Family garden design transformation

hi and welcome back to garden ninja
today I’m in Manchester installing a family-friendly garden now as you can
see I’ve got the most amazing weather with all this drizzle this garden is
going to be zoned so I’ve designed it so there’s a zone for adults children and
also storage so hopefully where children and adults can coexist without too many
squabbles! It’s also quite a small back garden it’s over looked and it’s north
facing so I’ve got the three really the three worst offenders however that’s no
problem for garden ninja! I designed this a few months ago I’m ready to get it in
today. I’m gonna keep you posted on how I’m going to transform this back garden
it’s something incredible. So here was the garden when I arrived now the couple who own the house had had some extensive renovation work done unfortunately the
builders they used had used the back garden as a building site the ground was
compacted they were cement and rubble all over the place
and it was just really lackluster and unloved in addition to the zones I put
together a really exciting planting plans palette. Now the client had been really
adventurous with the plants that I suggested to them which was great so
I put together this planting plan that gave them seasonality in the garden
they’d have bursts of summer color followed by structure throughout the
winter months. Now the hard landscaping has already been done so just take you
around quickly you’ll be able to see that I’ve used a number of raised beds
and zones I’m gonna be planting these up there and I’ll take you through them one
by one as I do it and show you exactly why I’ve designed them the way I have and the
benefits they’re gonna bring to this family so first things first I just got the
three of these standards in behind me now these are an evergreen standards
they’ll keep the color all the way through the year they will need a bit of
clipping to keep them in shape but the three standards there block
some of the views of the windows and add a really nice design feature to the back
of the garden which draws your eye from the house so now for the exciting bit
all of the plants have just arrived they all look lovely and I can’t wait to
get them in however you’ll need before you do any planting you need a planting plan because realistically there’s no way you
can pick a lot of plants guess how many you’ll need for different borders without the
plan so here’s one that I did earlier and they use a plan to plan out
and marry the plants up to the borders give them a bit of a tweak moved around
before I dig them in so it’s important to check the spacing before you commit
them to the ground and you get these in and then give you an update show you how they look. Now there are two absolutely beautiful
trees here we’ve got a Malus Sparta which is an apple which should be pollinated by this neighbouring apple that I spotted over here So apples need another apple to polinate usually they’ve got different
pollination windows don’t worry too much providing it there’s other fruit or
trees around usually they will pollinate themselves there’s also the famous
Sorbis Joseph Rock’ used in most more gardens because it’s super hardy it’s
beautiful orange to red berries in the Autumn also interesting so obvious years
ago we thought to keep away demons so hopefully planting this area I keep
all the demons away from house and everyone’s happy with it. So there’s been
a break in the rain and I’ve started to place out all the plants in the
respective pots so I’ve laid them out according to the planting plan made a
few tweaks here and there to make sure they all sit well together and I walked
around now and show you some of the specimens that we’re using in this gun
that might be suitable for your own garden design. So this bed here’s in partial shade throughout most of the day it’s also quite damp because it’s a
north-facing garden so the plants that have chosen here are things like the
Sanguisorba that you can see in the background that will like moist
conditions that’s got a really nice red flower on it we’ve got some Ferns in
there some Carex super-tough and I’ll give the illusion
of grass with an evergreen color we’ve got Geraniums, Aquilegia and some
Hebes that flower in Autumn as the rest of the herbaceous perennials coming to
an end the Hebes will come out with this
lovely purple blue flower and just extend that season. So I’ll plant up this shady then move onto the others.
This next border behind me is going to be the hot border and what
that means is that I chose a really warm vibrant colors such as the bright red
echinacea we’ve got some bright yellow Rudbeckia I’ve got Verbena bonariensis
just drifting through and some Geraniums So its going to be really hot really warm so
you’re just gonna want to go out and touch it should get you really excited
it’s what goes to doing this past the garden now slow things down so you’ve
got some raised timber beds here there’s a bench built into them what I’ve done is
taking some of the colors from around the garden there was hot reds and
yellows and just start to turn them down slightly make them more pastel so we’ve
got things like the Achillea moonshine which is a softer yellow we’ve still got
some Rudbeckia we’ve also got this beautiful pink Astilbe these will work
well against the fence because it’s a little bit more shady and I’ll give you
that soft candy frost pink I’ve also got the standards behind me which a bit more
formal and give this kind of a lot I don’t feel it’s basically saying this is
neat it’s ordered let’s relax. So it’s day two today and I’m just about to
start planting up some lovely evergreen star jasmine and I’ve got a top tip for
you which is when you’re buying climbers try and buy established
climbers ones that aren’t just a little stubs in pots that way you can then
unravel them off the cane they usually come in and start to train them
on the fence getting instant effect in a much healthier plant so whilst it costs
a little bit more will save you an awful lot of time and you can also get that
design filled straight away so here’s one of my top tips we’ve got
this bench here built into this raised bed which looks beautiful it was kind of
a dead space underneath just what I’m going to do is take some plants that
don’t mind a little bit of shade such as the Carex and Geraniums and
plant this up so that when you look back go to see all these plants bursting out
from under the seat I think it’s a really nice feature So another top tip if you want a real
multifunctional garden its squeezing as much seating as you can and in this case with
cleverly design them into the beds so you can literally cram people all around
the garden in difficult zones without needing to drag chairs around it blends
in really well so I think it’s quite a clever way to get more bums on seats
without the need for loads of a ratan furniture So I’ve just finished this family friendly
garden transformation and it’s been a really exciting project to work on
because you take him what was ordinarily just a box covered in rubble
and all sorts of odds and sods and turned it into something which I think is
really beautiful but also really hard wearing for a family. The lawn in the
center for children to play on can change over time and adapt
you’ve got the adult zone in the corner which is nested away from all the
neighbors that overlook you’ve got some beautiful standard trees that give that
contemporary touch and then over the far side you’ve got the shady border with an
apple tree ferns and evergreens that will just sit there over the years and
just look absolutely amazing so really enjoyed this one. If you’ve
enjoyed this video while it subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to the
plant list of this very garden of plans why don’t you visit my site I’ve been Garden Ninja happy gardening.

