Fertilizing the Seedlings

Hi I’m Erin and this is Our Wyoming Life Today Erin is going to apply the first application
of fertilizer to her tomato and pepper seedlings. Fertilizing provides essential nutrients to
the seedlings. Erin is going to be using Fish Fertilizer. I had never heard of such a thing and honestly
after I smelled it I wish that fish fertilizer had never come into my life. Hopefully the plants like it better than my
nose. I want my plants to be as healthy and as strong
as they can be before they make their way into the high tunnel. One way to help them is with Fish fertilizer
or fish emulsion. This is my favorite fertilizer to use on seedlings
and I will even use it on mature plants this summer. It can also be used on flowers and indoor
plants. It’s super versatile and I would definitely
recommend buying a bottle for the gardening season. When using any fertilizer make sure the first
thing that you do is read the label and application instructions. More is not better in this case. Too much fertilizer can damage the plants
and the root systems and it can be difficult to recover from. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly. Since we are using the fertilizer on seedlings
today we are actually going to apply it at half strength. For vegetables the label says 2 tablespoons
per gallon so we will go ahead and use 1 tablespoon. The label says to shake well. This is definitely important as this product
does tend to settle on the bottom. After it’s shaken I will go ahead and open
it and measure out one tablespoon of fertilizer and pour it into an empty gallon milk jug. Then I’m going to add water and fill it
up. Try not to get too big of a whiff of the fish
emulsion. It’s a ridiculously horrible smell and it
looks like it came out a kids diaper but the results that you will get from it are amazing
so it’s worth the few minutes of discomfort. I’m going to mix up 2 gallons today. That’ll be enough for all of my trays of
tomatoes as well as my pepper seedlings that I haven’t transplanted yet. Now that I’m down in the basement I will
just go ahead and pour the fertilizer into the bottom of the tray. I will make sure that the water moves to all
sides of the tray so that each tomato or pepper can get a drink. Some of my tomatoes are showing some purple
on the bottom of the leaves and a few yellow spots. This is actually a phosphorous deficiency. The fish emulsion doesn’t have a high amount
of phosphorous but hopefully it will help the seedlings until I can get them outside. It’s really difficult to find a fertilizer
that will work for seedlings that has a high amount of phosphorous in it. All fertilizers will have 3 numbers on the
label. The fish fertilizer is a 5-1-1. These numbers refer to the nitrogen, phosphorous
and potassium levels found in that particular fertilizer. Nitrogen is for the leaves, phosphorous is
for the roots and potassium is for overall health and helps keep plants balanced. Right now it’s okay to use a higher nitrogen
fertilizer because I want the stalks to get stalker and the leaves to be big and healthy
so that they can make the transplant easier. When we plant in the tunnel we will focus
much more on root growth. Everything is watered and fertilized. This will give everything a little boost and
help my pepper seedlings push into their true leaves a little faster so that I can get them
transplanted. I will not apply anymore fertilizer for 2
weeks. It’s important to not over fertilize. It’s not going to help you any and can actually
kill your seedlings. If you use a different type of liquid fertilizer
please read the label and remember to apply it at half strength. It’s 21 days until I want to transplant
tomatoes and peppers into the high tunnel. The tomatoes are definitely going to be ready. Peppers well I don’t know. I’m going to cross my fingers. No matter how many years I do this it’s
always different. They were slow to germinate and now slow to
get true leaves. It just reminds me that I might have a plan
but mother nature has a different one. I’ll do what I can to adapt and I’ll just
roll with the punches. Make sure that you subscibe so that you get all of our newest videos. Also look in the description for some of the products we’ve used here today. I’m Erin and this is Our Wyoming Life

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