Farmhouse visits Farmer Jules from Piper’s Creek Grove, Dondingalong Organic Bushfoods

Piper’s Creek Grove is an Australian certified organic bushfood plantation in the mid north coast of New South
Wales. The family business run by Jules has been
operating, producing it’s Dondingalong organic bushfoods for nearly
fifteen years. Jules what got you into growing Australian bushfoods? Well, my father
did actually. He purchase all these plants and and put them
in here about fourteen years ago He and my little brother. And ever since then I’ve been involved in bushfoods and been loving it. What are you growing? We are growing blood limes, as you can see here. There a cross between a fingle lime and a
mandarin. and they are lovely in beer and cocktails and with seafood. You’re speaking my language. What else are you growing. We growing
Davidson plums. Wow, let’s have a look. Excellent let’s go down. Jules these Davidson plum trees are amazing. Aren’t they wonderful? They are very tart, they very high in vitamin
C and antioxidants, they’re really good for you because they are so tart it’s best if you
make them to jam Can you get the knife out of your back pocket
let’s have a look at this. I will do. Like this, twist it around. As you can see there’s two seeds in there. So we just pop them out, one by one There you have it, ready to go. Not everyone can grow a Davidson plum or blood lime, or make preserves from the fruit But you can buy these produce direct. Head to your online farmers’ market Farmhouse Direct, place an order, support a
local farmer and put a very special Aussie flavour
on your menu

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