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  1. Now this is Amazing. What a beautufull update video. Thank you Laura! BTW today Mackinac Island event started Wish i could go.

  2. Due you prune your Russia Sage in mid summer? I prune mine back in the fall but it still gets out of control by fall.

  3. Great encouragement. I have sooo many spots in my garden I have changed since moving into my home, some 25+ years ago. Even though I raised five children and they are all grown now, I am still transforming the yard.  New things have come on the market, I propagated a unique shrub I couldn't find and various plants didn't work where I originally planted them. Moving, replacing and nurturing the existing has been my normal rhythm. I appreciate how you keep at a task till you finish… Inspiration for me to keep it up and one day, maybe the whole of the yard will come together and be the way I like, but then again maybe not… 🙂

  4. Beautiful!
    Would you film a video of you just walking under your weeping willow? 😄😢😍😎💚

  5. I enjoyed seeing the timeline, great idea for a video. Michaels and Joanns have Halloween fairy garden stuff. It would be fun to see a fall fairy garden 💕

  6. This is an AWESOME video. These are JUST the sort of things I find value in. The pictures of the plants on the container never show their evolution. You've given me a ton of ideas for my own plantings. THANK YOU!

  7. Only question I have is, I've been worried about planting annuals atop tulips because tulips don't like a lot of water. I assume you were able to find the "sweet spot" between watering enough to keep the annuals happy but not enough to waterlog the tulips? If so, how'd you do it? (I've lost bulbs due to rot, so I have concerns…)

  8. I love your combination of plants you've inspired me to try that! But I live in the center valley where there's only sand here do you think something like this will survive?

  9. The flowerbed is absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely love it — very inspiring indeed! Also, I **love** this before and after video concept; please keep doing this! I'd love to see how all of your redesigns are coming along!

  10. I enjoy your videos so very much. Question on planting annuals over bulbs….how do you manage to not dig up your bulbs when planting the annuals? Thank you for offering all things inspirational! 💕

  11. I love this style of video! I enjoyed looking back and remembering your steps with this area. It's so beautiful!

  12. Dexter is soooo adorable in the background and everything looks fantastic. Happy growing. Sounds like the pollen is affecting your sinuses and I know how that is…..

  13. Really lovely to go back to the beginning and see how it's grown and changed over just nine months 🙂 xx

  14. This idea just came to me! You guys have such a perfect play ground for Dexter that you can write books just on his daily life hanging with mom while she gardens and finding new nooks and crannies to hide in around the property.

  15. in your very large, beautiful garden, do you have lots of problems with gophers or moles? i have a small garden and have endless problems with them.

  16. the person who unliked it just dont know what to like…i mean how on earth you can unlike a so pretty video….

  17. Could you consider a video or series that talks about starting annuals from seeds to plant? I don't always have the kind of budget to plant as much as I would like if I had to purchase everything in either 6 packs or larger sizes

  18. Hi, beautiful, I love your videos and ideas, Congratulations !. I have seen that you have a cat, and I have four and I have a garden under construction, but I still do not know what species are really bad for cats, or poisonous, could you help me with that?

  19. This might be a silly question but how do you know where your bulbs are after the blooms and leaves are gone? I always end up digging them up by mistake.

  20. This turned out just perfect!!! And my favorites flowers, too!! Thanks for showing the different months of growth, too!!

  21. Such a beautiful combination! Love all the shades of purple! Would be great go see a video of how you clean up the annuals in the fall.

  22. I have one boxwood that im teying to have fill in the corner of my yard and it seems to grow very slowly. What type of fertilizer should i use on it and how often? Also what mylch do you use? I used to use wood chips and i hated having to move it to add plants and weeds still came thru

  23. I really liked this video format where you showed the progress over time of one area in your garden. I hope you're considering doing more of them. I think they are both useful and inspiring!

