Flamethrowers vs. Gardening Gloves – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 15

>>DECLAN: Wow! Wow! [laughs] Wow!>>MARY: Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’ve said that like a million times already.>>DECLAN: You weren’t kidding. This place is amazing.>>MARY: No shit, Sherlock. So, you ready?>>DECLAN: This is some English ivy. Then we’ve got some blackberry.>>MARY: So, what? We can make pie?>>DECLAN: They’re weeds. They’ve gotta go.>>MARY: Can we use a flamethrower?>>DECLAN: Uh. I don’t know where we’d buy a flamethrower.>>MARY: It is OK. All you need is a can of hairspray and a lighter and ->>DECLAN: I think it would be easier on the environment if we just pulled them out. Probably more fun, too.>>MARY: Yeah. You and I have very different definitions
of the word fun. We can keep these ones, right?>>DECLAN: No, Mary! Don’t!>>MARY: Hey!>>DECLAN: You don’t need to sulk.>>MARY: I almost died.>>DECLAN: Come on. You’re fine.>>MARY: Um. If I had touched that plant, my hand literally could’ve just fallen right
off.>>DECLAN: Stinging nettle doesn’t make hands fall off. It’s just sting-y.>>MARY: Yeah, yeah. Cause who wouldn’t want burning flesh?>>DECLAN: Look, I checked around and there shouldn’t be any more dangerous plants. Except for maybe some poison oak.>>MARY: Poison oak?!>>DECLAN: OK, I can get you some gardening gloves if you want. That way, even if you do touch any dangerous plants, they won’t hurt you.>>MARY: You just carry those on you?>>DECLAN: Uh. I mean…>>MARY: You totally do. You are such a dork. Gimme.>>DECLAN: Yeah.>>MARY: Gimme the gloves. Yippee ki die, motherfuckers!>>DECLAN: Hey, look! You’re doing a good job!>>MARY: Give it back!>>DECLAN: Nope. You’re having so much fun!>>MARY: I will rip your arm off. I will rip your arm off and I will shove it so far up your butt,>>DECLAN: Oh, will you?>>MARY: you will taste it.>>DECLAN: Oh, I don’t believe you.>>MARY: This is not funny. I’m not laughing.>>DECLAN: I’m laughing. Clay like this normally isn’t ideal, but ferns don’t need a lot of nutrients, so we should be
fine.>>MARY: So how did you learn all of this stuff?>>DECLAN: Oh. My mom helped, I guess.>>MARY: Your mom?>>DECLAN: Yeah. She always had a garden ever since I was little.>>MARY: And, what? That made you, uh, Mister Wilderness Extraordinaire? Savior of plants and official best friend
of Smoky the Bear?>>DECLAN: Kinda. My brothers and sisters and I spent a lot of time in these woods. Kinda
like our playground. Lot of good memories, you know?>>MARY: Um, nope. No, not really.>>DECLAN: You don’t have any siblings?>>MARY: No, no. And my mom’s not really the outdoorsy type. She stayed inside most of the time. “Oh, honey I can’t go outside. I’ll
get a sunburn!” and “The mosquitos will ruin my perfect face.” Yeah, my parents went on exactly one camping trip. And that was way before I was around. So…>>DECLAN: I’m sorry I brought it up.>>MARY: It’s fine.>>DECLAN: I mean, it sounds like it was hard growing up.>>MARY: Uh, no. It’s fine Declan.>>DECLAN: You sure?>>MARY: Yep. Just drop it. [outro music]

12 thoughts on “Flamethrowers vs. Gardening Gloves – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 15

  1. Sailing, sailing! #ishipit

    Declan is pretty much adorable and the perfect sweet to Mary's salty sailor mouth.

    I like it. ☺️

  2. Thank god for Declan taking the camera, honestly. Seeing Mary genuinely having a good time is nourishing to the soul, 10 out of 10, would recommend. (ishipthissohardhelpme)

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