1. A dibble stick that is the shape of the cells in the trays would be a handy tool, I'm going to make one and see how it works for transplanting

  2. Was wondering what happened to yall lol … I just planted my stuff last night… its been so dry and hot I didn't want to plant anything in dust… my neighbor… rip used to always say that… I'm not planting in that powder… he was an old dairy farmer with about the best garden I ever saw

  3. If you want the rutabagas to get big, plant them about a foot apart. If you over crowd them, they won't produce a big root. Feed them plenty of phosphorus and nitrogen to get big greens and roots because you can eat the tops as well as they taste the same as turnips. A double row is OK as long as you space them 8"-10" apart.

  4. Rutabagas are pretty easy to grow – just think of them as great, big turnips. I've always direct seeded, but then, you guys have me seed starting a lot of things now, so you'll be teaching me if they take well. You can boil and mash rutabags, like you do potatoes, add them to soups and stews, but I really like slicing them about French fry size, parboiling them, and then sauteing them in butter and bacon. The favorite cabbage down here is the Golden Acre, but remember, I don't have a lot of space to I'm growing medium size heads. I may try another southern type when I get that dumb shed down, though. I can tell you that the Golden Acre makes really nice sauerkraut – I make a big crock of it every year and it's awesome!

  5. I haven't used a drip tape or soaker hose for a long time because the water seems to want to come out at the beginning of the hose/tape and not make it down to the end. Is there a tape that doesn't do that?

  6. Looking good brother! Dang, I wish my knees would stand up to that treatment! I see you've got some quality help out there with you! Don't you just love how the tarps do their job and allow you the luxury of timing (that's a nice way to say procrastinating in my garden!) knowing that not a single weed is growing in there while those plots are waiting to be planted! They allow you to just put a plot "on hold" until ready.

  7. I direct sow the rutabagas. I double rowed them this year with the drip tape! I planted them thick for the greens! They are delicious! I will thin them later for bulb production.

  8. It's nice to see someone has their Garden together.
    Very best use for rutabaga cuz I know of is Cornish pasties they can also be mixed 50/50 and mashed together with potatoes.
    I usually plant them like you do your carrots in double rows. Change seeds into the suros progressively thin to the final spaceing at 8in apart . Harvest at softball sizr or a little larger .
    I'm growing some point in his varieties Charles Wakefield, early Jersey Wakefield ,Fiddler's kraut, red kalibos, red ace ,and flat Dutch .

  9. I set out my broccoli Saturday (10/12) and cabbage, collards, cauliflower, and kale yesterday (10/14). Don't know how it's going to play out, but I decided to use floating row cover for the 1st time to, hopefully, avoid cabbage worms (my garden looks like a mini high tunnel farm!) …we'll see! 🤞 Can't help you with the rutabaga…hate it, refuse to eat it, no reason to grow it…EVER. 🙂

  10. I’m about to plant out a brassica bed and have to net the whole thing (spring here) otherwise every single plant would have a tiny egg on it courtesy of the cabbage white butterflies!! They’re my favourites, the mighty brassicas! Great video and glad things have cooled down a bit.

  11. Curious when your average first frost is? We are in 8b and planted cabbage and broccoli on the 20th of September. They arent faring very well due to the extreme heat in Sept, but if we would have waited any longer there is no way they would have matured before the first freeze which last year was November 13th. What gives?

  12. This is my first year growing brassicas of any sort here in Central TX, and I have quite a few different varieties going. I went through disease resistance lists to find the ones I wanted to try. Savoy – Melissa. Storage – Multikeeper. Red – Cairo. Chinese – Blues, Emiko. Broccoli – Belstar. Cauliflower – Graffiti, Flame Star. I have been happiest with Melissa, Blues, and Graffiti so far. Hopefully they all do ok in the long run. Link for disease resistance lists included: http://vegetablemdonline.ppath.cornell.edu/Tables/TableList.htm

  13. make rutabaga relish, turnip relish…radish relish…You can transplant rutabagas-i have direct seed too. but usually if they do not germinate perfectly its ok because seems like i only needs a few of them. Soups and cole slaw is about the only rutabaga recipes i know. The do take a bit of room. but i think if they get crowded some they stay smaller and taste a bit sweeter.

  14. i planted 2 varieties of Hoss shallots this year. I was happily surprised i needed more room for the amount of bulbs. between 2 varieties there were 277 bulbs. Thats awesome Beats walmart down like a bad habit. Thanks.!!

  15. i have a field of huge grow bins and raised beds because we have dense wet clay. good nutrition but it will dry out from the heat and then turn to mush after a lot of rain. Do you think with enough cover cropping i could change that? And where to start?

  16. Great video Travis. In zone 7 where I liv, when should I plant the cheers cabbage? Thank you. Ken the blind gardener

  17. I would like to see you plant a combination of Tillage Radishes and Austrian Winter peas. Based on what I have read on you website, that seems to be a perfect combination of winter cover crop. Peas should add nitrogen, and the tillage radishes should pull up minerals and break up the soil. Love to hear your thought on this combination in a heavy clay soil. Love the channel, love your products. I saw where Mike Dickson reviewed the Wheel hoe and said it saved him a lot of time, and his wife Lacie seemed to very pleased with the Garden seeder.

  18. I planted turnips, rutabagas, and daikon radishes for the first time last week all direct seeded. Had the dadgum heat finally break and by morning expecting probably close to 4 inched of rain over past 36 hours or so. Checked this early afternoon and everything seemed to be coming up. Have to check the cabbage in the morning.

  19. Ive got myself 10 of those trays from you guys now and loving them. Super durable and the transplants release nice and easy

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