First Organic Field Days at the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen, Germany

We are here on the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen in Germany, where the first national Organic Field Days are taking place. We were able
to gather 300 exhibiters from a diverse background: inputs, seeds, breeding, machinery, associations
and control bodies, in short: everything that constitutes organic farming. The Organic Field Days are new territory for
everyone involved, and the achievements in terms of machinery demonstrations and variety
trials are impressive. I did not think it was possible. Our main motivation was creating an exchange
platform for farmers in Germany who are already organic farmers or who are interested in converting.
There are some regional field days in Germany, but there has never been a nationwide event
up until now. We are from Lucerne in Switzerland. I find
everything to be very well organised; Frankenhausen is a beautiful area. The incredibly clean
crops impressed me greatly. For me it is important to show the entire
diversity of the organic sector, to present trial plots with newly bred varieties as well
as VSU testing and national variety trials. The primary focus lies on machinery demonstrations:
with over 35 machines are presented live. I find the quality of the visitors to be excellent;
I dare say that over 90 % of the visitors at our stand are potential customers. The organisation of the event is very good.
There is a high-quality audience, and we had great discussions and talks yesterday. The location – with its beautiful farm and
the gorgeous premises – is perfect for an event of this nature. We are already looking
forward to returning here in two years. As opposed to other field days, here there is also a focus on animal husbandry. There is a special exhibition and exhibiters as well as the topic of nutrient
management with a special exhibition on compost. At an innovation exhibition, machinery for
weed control, a robot for the control of snails and many more are presented. The machinery
might not yet be ready for production, but within 1-2 years, they might be introduced onto the market. When developing the catering concept, it was
important for us to include regional suppliers – organic, of course.
We hired bands to entertain the people all over the site, which made a good impression
on both the exhibiters and the visitors. Additionally, we offered a concert in the park, a real midsummer
night party. The blend of all these experiences is what creates the good atmosphere at the
Organic Field Days.

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