Ficus Benjamina winter 2019 update

so I’ve been running a end of winter
series on my bonsai bench for just some of my key bonsai and this episode we’re
having a recap at my Ficus Benjamina seeing where it’s at. Hi my name is Aaron
from Bonsai Etcetera and so this is my little benj..ficus benjamina that I got. If
you’re interested in seeing the the original repotting video I got this as a
nursery stock it was quite overgrown in its pot and I
trimmed it down quite a bit the reason why I picked this stock was it had
some good aerial roots but if you wanted to look at the video where I repot it
I’ll throw that up in the card for you to look at. Um so it has started putting
on some little shoots here in there. Um it hasn’t grown a lot. I think that might
have something to do with the soil I’ve put it in. Typically in this region here
most things don’t actually go dormant for the winter because the temperatures
don’t get really low in winter. So I mean this is we’re in August and we’re seeing
low high 20 degree temps and for the for the maxims during the day. Um, we have
had a lot of dryness and and particularly with low humidity as well
which might have something to do with it but I’ve used just plain aquarium gravel
in here I had been trialling using a aquarium gravel and perlite but I think
I didn’t put perlite in here because it was too shallow and I think it would
have floated a lot. Um, so I just used straight
aquarium gravel here and I think I’m not happy with with my my choice for the
bonsai soil. So I think it’ll have to stay as it is for now but I think ultimately
I will next year I will repot it into some a better medium. So that’s just the
plant we’ll have a bit of a close-up look. So you can see em it had a quite
reasonable root base here and I think it’ll end up being quite good. The, this,
this branch here there originally I’ve left it on here as part of a to kind of
get some growth going and ultimately I think it would be removed as part of
styling and refinement of the tree. It did have some aerial roots I think this
is an indication of how dry it’s been because these were quite healthy looking
and when I bought it from the nursery. It’s not too far down the road so it
would get the same humidity but you can see the will these are gotten quite dry
and so is this one so these these are quite dry and I just think that’s a
reflection of how to dry the weather’s been. This this one aerial root appears to
have rooted in quite well but you can see yeah so it started to get some
little sheets and is slowly ticking along but not real fast hey. So I think
whether that’s because of my soil choice or I cut back too much of it because
I’ve been keeping the water up I haven’t been over watering it’s hard to
overwater I guess with them just straight a straight aquarium gravel just
drains really well. So it is just ticking over hopefully it won’t die because I
would ultimately like this to be rather big wide, um, canopy with all the bunch of aerial roots come to a point then come back up
to a canopy if I can get it to get that way but you know ultimately this will
get this branch he’ll get trimmed off and see how it goes but I guess time
will tell I’m maybe maybe it has some stored energy from when it was in the
nursery to in in a few weeks time when it when it gets spring proper it’ll
burst in the life but I’ll have to see. Hmm! I have a playlist made up for this
little plant and so if you want to look at that that I’ll show that up and all
means follow that through and became to follow its progression them
hit that subscribe button have a bit of a look ultimately I would have thought
this would grow a little bit quicker so yeah see how go see if it pulls through.
Thanks for watching if you’re got any advice or feedback leave me a comment. If
I’ve done something wrong I’d like to know about it and see if I could fix it
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so. Springs almost here look forward to it again thanks for watching see you
next time!

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