13 thoughts on “Family garden design transformation

  1. Your video is very enjoyable and informative. You are so knowledgeable and creative and you obviously love what you are doing. It is such a pleasure to see what you have done. Unfortunately I couldn't watch it for long because it was shaking while you were talking and it made my head spin a bit. I had to stop it and read the information below instead and I know I missed a lot. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Excellent job! Lots of variety in such a small garden. Thank you for the ideas and highlighting the importance of careful design and planning even for a small garden.

  3. As an old hippie that’s survived any number of unflattering hairstyles from the 60s β€” 90s, I hate to say that your hair is undermining your obvious professionalism. Trust me on this. You will cringe in 5 years. Re your garden design; actually pretty conservative but lovely.

  4. Nicely constructed gardens Im just looking to do mine incorporating a dog area small lawn and decking / patio by newly to be installed french doors Oh yes and our chicken run LOL. With all the sun recently i've had time to see where we get the sun and where the shade is in my 20ft by 20ft ish garden ( Lived here for 20 years and only now seing where the sun sits in the garden thats bad isnt it :- / at least you show actual SMALL gardens in your vids.. The sleepers look like a good way to box out the areas but im worried that this will squeeze the family area down even more. hopefully the videos will guide me.

  5. I do like the sleepers neibours planted a Acer at the back of us great for the chucks as it gives them shade not so good for the plants I had there at the time

  6. Love the design – really suits the house too.
    Compared to Gardener's World, your designs and advice is just SO relatable and accessible. I wish you were on TV each week – I think I would be much more inclined to garden!

  7. Very good! Like!

    Signed on your channel! Sign in to my channel to help too! Appreciate! Everyone helps each other and everyone wins. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER! Big hug from Brazil


  8. Where do you outsource your plants from? I buy from crocus but they always arrive so small, which means its not until a year or even two that they are half the size they ought to be πŸ™ do I sound disappointed (I am)

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