Fertilizer Week

vessel of the week online is in the
service many advantages this presentation will focus on three
main aspects about suppressing experience you content
and even if the fees customized and personalized how you view data and
market information prices at a very important part of the
new sevis and can be found all led to the site but first i’d like to start with the
interactive pricing tool feature this tool allows you to chop prices over
two years and convert them into metric tons of short irons and into five
different currencies namely u_s_ dollars heroes indian rupee brasilia mantle and chinese women be let’s take a look at it on the right hand side you can choose
the facts as a product i would she syria on the left hand side you’ll see the
price point for example you re a s_a_b_ black sea then you can choose the currency in this
case u_s_ dollars followed by the measurement in this case metric tons and the timeframe which is twenty four
months so that is still a comparison with
ammonia on the right hand side selectman here
from the drop-down list and cake on the left hand side once it has changed so many a select
ammonia f a b black sea scroll down to the charts and you’ll see
that both prices have been touted against each other so now these great still chart you can
copy and paste it directly until words all powerpoint presentation this will allow you to create reports
quickly prices are updated every thursday so you
can be sure that you always using up-to-date information to take this further we can now go to
the individual product of sports unlike the interactive pricing tool the dashboard still specifically with
one factor as a product in this case we are looking at you re a and the charts and the right hand side
shows that you react benchmark prices for a two year period again as before you can copy and paste this chart into documents the ironies in addition to the prices the product
dashboards carry freight rates weekly markan alice’s and a market
updates finally you will see from the top
navigation that all the facts are the products are covered in this way seal have everything at your fingertips the next thing to notice about the new
service is indicated data and intelligence
you’ve never had before if you need an executive summary of the whole fats elisa market allah
trends page will provide it we do the work for you and place all this information on one
page feature prices vicki corrupts and i’ve review of the n_ p_ k and s
markets major freight rates energy prices and currency exchange
rates most of this information is updated
daily seat can be confident that you always
know what’s happening as before this pages easy to print seal always having to hand the last each i’d like to focus on is
the ability to organize information two-seat u you can choose which page ec every time
you know came to the site you can she switched emails and p_b_s_
to get anything from dozens of week to just one and a filtering facility means looking
for information is easy for example if i could be all right into the set
when day it will return over one hundred results on the right hand side we have several
filter options for you to use which can be fun the sets even more you can even still any piece of content
you want for future of you said that’s the freemen advanced years amit surprising experience this easy to
use important new information on some key
areas and a more personalized way if you to
view data and small key information fragile as a week online all your information in one place

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