Fall Garden Planting from Start to Finish

so we added a new garden plot to our
homestead this year this plot here is where we’ll be planning our fall garden
and then we’ll probably plant corn here next spring so this plot was just grass
before we tilled it up we tilled it up back in the summer and then we we kept
tilling it about once a week for about a month just to break up all that grass
and debris and stuff and then from there on out we just will hold it once a week
just to keep the weeds down until we’re ready to plant so today we’re going to
be planting five different things in this little plot here this plot is a 20
foot wide by about 35 foot long we’re gonna be planting some green magic
broccoli which is a variety of broccoli that’s really heat tolerant does really
well here in the south we can get it in a little earlier in the year then we
would other varieties we’re also planning some cauliflower a variety
called Denali and it’s also pretty heat tolerant then we’re planning some
Toscano kale some people call it lacinato kale Toscano kale and then we’re
planting some rainbow chard and then we’re also planning some pak choi or bok
choy we’re gonna plant one row of each but we’ve got enough plants for the Pak
Choi would probably plant a double row of it so we started out this morning we
took our wheel hoe and we just cultivated the area one last time just
to get rid of any small weeds that might be there then we laid off our rows we
laid off our rows three feet apart so five rows three feet apart and then we
were getting ready to lay our drip tape so the first thing we did was take our
plow set and we made a furrow where our rows are going to go and then we laid
our drip tape in that furrow so once we had our drip tape laid then it was time
to hook up the drip irrigation system this area is convenient for us on the
homestead because it’s right beside our compost pile and it’s also really close
to the well so we don’t have to run very far to use this drip irrigation
system so we had our pressure regulator and our filter and then we set up our
mainline tubing we laid it out I like to lay a brick on each in because it helps
remove some of the memory of that mainline tubing has from being called up
in its packaging once we had the mainline tubing laid out then we hooked
up the individual drip lines we let the drip run to kind of flush out the system
and then we plug up all the ends and then let the drip system run for a while
to let the water start seeping up out of the soil to let us know where the
emitters are because we’ll plant right on top of those emitters so the emitters
are on a 1 foot spacing which is convenient because that’s what we’ll be
planning on today so we will basically put a plant on top of each emitter and
we’ll plant these five rows

7 thoughts on “Fall Garden Planting from Start to Finish

  1. Awesome Travis! Great video on how to get it done! To Tim, I tried that approach when transplanting sweet potatoes with mixed results. So, I still ended up using my hands to complete the task. In my smaller house garden, I use my Hoss wheel-hoe a lot. I prefer the oscillating hoes to the sweeps, and I use my seeder attachment for many crops. It is great to direct seed with no stooping and the speed cannot be beat! I also use my plows to make furrows and raised beds, once again fast and easy. Check out the Grillo G-3500 tiller, that machine and a Hoss wheel hoe can't be beat for a home gardener!

  2. Great video Travis!
    I had a great Hoss Wheel Hoe day with my grandchildren today! First we took the 12" oscillating hoe and cleared out the old weeds. They are 2 & 3 years old, after I cleaned up the weeds, they loaded them into the wheel barrow. How about that! Then we used the broad fork and aerated the plant bed. Then it was on with the cultivator teeth on my Hoss Wheel hoe and after that I put on the little disc harrow. When I finished with the harrow we ran a string line and started transplanting broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce! My plants were getting root bound in their little seeding containers and I pointed them out to the kids. The three year old remarked about how soft the roots were and how they were kinda of like hair! Anyway, we finished planting and watering, with their own pails. Then we went for a few wheel barrow rides! They loved that! It just goes to show that one does not need a lot of power tools to garden! I haven't tilled this ground in over a year, just used the wheel hoe. Check out Gabe Brown's video the farm as an ecosystem, here is the link: https://youtu.be/uUmIdq0D6-A. Anyway, the wheel hoe tools do not go deep enough to damage the microbes living deeper in the soil, so when one uses their wheel hoe they are automatically protecting this valuable resource!!! I thought this was an important point to make, so thanks Greg and company for making a great product that really does help me grow food!!
    Ron Bell
    Friendly Farm, Machinery & Tool, Co.

  3. So roots do not grow into emitters? I have never used drip and have been over head watering half an acre by hand for too long. This year we got no rain and I have seen the need for drip.

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