Correct Nurturing of Calamansi/Calamondin What fruit farmers usually do is to dig using a shovel or hoe and after, they will put the fertilizer in the hole The problem with this is a bigger portion of it is cannot be absorved and used by the plant One of the reason is the soil was not properly prepared Meaning, the roots do not reach the fertilizer The solution is to pound the soil before putting in fertilizer This is a way to an effective method in putting fertilizer How do we prepare the soil Using a device made from metal Using this device the farmer will have the chance to distribute the pounded soil around the plant like calamansi/calamondin follow the steps in this video 1 foot within the dripline From the dripline, 1 foot again outside the dripline Now let’s do it! The question is What kind of fertilizer do I need? It depends on the available fertilizer We should know how to compute the right amount of fertilizer Sample 1: Complete 14-14-14 Balanced: 17-0-17 and Urea: 46-0-0 Using the nutrient requirement N=400 grams P=200 grams K=300 grams The result is two complete number 14 for every one bag of balanced 17-0-17 and urea 46-0-0 Put 2 kilograms per plant The 200 kilograms formulation in sample 1 is for 100 trees that are 5-7 feet Using the same nutrient requirement that was mentioned a while ago The result is 2 ammonium phosphate 16-20-0 in every one bag of potash 0-0-60 46-0-0 Put 1.7 kg for every plant that is 5-7 feet The formulation in sample 2 can be used for 115 trees Warning: this formulation is based on N 400 grams P200 grams K300 grams for evey plant Twice a year Better check the soil or ask for a help from a agri-technician or agriculturist The soil differs in every place Now let’s go back to our topic Let’s start mixing Mix three kinds of fertilizer well that are 50 kilograms for every bag After mixing We can now put them into the openings that we dag using our device After, it is better to cover it using grass so that it will be easier for the roots to get the fertilizer Here is another option: Make use of a funnel or a 1.5 liter plastic bottle this is how you use it Now, how are we going to know if the fertilizer is still not enough We can usually observe the leaves and the fruits Put fertilizers when the leaves are color yellow this is a sign of lack of nitrogen small and bronze leaves is a sign of lack of phosphorus Put fertilizer if there are less flowers or fruits This is a sign of a lack of potassium and nitrogen And put fertilizer if the fruit of your plant is not juicy and if it’s skin is too thick But, always remember that to ask for an expert’s advice if you are a little confused regarding the mixing of fertilizers and unsure of the type of the soil We have different needs And of course, remove the grasses surrounding your plant before you put fertilizer so the fertilizer won’t be wasted I am Mang K and this is, Saydline.Ph

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