Fix Yard Vacuum Won’t Start With HOT engine

My 2004 Craftsman Yard Vacuum will not start
when the engine is hot. Today I will show you how to fix this problem. To solve this problem I am replacing ignition
coil for this Briggs & Stratton engine. Link to this Ignition Coil in Video Description
Below. Let’s start by taking the engine cover off. Unscrew the top two screws. Next take the gas tank off. There are 3 bolts on top. And one bolt at side of the engine. Next take off the blower housing. Two bolts in the front. Two bolts at the back. Unmount the oil tube from the blower housing
and plug the tube back into the engine to prevent dirt falling into the engine oil. Now take off the old ignition coil. Unscrew two bolts. Unplug the ground terminal. Next install the new ignition coil. Plugin the ground terminal. Place a business card or piece of paper between
the flywheel and ignition coil. Tighten the bolts then take off the business
card or piece of paper. Bolt everything back. We are done. Let’s test start the machine. If you find this video helpful please like
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