Farming Simulator 2017 Mods SEEDS AND FERTILIZER #7

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One more Seeds And Fertilizer episode In this video I show You How I refilling the sowing machines With my Own production Seeds. Fist I fill the slurry separator with liquid manure
Slurry separator produce digestate and straw Digestate trigger is full I move the digestate to Digestate separator Digestate separator produce
Solid Fertilizer and Biodiesel to move the boiofuel from digestate separator I use the fuel tanker from universal pack To store the fuel I use the
Hof diesel storage I look the time :p To store the fuel I use the
Hof diesel storage I use the fertilizer from digestate separator to make my seeds with
HoT Seeds & Fertilizer Production Facilities To make seeds I need to use solid fertilizer and any type of fruit usually Ι use Wheat or Barley I have already make some seed because the seed trigger loads very slow I this video I store the seeds in pallets so I can carry them In some next video I use auger wagon It’s not necessary to load the Fliegl palletomaker with shovel
I dump the seeds to the ground and the palletomaker fill from there I have made some changes to this palletomakes and can fill the pallet in 12 seconds the normal does 36seconds. To transport the pallet I use for first time the ROBUST BALETRAILER this trailer has also autoload function but I load the pallets manually I use modded sowing machines with optional fertilization that means the sowing machine need only seeds to work And I use slurry or manure to fertilize my fields You can use the straw from Slurry separator to your cows or pig farm If you enjoy watching my videos…
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