#fairpractice organic demeter farming and fine dining – Le Castel Bois Genoud

When it comes to organic food – prices are relatively high, so not everyone can afford these products and, unfortunately, I sometimes think – lets say I took non-organic meat, wouldn’t things be cheaper? When there is a table of 10 people where there is only one out of the 10 who has an environmental awareness for organic products or ethics etc or one of the 10 people who has food allergies it will bring the 9 others to come and eat here and then ‘go in the right direction’ and also realise? Not really. They don’t come back? They do come back, but it is rare to hear that it is because we’re organic here I hear that people come back because there is place in the park for kids to play… or ‘we come here because there are some dishes for children which has vegetables and we don’t have fried nuggets’… but this has an impact on one’s health Yes, for the calm… for many things… but it is rare… I have many discussions with clients who come here to organize their marriage and I get less than one marriage per year who come here for the organic food or ethics… they come because it is nice here, it’s beautiful… because there you go. The major trend in restaurants is are these dishes that are pre-made where instead of having a chef you have an army of unqualified people who use 12 microwaves and who put the dishes for a couple of minutes in the microwave and, in all honestly, it’s really different for the client at the end to notice a difference. Regardless of what dish you order – there will always be around the same base – 5 vegetables, a carbohydrate and then maybe a fillet of organic Salmon, a lamp chop or vegetarian dishes such as chicken made from Soy etc and, the base of each dish will always be the same – there plates will be prepared cold, ‘blanchier’ the vegetables then cool them down and store them like this, then we put them on the plate and we prepare the number of plates needed according to the number of guests then gradually, during the service period, depending on what people ordered we will add either potatoes, or the carbohydrate of the day, or rice, or fresh pasta… The economic cost of looking at oneself in ice cream is very expensive… but it does some good. That’s a good philosophy… Well its mine that I’ve learnt here.

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