Five Fantastic Facts about Organic Cotton

Conventional cotton is the most heavily pesticide
sprayed crop. It uses a massive 16% of the world’s insecticides,
and puts greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. By avoiding pesticides, organic farming not
only keeps the air cleaner, but actually removes CO2 from the atmosphere thanks to healthy,
fertile soil! Toxic Pesticides used in conventional farming
can travel up to 25 miles in the air and water streams, causing health problems such as poisoning,
infertility and birth defects. Organic agriculture keeps damaging chemicals
away from cotton workers in the fields and protects communities nearby. Certified organic cotton is fairly traded
because it is regulated. This assures safe working conditions and rights,
and pays a fair wage, helping to support cotton workers and their families. Keeping the air and waterways clean, protects
birds, animals and bees from poisonous chemicals, so you are looking out for all creatures big
and small. No more toxic pesticide residues in your clothes
and personal care products, organic cotton keeps your skin and your body free from these
harsh chemicals. Choose certified organic cotton, that looks
after you, the earth, and everyone on it.

6 thoughts on “Five Fantastic Facts about Organic Cotton

  1. Amazing Video. Highlights all main points on Organic Cotton. More info on impact of Organic Cotton on Environment

  2. I love this thank you…. just shared on Facebook

  3. I think the idea of organically grow is great idea. How ever what I’m looking for is a material that after it leaves the field it doesn’t get treated with all kinds of other chemicals I’m looking for what other people are advertising as no chemical treatment at all. Do your sheets contain any chemical at all?

  4. Very good video. We need to start caring abou the environment. If you want to see some organic cotton t-shirts, check

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