Farmers of Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association’s (IBOAA)- Itay Shlain

Hey, my name is Itai and I’m the owner of farm 59 in Nahalal I am a fourth generation of farmers here in Israel Nahalal is a small village in the north of Israel The first one actually as a cooperative agriculture association (settlement) here in Nahalal Over the last 96 years my family has grown a variety of crops from vegetable vegetable seeds livestock and honey bees sheeps and everything in between After few years growing green leaves in a conventional agriculture way in the greenhouses over there I tried to find better ways to grow vegetables to the consumers that are better for the environment Also I saw… Also after few years I started to notice a decrease in the fertility of the land (soil) less and less crops (yields) over the years even though I was fertilizing and spraying against pests every week sometimes two times a week, and.. I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I was growing.. and the product I was giving to the.. my neighbors and my people here around that finally eat the vegetables So now I’m a practicing the organic way of growing crops and vegetables I’m very happy with the results! As you can see, I still have beautiful lettuce and other vegetables I Grow 100% organic It’s a product I’m proud giving to my family and my friends and to all of our consumers Here in farm 59 in Nahalal

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