoffe es verheilt gut. Gruß aus Oberfranken

  3. excellent vid as always and the 1 albus of Philipp Christoph von Sötern  a very nice find he was archbishop elector from 1623 – 1652 . he was also the prince bishop of Speyer (1610 – 1652). born in 1567 he became Canon of Trier Cathedral at the age of 17 and in 1604 elected provost of Trier. As archbishop, he pursued a rigid fiscal policy that made him unpopular with the people .He also alienated the people by appointing his family members to high office. In 1630, the people of Trier asked Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor for help, and the emperor sent troops to occupy the archbishopric. With aide from French troops, Sötern retook his archbishopric in 1632. however  Spanish Habsburg troops retook Trier in 1635, and Sötern was subsequently imprisoned in Linz from 1635 to 1642 after his release he died on 7th February 1652…just a brief little bit about him I thought was interesting enough to post here  lol

  4. My friend you had some good finds and some interesting finds. Your bird band chain is growing. The silver coin was nice. Update us on the leg. Did the new doctor help you. Great video

  5. Hi (m) how's things my friend. Another amazing video can't wait to see you back on your feet and hunting again.. see you on the next Hunt👍

  6. Looks like you have 2 fans from the Pacific Northwest!! LOL Nice find on the Albus silver coin!! It would be fun to find a hammered like that here. The closest thing here would be a flattened dime on a railroad track!! How's the injury progressing???

  7. Hehe, Albus is an interesting coin. We find them sometimes around Prague and near the german border, but it is quite rare here.

  8. believe your first find (tiny shotgun barrel) was the end of a tie or strap. Like on a shoelace how they use plastic now, they used to use metal to crimp the ends off and keep them together.

  9. I hunted today with my husband at two old house sites.  On the first one, I found a shotgun head stamp, and he found a lead bar with the number 50 on the top. It weighs more than 50 ounces or grams.  But the rest was trash.  The second site had a few new coins.  But we did get out and we had a good time.  I am still trying to figure out what the lead bar is, as it was found close to the head stamp. How are you doing? Is there any news on the leg?  Please get well soon and give the assistants a hug from the Frau.

  10. Hi ,that was very interesting video as always and what a lovely silver coin ,hope you are on the mend ,this is a year you will never forget ,take care friend ,look forward to next fab video .

  11. Are you still using the same program on the deus? Just found a piece of hacked Silver from the viking age today 😀 i love too watch your videos. If you ever comes to Denmark tell me. I got some great fields with medieval and viking age finds ✌🏻

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