  24. That purple and white combo is sooooo pretty, love watching your videos! It's too dang hot here in California to do any gardening right now so I'm living vicariously watching you plant. 🌷🌿🌼

  25. LOVE this mix!! Do you think this would work (Everything you planted in this bed) in my zone?? Chico, Ca zone 9a

  26. WOW!! GORGEOUS AS USUAL! I always say, " O Miss Laura..u make EVERYTHING look so EZ!" Well u also make everything seem possible! I luv the lil boxwoods & I know you're going for a hedge but…I really think right now the white (alyssum r lobularia?) looks like it's spilling out through the boxwoods just enough to give it a natural, whimsical flowing effect. And it is precious!!💗

  27. This is such great idea to show the whole process in one video. Would love to see more videos like that of other projects. Very helpful to see if this would work in my garden. Specially how all looks threw out all seasons. Thank you

  28. This "time hop" tour of a specific gardening how it changed through the seasons is very helpful in terms of planning out my garden beds. Thank you for another great video!

  29. When the boxwoods mature, won't they eventually block the view of anything you might want to plant (like the tulip bulbs already in the ground) in the space between them & the russian sage you have planted?

  30. LOVE seeing the transformation. I'm planning a new project with bulbs, shrubs, perennials and annuals for next year and this really helped me visualize what it can look like all season! Thanks! (Also, LOVE Ina and her gardens.)

  31. Laura: Love the transformation, thank you for showing the progression and plantings. I really love Ina Gratan's gardens too!!! Have watched her for years but miss her going out to those boxwood lined beds as she used to in her early show. She would go out and cut flowers for her dinner parties; or herbs when she was cooking out of her house instead of the barn. Have recently found your videos and went back and watched many past ones. Inspiring!!

  32. I got a Hearthstone ad on your video XD pretty awesome! Wasn't expecting that from a gardening youtube channel XD.

  33. several things here, first I loved how you saved the videos then edited them together for this presentation.  really liked the auger on the cordless and great to see you certified on the shovel.  removing the sod to be used in another location were sod was desirable revealed a conservative nature and I liked that.   now here's a tip, get yourself a posthole digger.  when determining potted plant locations as you did press down firmly on the containers so you leave a slight indentation on the location where the plant is to be planted.  using the posthole digger you can remove the dirt to a more exact dimension as well as place the removed dirt in a more controlled manner simply due to how the posthole diggers work.    I really enjoy your videos and you are an inspiration to me, thanks.

  34. I love to see the development of you projects from start to finish. Gorgeous colours and choice of plants. Thank you I am going to steal your idea !

  35. It would be nice to see a quick video of you clearing the bed out and cutting back the sage when the time comes. Beautiful combo!!

  36. my friend has three circles side by side.I'd love helping her. I don't know how to plant in three circles and which kinds plants and flowers. Could you help me please? Thks and I love your videos here in Brazil

  37. I love how delicate and rich this little garden looks. Reminds me of something out of a final fantasy video game or studio ghibli movie. Just stunning. Thanks for showing it all together ♡

  38. I love russian sage but I would be running into problems with the allysum…it spreads like wildfire. I think that maybe some white salvia instead?? Can't wait to see how this hedge turns out. I loved the look of Ina Garten's garden but would want a lower hedge. So..something smaller than what she has planted.

  39. This is my most favorite video of all! I literally think that I watch it every day, maybe once or twice a day. I hope to replicate it in my own yard this coming year. I show it to everyone I know and tell them this is my dream garden. lol. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration Laura!

  40. Thank you for all of your videos!!! They’re truly inspiring. I plan on planting some Boxwoods before the month is out. I reside in a zone 7B. I’m wondering between Baby Gem / Winter Gem and the Sprinter Boxwoods you’ve planted, what’s on your personal take on those varieties?

  41. Can anyone help me were I can find the sculpture(base and ram head urn). I did all my plant bed and desperately searching it find the center price.

  42. Please, please make more recap videos like this of your Garden in all the areas. It's getting very hard to remember what your Garden looked like before and it would be really neat if you did a before-and-after tour of all the areas. Pretty please! Just bought Russian sage and look forward to making mine look as beautiful as yours. Or at least trying. 😉

  43. Love these types of progression videos. Going to look and see if you have a playlist of them! Thanks for so much inspiration!!!

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