Fertilizer spreader for paddy field in Thailand

This is a granular fertilizer spreader. Round granular fertilizer may be either organic or chemical (compound) fertilizer. Actually, I would like to show the fertilizer spreader for rice paddy. It is another one. But we start with this one as an example. We call this one a centrifugal spreader. Fertilizer is spread out by centrifugal force. This is a fertilizer tank. 3-point connection with a tractor and driven with PTO. As the tractor engine runs, the PTO rotates the plates under the tank. and releases fertilizer down to the slot. The rotating plates spread granular fertilizer out in both directions. more uniform than spreading by hand. It can spread fertilizer for a long distance in one round. Let’s take a look up here. Granular fertilizer is loaded into this tank. The metal inside stirs fertilizer around. Once it is done, washing the tank real well with water or the tank will get rusty. Granules of fertilizer go down. Fertilizer goes down and the metal stirs fertilizer PTO shaft rotates. Fertilizer is down here and the plate rotates. Spreading fertilizer out. Let’s see how it works. I will demonstrate how it works. This spreader can also work in a paddy field where a tractor can run over a furrow. Demonstration today is to spread fertilizer on a lawn. Making the lawn green to welcome the upcoming of a rice training program.

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