Ferran Garcia-Pichel desert soil research

This project was the result of many
years of basic research in my lab trying to understand the microbial communities
that grow on the surface of desert soils. After many years of this we realized
that it was possible for us to reverse some of the negative trends that have
resulted in a demise of the cover particularly in areas that are very
impacted by human activities. The innovation is trying to do a little bit
what in temperate areas may be reforestation, we cannot do reforestation in desert lands because the trees won’t grow and that role is taken
here by microbes so we’re going to develop these microbial nurseries so
just like tree nurseries now comes the next step which is trying to deliver
those microbes into impacted areas. Once you have those microbes in there
they will keep recovering they’ll keep growing it’s a sustainable intervention.
I’ve had a fantastic team of students working on this and they’re probably as
much deserving as anybody else

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