Fake Flowers / Ferns in my Front Yard – Floral Arrangements Artificial – Potted Plants

Fake Floral Arrangements with Ferns I’m going to share some fake flowers in
my front yard floral arrangements for you and see which ones you like I’m
going to show some fake floral arrangements that go with ferns how to
use ferns in a potted plant in your front yard when the ferns are fake the
ferns are starting to turn blue and nobody likes a blue fern so all I did
was spray paint my ferns you know my husband picked out this green I really
think that ferns need to be a brighter green but I wasn’t there and I told him
whatever color green to get so nothing against him but these are these ferns
are darker but they blend with my yard they blend with the green and so you’re
not thinking what in the world it’s 90 degrees and dry or it’s 90 degrees what
in the world are you thinking putting ferns in your front yard there’s no way
they could be real they couldn’t survive in this Texas heat no they’re going to
blend in with some greenery in the front yard so I’m using these fake flowers in
my front yard to blend in but we’re going to add some accent flowers some
accent succulents to your fake flowers in your front yard we’re going to put
some height in our potted fern arrangement do people think you are
crazy for using fake flowers in your front yard at first I was like oh my
word this is the dumbest idea ever but it works from a distance people cannot
tell that your flowers or your ferns are faced from a distance it brightens up
your yard from a distance the fake flowers in your front yard
give it some personality and some fun so we’re just exploring this again and
making this front yard a little spruced up a little more full if you will you
can see that we have gotten our roots down we know some flowers that do work
in our front yard that are real but I like to accent it and to fill in some
spaces with my fake flowers my name is Laurie and I create YouTube videos about
ideas that pop into my head travel home planner ideas so pop into my
channel and I’ll put some in these little i
cards that will take you directly there or you can hit the little triangle if
you’re watching on your iPhone you can hit the upside-down triangle right here
and then I’ll show you everything I’m talking about and I’ll give you links to
where I got these flowers and what they’re called and all that kind of
thing now you can see some of the red the red flowers near the ground are fake
but I think they add since they’re in between bushes I think they add just a
little bit of color a little bit of flair to that little area flair so in
the past I’ve left the ferns in the pots because they pretty much take over the
whole pot they’re so large and these I think were like $15 at Hobby Lobby but
they take up the whole pot but we’re going to add a little height to it look
at this orchid isn’t it so pretty I just typed into Pinterest fern arrangements
potted fern arrangement something and then I saw these tall orchids
I think these tall orchids give it enough height and texture softness to it
that the fern actually pops out of the potted plants but I have this tall grass
from this other potted plant that is just humongous and so I’m going to
transplant that transplant I’m going to transplant this tall grass behind the
fern and see how that looks what do you think I don’t know adding
more than one fern in your pot gives it more of a an aesthetic beautiful
aesthetic for your front yard where you’re not just looking at greenery
you’re looking at greenery and an arrangement like oh you took the time to
make it pleasing to my eye okay I highly recommend putting soil like real soil in
your potted plant that your fern is going to stick down into it is it holds
the plants the fake flower stem it holds it better than foam would and you
don’t have to worry about mold and then surprise surprise
sometimes a little something-something grows there in that soil that’s left
over from some of these planting and you’re going to notice that the ferns
have have gotten a little white you really when you’re spray-painting you
really got to go underneath those fern fronds whatever they’re called so that
you spray-paint the whitish part the part that’s turned gray and if there are
any pieces that are like hanging off hanging about hair hanging by a thread
just cut those off I’m going to cut that back edge off later I just lay my
ferns down and spray which ever way the wind is going and I get on top
I get the side I get underneath all the way down if it is a dry day it’ll dry in
like ten or fifteen minutes but now flip it and then spray-paint it some more you
might want to try two different color greens on your fern just to give it some
depth maybe some darker green in the middle and some brighter lighter green
on the outside fern leaves I wanted to add some succulents because on Pinterest
they suggested adding succulents to a potted plant that has a fern in it and I
got these at Hobby Lobby I’m not happy with them because the fern just Dwarfs
them it covers them up it doesn’t show this the beauty of this succulent the
freshness of this succulent the little the cute and daintiness of the succulent
that I want so this also counts as a succulent because it looks like a succulent I
just love all the depths and the lightness and the brightness of greens
in this one you can see how they’re little but when you scale back it’s
pretty tall so it’s going to fit in the other pot and it’s going to give it some
height that I need to balance the other pot I think that will look a lot better
with more height I also picked up this from Hobby Lobby but I did not buy it I
think it’s gorgeous and it really really is pretty but I just don’t think it’s it
fits the I just don’t think it fits my front yard and look how expensive it was
now I will list these below if I can find them on hobby lobby’s website
or on Amazon for you if you click the upside down little triangle that will
take you to all my little links thanks so much for visiting my LauriePOP
Channel Ideas That POP I will see you next season for another fake flowers in
my front yard video

7 thoughts on “Fake Flowers / Ferns in my Front Yard – Floral Arrangements Artificial – Potted Plants

  1. I have been using fake flowers outside for over about 15 years. I am highly allergic to bees so I donÔÇÖt plant blooming flowers that will attract them. But everyone wants flowers outside, right. I even put a fake orchid out there and got so many compliments on it! One way I use them is
    in clay pots going down the brick steps of my front porch. From the curb street they look great. Remember the quality and materials used to make fake florals is so advanced now. Sometimes a touch is required to see if a plant or flower is real. Only thing missing is the fragrance, bugs, bees, need to water, disease. Just have to watch for sun fade, but spraying with UV protectant will help that problem.

  2. Love love watching this vedio, I have been using fake flowers in my front yard for years. Because I never had that green thumb like my mom.you gave a great idea of spray painting them never would of thought or that in a million years­čśŐyears love how combined the differant colors

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