Fertilizer Week’s 190 benchmark prices

Fertilizer Week is CRU’s daily online market
intelligence and weekly pricing service for the global fertilizer industry. Fertilizer
Week publishes over 190 international and regional fertilizer prices. These are available
to subscribers in emailed pdf reports for urea, nitrates, ammonia, phosphates, potash,
sulphur and sulphuric acid. They are also available online. Our online interactive pricing tool allows
users to create charts for any of the 190 prices and copy and paste these charts into
their own work. We also email an excel file of all prices going back 2 years to subscribers
every Friday for their own use. Over the past three decades, Fertilizer Week
prices have been used by the industry as reference prices and as part of spot and contract pricing
formulas. Our prices are also used in paper trades, over the counter transactions at the
London Clearing House by our partner Freight Investor Services. Therefore, a robust and transparent price
methodology is key to the way we assess prices. These are assessed based on actual transactions
between buyers and sellers over the course of seven days, with a weighting towards Thursday,
which is the official publication date. Prices are assessed based on deals done between
buyers and sellers, and this information is gathered through the consultation with producers, buyers,
traders and shipping companies. If you are thinking of subscribing and wish to learn
more about our pricing methodologies, please visit www.crugroup.com. If you are already
a subscriber, you have the added benefit of being able to view the methodology for all
the individual prices we quote on the Fertilizer Week website http://fw.crugroup.com.

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